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Chapter 701 Student Competition VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 701 Student Competition VERSATILE MAGE

Imperial University

Snow flesh, ice bones, three thousand silver threads (about hair) . The conqueror of cities and states, whose name is always at the hearing! Your servant Guan Yu is honored to see you here, Mu Ning Xue! the politely speaking guy who approached slowly.

Mu Ning Xue walked alongside without even looking up to him.

Mu Ning Xue heard such sweet speeches so much, she’s already tired of this. As for this Guan Yu, Mu Ning Xue did not have the slightest desire to get to know him.

Guan Yu was very mannered and polite, so he did not pay any attention to such a cold attitude from Mu Ning Xue, he just followed.

So to speak, in the coming year we can become inseparable friends. Oh yes! I forgot to tell you that I am already an official member of the Chinese team at world university competitions! Guan Yu said bluntly. A smile appeared on his face, as if the information he had told were supposed to melt the heart of this ice beauty.

As expected, Mu Ning Xue turned to look up.

Guan Yuy’s face shone even brighter.

Guan Yu is not just a guy passing by. Girls like Mu Ning Xue can only be impressed by showing their strength.

However, his smile faded when he realized that Mu Ning Xue was not looking at him at all, but at a middle-aged man, which just entered.

Baby Xue, let’s go with dad, Mu Jo Yong, not paying attention to Guan Yu, spoke with some kind of internal hesitation.

Mu Ning Xue, nodding her head, she went with him to one of the classrooms.

After entering the classroom, Mu Jo-Yun deliberately looked for people nearby, and only then he could breathe quietly, relaxing a little.

What is happening? Asked Mu Ning Xue.

Although his father had been a little tense lately, he very rarely showed such excitement as if he were facing big problems.

Your uncle Mu He, in his youth, he shut up as an adept of the Black Church, and even managed to become one of its leaders. He trampled in the mud the reputation of our entire family and our ancestors! Mu Jo-Yun leaned his head nervously against a stone wall, and his chest heaved rapidly.

Mu Ning Xue was speechless.

She couldn’t even think of it!

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Before that, a meeting of noble houses took place. The news that Mu He is a follower of the Black Church did not become a major shock to the elders of the Mu clan. Now the elders want to delete us from the family. Because of him alone, we instantly turned into nothing. I do not know. Mu Jo-Yun has already begun to stammer.

Anger and hopelessness. Mu He in one instant made Mu Jo-Yun crash and suffer huge losses!

And what do they want me to do?- Mu Ning Xue continued to remain calm.

They want you to leave the list of participants in world university competitions and give your place to Mu Tinyin. exhaled Mu Jo-Yun.

They have completely lost all shame??? Mu Ning Xue said coldly.

There is no other way. How could Mu He do this to me? He is your uncle! Only the disaster of the city of Bo deprived me of almost everything, now our lives are in danger! Now the magical court will begin investigating all of us. I’m not really worried about the decision that noble houses will make, I’m worried that the dirt from these world competitions will spill over you, and that they can forcibly kick you off the list. In this case, all our long-term efforts will go down the drain. Said Mu Jo-Yun.

Because of this, he even went against the family in the hope that his daughter would be able to obtain valuable resources.

Mu Jo-Yun as no one else understood all the giftedness of Mu Ning Xue. With enough resources, she can become the strongest ice mage in the whole country!

Mu Ning Xue did not disappoint him: she was able to get a place in the national team at world university competitions. And now all their many years of work were covered with a copper basin.

Now no one else wanted to have any business with Mu Jo-Yun. His brother and the Black Church destroyed everything, turning him into a scum of society!

During these few days, Mu Jo-Yun in his own skin felt how much a businessman can fall, losing absolutely everything! Isn’t that what happened to Bo enough?!

Since then, I can’t even say anything good, said Mu Ning Xue.

But this is the place that you sought so hard answered Mu Jo-Yun.

Since Mu Tinyin wants to replace me, then let’s see if she has enough abilities!

In mid-autumn, a cold wind blew in Beijing.

In the middle of the imperial university there is a honorary arena, which was created specifically for the most venerable and famous magicians. The whole area is strewn with stars, four black arcs that can open and close bring its dome together. The arena districts can accommodate up to fifty thousand spectators!

This arena is used very rarely, since it opens only when the strongest magicians of the same level meet.

In the stands no one was, however, in the center of the arena stood ten young magicians in a row. They wore unusual competitive clothes it looked very warlike!

I am very glad to see that you were able to show your abilities. This suggests that the young magical talents of our country can lead an uncompromising struggle with representatives of other countries. Although we could hold a ceremony of farewell for you, I still hope that there will be much more solemnity when you return, having fully laid out in the name of our country! For the sake of the greatness of our country! the voice of Director Songhe was heard.

Director Songhe was the leader of the national team. Since the spring of this year, when the selection of participants has been completed, these ten outstanding young talents have been constantly cultivated. Next spring and summer they will go to Venice for world university competitions!

Although they have already been carefully selected, the experience of other countries can also have an impact!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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