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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 704 Parthenon University Read Novel

Chapter 704 Parthenon University VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 704 Parthenon University VERSATILE MAGE

It seemed to Mo Fan that the boss had gone too far. Mo Fan was the hero of Xi`an, and who gave him the right to control people you will go there, you will go here!

To go abroad It was a shock for Mo Fan, but he decided that the first thing need to come to Hangzhou.

Mo Fan remembered the conversation with Tang Yue and began to worry.

He did not think that Xin Xia was hiding something from him, because he completely trusted her. Mo Fan only worried that she didn’t even know what problems she could create.

Dad, you still tell me what you had with the mother of Xin Xia yes, I know.


Mo Fan did not call Xin Xia in advance to warn her of his appearance. He wanted to come to the university immediately and give her a pleasant surprise.

But he did not find her. Xin Xia was not in the dormitory or in the library, she did not even answer the phone.

Mo Fan was at a loss. He began to worry, thinking that something had happened to Xin Xia.

Mo Fan quickly found the phone number of her supervisor and called her.

Ah, Mo Fan. Don’t worry, Xin Xia now turned off the phone during an interview, probably laughing, said he.

Interview? What other interview? Mo Fan hesitated.

The Parthenon University is recruiting four students from China for a period of one to two years. This is a very rare chance for educational institutions in China. Universities of the world are fighting for these places. The Parthenon University is interested in Hangzhou students, so I decided to nominate Xin Xia. And now she personally communicates with the minister of the Parthenon. Professor Lu said.

Ah well Mo Fan sighed in relief

If Xin Xia were lost, Mo Fan would use demonization to find her even in a tiny corner of the earth.

However, after thinking carefully, Mo Fan again felt something was amiss.

Wait, Professor Lu. If Xin Xia was chosen, then didn’t she leave for Greece? I heard that the Parthenon is there, so the university at this temple should also be in Greece, right? Mo Fan asked immediately.

Yes, yes. This chance is very difficult to obtain, the Parthenon is known all over the world, and the magicians of the element of healing and spirit are very appreciated there. In my twenty years, I would also take part in such an event. Xin Xia is a truly outstanding magician of the elements of healing and spirit, therefore, choosing her to participate, I have high hopes for her. Professor Lu said.

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In fact, Mo Fan was not the first to hear of the Parthenon and he was very happy for Xin Xia. Moreover, she was chosen by such a famous educational institution. But the main problem was that Xin Xia was going to study abroad!

She would leave and the probability of parting would be great. Who knows how many handsome men there are concerned. Although Mo Fan knew that the other guys couldn’t seduce Xin Xia so quickly, he still couldn’t calm down!

No! Will not work! Mo Fan immediately answered Professor Lu.

I know that you are her older brother and Xin Xia always listens to your opinion. If she was chosen, this does not mean that she will spend her whole life there. She will study in the Parthenon for only 2-3 semesters and will undergo a full course of study there. The knowledge that our university can give her is very limited. Now it’s very simple to go abroad, you can visit her at any time, and she will also be able to fly sometimes. Said Professor Lu.

The professor dreamed of Xin Xia going to Greece. The Parthenon is a sacred place. And if you miss this chance, Xin Xia will regret it all her life.

Lu Ping knew that the natural abilities of Xin Xia in the elements of healing and spirit were very great. She was the most suitable person for this candidacy. The professor was firmly convinced that the ministers of the Parthenon did not choose Xin Xia by accident.

No, she should not be left alone. Who takes care of her?

Calm down, she will be accompanied by two women and will take care of her 24 hours a day, in addition, they will tell you in detail about what Xin Xia does and feels. Lu Ping seemed to be ready to answer this question.

This is

One year, at most two years, will fly by like one day. Do you really want to bury Xin Xia’s talent before letting it develop? Of course, even without going to the Parthenon, she can become an outstanding magician of the healing element, but if she can go there, she will achieve even greater heights. Honestly, there are so few high-level magicians of the healing element in our country. If Xin Xia goes there, she will bring with her an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge. continued Professor Lou.

Still no.

Well This time, Professor Lou did not know what to say. She did not know that Mo Fan would be unshakable in this matter.

Upon learning this news, the teachers needed to urgently send Xin Xia to Greece, otherwise in the Parthenon they might regret their choice.

So you don’t want to ask Xin Xia? Asked Lu Ping.

Why? I decide this question Mo Fan answered.

Mo Fan was indulgent to the others, but in relation to Xin Xia, he was a chauvinist.

If he said no, it means no!

When Xin Xia was not next to him, he could not be calm. Moreover, she goes abroad and Mo Fan does not care that this is the first university in the world for magicians of the healing element!

Eh sighed Professor Lu.

Sorry, I know that you are doing this not only for Xin Xia, but also for the university. Mo Fan understood what was in his teacher’s heart.

If Xin Xia becomes a foreign student, then it can be assumed that Zhejiang University and the Parthenon University have connections. Our university has a lot to strive for, to the extent that it will be possible to get a huge amount of knowledge about this element!

No, it’s you, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you would be so categorically inclined. In fact, I lied to you. She is not in an interview, but flies in a private plane towards Greece. Said Professor Lou.

What did you say? Did she leave without asking anyone? Mo Fan was taken aback.

She should have discussed this issue with Mo Fan, he did not believe that she could so easily get on a plane and fly to another country.

-In fact, the ministers of the Parthenon have long chosen her, the interview went well. Therefore, immediately after the interview, she flies to Greece, without you knowing it. Sorry, I thought you would agree that she was leaving Eh Okay Sorry said, Professor Lou.

Your mother, where is the plane from? Speak quickly!

From the private airport in Kunshan. I’ll tell you the address, but I don’t know if you can manage

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