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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 712 Replacement of Mo Fan Read Novel

Chapter 712 Replacement of Mo Fan VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 712 Replacement of Mo Fan VERSATILE MAGE

Drinking wine under the breeze, listening to pleasant music: just a wonderful night.

In the silence of the night, the moonlight peacefully fell on a stone bridge covered with cold hoarfrost, but suddenly, everything was covered with a dense layer the fog that enveloped the entire suburb. And the clear night sky became cloudy that even the water in the river was no longer visible

Mo Fan barely allowed himself to take a vacation without hunting for monsters, without cultivation, without training, and without magic, only with those with whom he wants to be, and decided to spend a vacation in a small beautiful town.

In comfort and joy spend five to six days. The town still hides many unrevealed secrets, but this is another time.

When Mo Fan took Xin Xia from him, he drew attention to a group of hunters there, and they seemed to him very familiar.

Did something happen? Asked Xin Xia, looking at the detachment of hunters entering the city.

Perhaps, Mo Fan replied, but he decided not to meddle, since the hunters arrived, it means that something happened, which they themselves would do well.

By car, they returned to Hangzhou, and Mo Fan, with a heavy soul, brought Xin Xia straight to her school.

At first, Mo Fan wanted to take her on a plane, but he received an important state notice because he could only transmit Xin Xia to Tan Zhong, Lu Ping, Gelo Ken, and Dikai Esa.

Gelo Ken, if someone offends her there, I won’t let you get away with it! once again warned the golden-haired cult minister Mo Fan.

You can be absolutely calm! said Galo Ken.

Mo Fan kiss Xin Xia on the forehead, and then said with a chuckle: How will you be bored, be sure to call me.

Yeah, and you too, Xin Xia nodded.

Boarding the plane to the emperor’s palace and looking into the clear blue sky, Mo Fan was a little upset.

Perhaps because Xin Xia has never been so far from him.

And also possibly because she may suddenly have some strong desires

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Well, okay, having left for a while abroad, she will be able to do what she wants, unless, of course, she would better have freedom rather than put her in a cage

Arriving at this time in the imperial palace, the atmosphere there has changed utterly. Everything was gray-gray, that there weren’t even visible white clouds in the sky.

At the same time, everyone could call Mo Fan optimistic, because in this atmosphere, he walked along the Government Street and whistled about his vacation: as he travels the whole country, finds mythical places, finds a foreigner

Arriving at the place indicated in the notice, Mo Fan immediately noticed five magicians with gloomy faces standing at the entrance to the stadium.

One of them was staring intently at Mo Fan, who slowly wandered towards them with a bag over his shoulder, and said very unfriendly: Ah, you are that replacement Mo Fan!

I’m Mo Fan, what’s the replacement? Mo Fan was taken aback, and looked perplexedly at Director Song He.

Director Song He knew the position of Mo Fan, and smiled wickedly.

He frowned and continued coldly: In fact, you got here by pulling, and it’s not bad to be a replacement for you.

Mo Fan, since you did not participate in the last qualifying competitions, even if you yourself were nominated, and for many of you voted, but without the final selection you are not considered an official participant, Director Song He explained.

Okay, replacement, so replacement, Mo Fan shrugged indifferently, and ate further.

Before he even took a step, he saw a familiar face, which made him extremely surprised.

Mo Fan, haha, I already thought, how could you be so not on the list, do not forget about our contract! it was Zhao Man Yan, his golden hair was now combed neatly!

Not bad, you still managed to get a place, Mo Fan slapped Zhao Man Yan on the shoulder, for him this meeting was pleasant and unexpected.

What’s not bad, as a member of a well-known rich family, I got voice coupons thanks to money, and I’m no different from a spare one someone rang out voice from the crowd.

There are a lot of people in the team, but five or seven go to the real fight, the remaining places can be given out to the rich, yet we are competing for the country, and someone has to pay for everything, said a girl with a cute mole at her mouth.

These words were extremely tactless towards Zhao Man Yan.

But in fact they were true, since he could become a member, only thanks to the financial support of the Zhao family.

Five teachers were well aware that, if you look at strength, then Zhao Man Yan really lags behind the rest of the participants.

It looks capable, yet they chose it so-so, haha ​​ said a strong-looking rude man.

This man was almost two meters tall, his muscles were visible through his clothes, he looked very strong, like a beast, but it’s not clear what kind of element he practices.

Brother, but you don’t have much sympathy here, Mo Fan examined three arrogant people.

Only the major spoke, a girl with a mole and an animal man.

The rest pretended that they didn’t care, there were already ten people in the ranks, and how many of them we took a special path, and whether there will be five or seven among them for a real fight.

Zhao Man Yan has long said that he will not be able to get a place through the university.

But It wasn’t important to Mo Fan, since he could get here, it’s already good.

And the goal of these two is not to show off to the whole world, but to honor the homeland!

He’s handsome, and even with money, people often fuck about me, he’s already used to it, Zhao Man Yan laughed at himself, and seeing that Mo Fan anyway, he decided not to accept what was said into account.

They both happily went into operation, and Mo Fan was surprised to see that everyone was standing with a very serious look.

The guy was the brother of Ai Tu Tu, Ai Jiang Tu, he was a master of the element of space, and Mo Fan was sure that he would become a member of the main detachment, even possibly as a commander.

The girl was also familiar to Mo Fan, sort of like an officer from the mountain of the mountains, Nan Jue.

Nan Jue had well-groomed short hair, which makes it difficult to say at first glance what gender she is: male facial features and character, her temperament and severity, which hide her coquetry and femininity, but this does not diminish her charm, on the contrary, gives an even stronger desire to find a way to her heart.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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