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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 705 Abduct Xin Xia! Read Novel

Chapter 705 Abduct Xin Xia! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 705 Abduct Xin Xia! VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan still convinced the scientific adviser Xin Xia.

The Parthenon ministers were faster again, and they took the person without a call, Mo Fan would definitely not agree to this!

Having received the address, Mo Fan did not hesitate for a long time, and asked Tang Yue fraternally to call someone who knows how to fly and has a license, and went to the private airfield indicated by Lu Ping.

Arrived the man behind Mo Fan suddenly turned out to be Ling Qing.

Leng Qing had magical wings, she grabbed Mo Fan and took off. Frantic gusts of wind hit Mo Fan’s face, breathtaking, which you certainly won’t feel in the cockpit.

Len Qing, are you free today? moaned Fan Fan.

I thought that something serious had happened, but it turned out that your girlfriend just went abroad, the next time, if you call me for no reason, you will go to the lake to eat Snakes, Ling Qing said without ceremony,

But for one thing, why quarrels And Lin Lin hasn’t seen me for a long time, she definitely misses me, said Mo Fan.

You still think about your girlfriend, the Parthenon always didn’t give a damn about everyone, since they chose a man for themselves, they would immediately take him to themselves, and they’re unlikely to linger for your sake, He said Lan Qing

-. The fact that Xin Xia herself does not agree with them, and now it appears that they simply stole her! Mo Fan said angrily.

They as always do not pay attention to anything!

Fucking critters!


The runway was stretched beyond the horizon, there was a neat lawn around, in the distance you could see the mountain and lakes.

At the end of the strip was a white private plane with a picture of the sun, and then it began to move little by little.

Unfortunately, we have an important matter and we need to return to Greece soon, Miss Xin Xia, go ahead of us, your scientific adviser has already agreed, after a while, we will inform your family members, I know, it may seem to you that we act impudently and rudely, but we simply express our sincere interest in you! the middle-aged cult minister said very politely.

Teacher Gelo Ken, if you have urgent matters, please, let me go, please, I can go back to school, I must first discuss a trip to Greece with my father and older brother, said Xin Xia to the worshiper of the temple of the ancestors.

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We will notify your relatives, do not worry about this. And we can even send people later who will invite them to us in the Parthenon, so that they understand in what great educational institution you managed to study, and they will immediately realize that you made the right decision. Captain, take off, we need to go back to Greece by night, said Galo Ken.

This man looked polite, but his actions were clearly tough and he did not understand the objection, as if everything had already been decided, and he just reports!

Sir, the man ahead is hindering our take-off! said the co-pilot.

Wild Esa, go figure it out, just drive away, we don’t need a fight here, said Gelo Ken, curling his golden curls.


Xin Xia pressed her lips together and didn’t say anything else.

She felt that no one would be talking to her, but she simply would be taken away.

There was nothing more to talk about, Xin Xia knew perfectly well that such a rush was due to the fact that they did not just want to do everything

Your mother, is it not an abduction!

Xin Xia! Xin Xia!

Xin Xia, are you on the plane!?

Fuck, listen here, if you don’t stop the plane, I will blow it!

Mo Fan hung in the air and shouted loudly, turning to the plane.

Xin Xia heard Mo Fan’s voice, but she didn’t have a phone with her, and that wouldn’t be very convenient.

Gelo Ken was already running to the control cabin, Xin Xia immediately gathered her breath and turned it into a voice, passing Mo Fan.

Mo Fan, I’m here.

Mo Fan rejoiced, and immediately said to himself: They take you away? They are really from the Parthenon, something really looks like bandits!?

They are actually from the ancient Parthenon temple. The director and supervisor have already established this, they really invited me to their place, but I just don’t know why they didn’t give me time to think, and so they hastily forced me to leave Xin Xia said very quickly.

Don’t be afraid, I’m here, even if they don’t dream of taking you away! said Mo Fan.

They are strong, brother Mo Fan, do not get excited, Xin Xia answered right away.

Calm down, I have help.

While Mo Fan and Xin Xia spoke, a man flew out of the plane.

He had wind wings behind him, obviously he was a high-level wind mage, he hovered in the air not far from the plane, and, smiling as if in a mockery, with blue eyes gazed at Ling Qing and Mo Fan.

He did not look at Mo Fan’s eyes, for him he was a small pawn, for him, the main figure was Ling Qing, as it was clear that her skills were not bad.

I’m assistant court judge Lingyin Ling Qing, you have a girl on the plane, please let her go, said Ling Qing.

Everyone was ranked, strong, so the fight will surely attract attention.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to talk with you, our studies begin tomorrow, and since we If you’ve already chosen it, then you should agree with our settings, if you have questions, you can contact the educational administration, we have already discussed everything with them, said Dikai Esa.

She herself did not agree, and her family did not agree either, said Lan Qing.

I’ll ask you not to interfere with our plane, otherwise it will be tantamount to obstruction the temple of the ancestors, and I will be authorized to get down to business, said Dikai Esa.

You accidentally did not forget whose domain you are in, and speaking of your temple of the ancestors, you abducted students in Hanzhou, and I am authorized to kill you, Dan Qing was not going to mumble!

This is Wild Esa did not expect such an answer, before he was usually mentioned enough to use the name of the Parthenon so that his opponent shuts up.

Stop talking with her, act! heard the voice of Galo Ken from the cockpit.

Dikai Esa nodded, and casting a fierce glance, said: Then we’ll see how strong judges in China I am full of hope!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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