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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 710 An Amazing Event in Wuzheng Read Novel

Chapter 710 An Amazing Event in Wuzheng VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 710 An Amazing Event in Wuzheng VERSATILE MAGE

Gelo Ken’s face was amazed after hearing Tan Zhong’s words.

So, Mo Fan is a member of the Chinese team Then it is not surprising why at such a young age he has such outstanding abilities. I was already afraid that all the young magicians in your country are so talented, apparently worried in vain. openly said Gelo Ken.

Gelo Ken, of course, during the battle could destroy Mo Fan, but even he noticed that he was very hardy, while in a battle with any other young magician Gelo Ken wouldn’t even have to fight seriously.

This is sorry for the impudence, that that snake, this is not your inviting beast? If so, then I will suggest that the University at the Parthenon Monastery immediately refuse to participate in world university games said Dikai Esa weakly.

This snake is the guardian of the city of Hangzhou. When he was in danger, Mo Fan saved him, so now that Mo Fan himself is in danger, he can count on the help of the snake. with a smile, said Tan Zhong.

Ah, that’s it Wild Esa with great relief sighed.

If he were his draft beast, then the world competitions could you be honest!

China is just a terrible place! We must urgently return to Greece!

I should consult with her, said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan made his way through the bamboo grove to Xin Xia. The leaves fell off, and some of them stuck to Xin Xia’s hair. Mo Fan shook off these leaves, involuntarily feeling the silky smoothness of her hair.

Slowly Mo Fan slipped by Xin Xia’s ear, touching her cheek.

With the other hand, which he stroking her hair, he hugged her, enjoying the moment

Xin Xia closed her eyes too finally she felt safe.

Mo Fan, I think that I should go there, after some time, Xin Xia broke the silence.

Why? Asked Mo Fan.

It should be good there, Xin Xia answered, glancing at her feet.

If someone forces you, then speak right away. to me! I will instantly smash their temple! said Mo Fan.

Xin Xia was smiling, and her eyes were sparkling as before.

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Although she was a magician of the spirit element, Xin Xia was not able to express her inner feelings.

She knew that Mo Fan did not like to stay in one place for a long time. He didn’t like being ordinary anymore sometimes he gained such speed that Xin Xia couldn’t keep up with him, and the only thing she had to do was wait.

In his dreams, Xin Xia I thought that one day, Mo Fan will return all wounded, fall into her arms. But nothing happened, and she could not do anything about it. She just watched

The Parthenon monastery was the shrine of all healing magicians.

If she cultivates well there, she will be able to heal all his wounds

We all discussed. She can go to the Parthenon. said Mo Fan on his return.

Gelo Ken and Wild Esa now exhaled. This boy was not a simple person, since he was able to cause them so much inconvenience.

Well, then I will immediately reserve tickets, said Gelo Ken.

Who said, what now??? Only at least a week later you can pick her up. You can admire the beauty of Hangzhou, you still have to wait until the magical court will recover the costs, you can even return to India, and then come back to Xin Xia a week later, said Mo Fan.

Greece!!! Gelo Ken has already turned black with waves.

What difference does it make! Call it what you want, answered Mo Fan.

Gelo Ken and Dikai Esa consulted and decided to agree to Mo Fan.

They both no longer wanted problems with this Mo Fan, therefore, we decided to stay in Hangzhou for a week, and then go to Parthenon with Xin Xia.

Tan Zhong invited them to take a walk around Xihu for several days.

As soon as it came to Lake Xihu, the two immediately began to nod their heads.

They won’t go to that place, even if they are offered money!

Tan Zhong was hospitable with the two visitors from the Parthenon then where Mo Fan could not stand them.

A week later, Mo Fan himself had to go to training at the Imperial University, which means he has a whole week to shameless antics with Xin Xia.

Mo Fan well thought out everything: they should go to the city of Wuzhen, because this is a great place for couples! Many shops, cafes and bars! During the day you can go shopping, enjoy beautiful views in the evening, and at night.

* Clap *

* Clap *

* Clap *

The strange sounds were heard from the elegant room.

Mo Fan, I told you to light the mosquito lamp, said Xin Xia.

It’s okay, I can slam all of them! If they want to drink my blood, they must be prepared for the fact that they can mutate after that! Mo Fan, putting on his shirt, immediately got up.

Someone might ask: why not use magic?

Too much honor for such small creatures!! !

I’m here, Mo Fan went to Xin Xia bed.

The room was full of fragrant aroma, Mo Fan finally got the opportunity to get down to business. If anyone knew how lonely he was there, on Mount Huashan, where there really weren’t even any people.

Xin Xia should soon go abroad to study, only heaven knows when they will see next time in the meantime, you need to enjoy the present moment!

The city was in silence. Only a few boats that were tied knocked when they hit a cliff.

The light reflected from the water poured out the window, a female silhouette appeared on the arched bridge. The girl walked very gracefully, and her skirt fluttered to the beat, and the girl’s camp itself softly reflected on the water surface.

The girl walked, walked and suddenly, in the middle of the way her silhouette disappeared!

After a while, one large white moth took off from the middle of the bridge, flapping its wings, which caused waves to appear on the surface of the water.

She had very moving eyes, she looked around as if making sure that none of the people saw anything.

She was very mobile: stepping on the ledge with her gentle tread, she again flew into the distance

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