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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 714 Internship Difficulties Read Novel

Chapter 714 Internship Difficulties VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 714 Internship Difficulties VERSATILE MAGE

Everything is in full force, said one of the judges. He looked around at all 13 students.

In total, the team consisted of 13 people, ten of whom were the main staff, and the remaining three were reserve. In stock were Mo Fan, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Ning Xue.

We could have started earlier. What is the point of waiting for one spare? Guan Yu said, openly speaking about Mo Fan.

Mo Fan only smiled, not getting stuck in a verbal skirmish. They still have to train everyone together for more than a year, how many opportunities will he have to get even with this Guan Yu?

When I speak, no one dares to speak with me! Judge teacher Hu Touwen said sternly.

Guan Yu shut up.

Your main task is to win the world competitions to be held in Venice. This time, your preparation is aimed not only at gaining combat experience and magical practice this is your ticket to Venice. More than 200 countries will take part in these competitions, and not every country will have the opportunity to climb the podium in Venice! said Feng Li.

Each of the five judges said what he wanted to say, continuing the essence of the general opening speech.

Before the competition in Venice, no one will relax, and this applies to all countries. Only at the world competitions themselves will the participants show everything that they are capable of!

The sky was clear and clear, and the water was calm

Waves rolled along the underwater reefs stretching along the coast. These were not grandiose and mighty cliffs, but cliffs that I literally wanted to touch.

On the steep side of the reefs was a sandbank, on which there were several fishing boats relatively old.

These few boats were extremely important for the local settlement. Several families lived only at the expense of these boats. At high tide, there is a great risk of losing boats, so you have to bandage them every now and again.

Fu * k! Sh * t! Da* n! Suddenly, amidst all this quiet paradise, a swearing was heard.

Mo Fan, keep calm! Zhao Man Yang’s voice rang.

We are the national team! And they did not give us a penny for expenses! No special aircraft, transport, hotels, and everything else, have frozen all our bank cards! They deprived us of the right to fly by plane, well, is this the case?! Do we get to swim in Japan? Mo Fan was overwhelmed with anger.

And as for food, goodies and entertainment?

Everyone should do it themselves!

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All of them sent to this fishing village. Everyone thought that they would go to Japan with a luxury cruise liner, drinking alcohol and having fun until you drop. And what did they find? These few battered boats!

Sail in the Pacific Ocean on these boats! Is that funny?

Couldn’t they have come up with something better???

The fool only knows what to complain about, said a beautiful girl with a mole on her face. She looked like she had renounced worldly life.

Well, well, student Jiang Shao Xu, then tell us how to get to Japan? said Mo Fan.

This is a kind of test for us. We can’t fly by plane, and it’s impossible to use roundabout ways. But we are magicians! Is it possible that some small fishing village will stop us

Well? How do we get to Japan? Asked Mo Fan.

By boat. Through the village you can get to the big bay, and from there sail by boat to Japan. If my memory serves me right, then this is one of our international ports through which there is communication with Japan. said Jiang Shao Xu with a smile.

This girl really liked to smile.

According to her, while there were fools, the next move was considered by ordinary people.

Jiang Shao Xu is right. There should be a big bay somewhere, so for starters, we should buy a map to understand where we are, said Nan Jue.

My God, do we really not even have a map? Mo Fan has already completely lost heart.

We have no other choice. Five judges took absolutely everything from us to the phones, saying that we should study. They took us here by plane without food, change of clothes, phones, laptops. We don’t even have identity cards! almost crying, said Zhao Man Yan.

In more advanced places in the country, many procedures are performed by scanning IDs, and now they all looked like illegal residents! Now they also have to hide from the police. As soon as they are spotted, training representatives will immediately be called in, and this will mean that their internship crashed!

This group of students was chosen for a reason! There is another team of students who will replace these with a defeat!

In short, there is also a spare team!

Now the only place where they can express their idsoul essences This is the Tokyo government, which is their first destination.

An internship full of restrictions was contrary to what Mo Fan imagined comfortable cultivation conditions!

By the way saying, if we sail to Japan by boat, is this not considered an illegal crossing? Asked Guan Yu.

That’s right, so we shouldn’t get caught! As soon as we get caught, our personalities will immediately be revealed, and this will mean the end of the internship, and we will be replaced by others. Jiang Shao Xu squinted at Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan, but she did not look at Mu Ning Xue.

Why so many empty talk? First we get to the fishing village, and we’ll ask the residents there, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu was appointed by the five judges as the squad leader, so everyone should follow his instructions.

After the words of Ai Jiang Tu, the whole team stomped towards the fishing village.

This difficult internship was very unexpected, and Mo Fan did not even have time to prepare. However, they were all magicians, which means they had to find a way out!

By the way, they did not have a penny of money, and the question of what they would eat remained the most urgent. What can we say about the path to Japan

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