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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 700 Cultivation on Huashan Mountain Read Novel

Chapter 700 Cultivation on Huashan Mountain VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 700 Cultivation on Huashan Mountain VERSATILE MAGE

One hundred thirty kilometers from Xi`an there is a high, majestic and steep mountain. Everyone who stands at its foot feels a bit of oppression.

There are a lot of mountains in the southern part of the mountains, and, as a rule, they form entire mountain ranges, the peaks of which are even and calm. However, here the mountains are high and majestic, and very different from each other.

The Xi`an disaster did not reach these places, but, unfortunately, the movement of trains in this direction was temporarily stopped. Previously, Mo Fan thought that he would not be able to reach five famous peaks of China (we are talking about five famous mountains centers of Taoism culture), but now he realized that the place is really beautiful!

In addition to the small number of workers, the entire Huashan Mountain was now at the disposal of Mo Fan.

The lack of trains was not a problem: Mo Fan had a nimble wolf that can easily move even along the cliffs!

The agile wolf seemed to enjoy the favor of the mountains. He quickly moved from the top of one mountain to the gorge of another, and then to the gentle ledge of the third mountain. Numerous stones flew down from his movements this picture could be watched forever.

Here. This mountain, said Mo Fan, raising his head. On the cliff of the mountain was a Taoist temple.

As expected, after using the demonization element, Mo Fan cultivation regressed!

Each element fell by at least one step, which was very sad for Mo Fan. It seemed to him that his mid-level magic fell two steps at once!

It’s good that Mo Fan was able to collect a large number of souls and spiritual beings during the disassembly with the undead, which became a kind of tribute to demonization. Last time, Mo Fan was forced to live the life of a caveman for several months on the Dongting Lake.

Scientifically, this is the law of compensation.

Mo Fan recently became a magician of a high level, gaining access to tremendous power it’s like instantly getting a big-money loan!

Money is spent, and you need more!

Therefore, collecting so many spiritual soul essences in a dark talisman, Mo Fan was able to pay off only part of the debt.

If not for spiritual soul essences, then demonization would make him wander again homeless for some time, or simply would take his life.

Just because Mo Fan had prepared in advance, side effects were not so obvious, but the very fact of reducing his magic infuriated Mo Fan no less.

Han Ji helped Mo Fan with resources so that he could go to a quiet place and do only his cultivation, returning to his previous power level. That is why Mo Fan went to Huashan Mountain. If he tries, it will not take him much time.

The only joy was that the fire element galaxy was still present in the inner world of Mo Fan, it did not turn back into a fiery nebula! Only now the color of the galaxy has become completely lifeless. As Han Ji told him, cultivating in the dark can save this high-level fire galaxy. In order not to slide down to the middle level again, Mo Fan decided to take a chance!

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** Jin *

Little Flame ran to Mo Fan’s chest she liked so much these local landscapes.

She has not forgotten about the impasse that was on her way to death, so this time she intended to cultivate effectively to help her daddy!

Hearing the thoughts of the Little Flame Belle, Mo Fan involuntarily laughed. He immediately remembered the silhouette of the fiery sorceress that appeared behind him during the demonization. Now he hoped that a Little Flame Belle could use such powerful power in the near future!

Yeah, we will cultivate well!

* Awww *

The agile wolf howled, and his voice was heard all over the mountain.

After Mo Fan went to embark on the path of truth, the ancient capital continued to rise to its feet.

For thousands of years, every night the dead rose from their graves, and only the strongest magicians could safely move during this period. However, after everything that happened, within a radius of one hundred kilometers, not a single carrion was now visible!!!

They were not visible not because they disappeared they just continued to remain in their crypts, underground palaces and grave mounds.

For centuries, the dead were content with their fate, and it is not known which dynasty they began to crawl out of their graves at night, entering the territory of the living.

Now they were under control!

The awakening of the emperor threatened to destroy the city. Now, people themselves didn’t even know that the undead was again driven back into their old domain!

For Xi`an, this was a huge success: if the undead are completely destroyed, the city itself will decline, because it will close all production, the products of which were produced under the seal of dead spirits. However, if the undead once again go beyond what is permitted, then the second disaster can not be avoided.

Everything went the right way: the dead had their graves, and the living people at home and the whole city was calm!

In addition, as long as the undead exist, magic beasts will not rage all around!

The city was busy, becoming quieter.

After that, as it snowed, the city will live quietly until next spring.

Xi`an managed to recover before the new year. And only empty glasses said that those who had already left the city would not celebrate the New Year.

What a pity. Mo Fan is forced to cultivate stubbornly on a snowy mountain, and until he reaches the previous level, he will not come down from there. From this empty glass he should have drunk. Come on, let’s have a drink! said Wang San Pan.

Ha ha ha! I didn’t even think that we will celebrate this new year like that! No matter how, but we survived! said Zhang Xiao Hou.

Yes, we are real lucky! Even two disasters did not kill us! answered Zhao Kun San. Come on, drag your iPad! We’ll put a photo of Mo Fan on it and salute him!

We’ll stick three scented candles, right?

Just not colorful

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