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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 715 Fisherman’s Village and Sea Monster Read Novel

Chapter 715 Fisherman’s Village and Sea Monster VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 715 Fisherman’s Village and Sea Monster VERSATILE MAGE

The small fishing village was already close, it was only necessary to cross a small grass fence, and immediately it was possible to see a dozen low wooden and stone houses, which year after year were corroded by the sea breeze. Therefore, these houses look gray and wet.

13 people grandly entered the fishing village. A squatting child near the door with the earth on his pants has never seen so many handsome young people, quickly clapping their eyes. After waiting for the strangers to come closer, he quickly ran into the house, starting to peer out the window.

Hey, you! Do not think that if we are poor and uneducated, then we can be pushed around. The local old man is also not from wimps! a tanned old man came out, holding oars in his hands, he was wearing sandals with wooden soles.

The old fisherman walked quickly, his eyes were burning, his experienced strong hands held the big oar tightly. He looked as if he wanted to deal with this crowd of young people, not sparing his life.

Inspired by the old man’s example, the rest of the village boys also took out the oars.

There were only seven village, and the crowd of magicians exceeded their number. But the funniest part was that these village boys had never seen such beautiful girls, and now they were staring at them.

The village girls the boys dreamed of at night had light, smooth skin. But compared to these strangers, the boys forgot the village girls. These beautiful girls had skin like jade, and what beautiful legs, and what a thin waist, and what nice faces.

There was some misunderstanding here. We came here for the first time, we wanted to ask about something. began the conversation Ai Jiang Tu.

Yeah, do not pretend that you are pretty! You seduced our locals to move somewhere, and say that you need this piece of land, cattle! the old fisherman cursed.

The strangers were well dressed, because they were chosen by the government to participate in the competitions. And if they needed to get the money, then it was a trifle matter for them.

The old fisherman examined all these people, whose social position was rather high. But he didn’t think that besides landowners, someone else could specially come to their fishing village.

Several people started vying to explain why they came here.

We went to travel savages to the north of this coast and came here to ask for directions. Find out where the port is. Started to quickly explain Nan Jue.

Savages? What the hell is this? Asked the old man, not understanding.

Uncle, this is when people who like danger, when to get together and go to where the person’s foot has not yet stepped. Now it is very popular among urban youth. said the thin guy.

Ah, I get it. Are you really not landowners? Asked the fisherman.

Of course not. Do we look like these fat men who buy land? said Jiang Shao Xu, smiling and looking coquettishly at the village boys.

Huge village boys swallowed drool, their pupils wanted to move to the chest, which seemed to be deliberately opened in a deep neckline.

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Then then I’m sorry did you want to know where the port is? Follow the reefs for 4 kilometers, then you need to cross the bay, and you will immediately see the port. said the old fisherman.

Thank you! Until it gets dark, we’ll go to the port as soon as possible. said Nan Jue.

Everyone nodded their heads and hit the road.

When the villagers saw that strangers were leaving the village, they could not restrain themselves and looked after the young people. And the healthy village boys could not take their eyes off the buttocks of the receding girls

Uncle, I forgot to tell them. remembered that thin guy.

Yes, yes, you follow them and warn them! answered the old man.

Run, run!

The crowd hadn’t managed to go far when a thin guy called to them.

It was difficult for him to keep up with Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yanem. So the guy stopped and called them.

You walk very fast, I will chase you for half a day. The thin guy said.

Mo Fan laughed and it didn’t seem strange to him at all. They were all magicians, so their step was much faster than ordinary people.

What happened? asked Mo Fan.

In general, there are rumors that a sea monster has appeared in the sea, many villages have already suffered. Therefore, when you go to the port, stay away from the coast, it was not enough for you to see this monster. the tale of a thin guy.

Isn’t it safe here, are there any other monsters? Jiang Shao Xu touched a beautiful mole near her lips, specially flirting with a thin guy.

But this guy was determined, he seriously said: A lot of things have happened, but they didn’t send a detachment to us to destroy the monster. They say that fishermen from a neighboring village went to sea to fish and never returned

We are not at all afraid of sea monsters. If you take us to the port, you will receive a reward from me. said Jiang Shao Xu, smiling.

Well the guy was indecisive, but still nodded his head Well, all the same, the village headman does not allow us to go out to sea and fish, nothing to do in the village.

If you do not fish, what do you eat? Mo Fan asked a very important question.

We eat old stocks. But we can’t live on them for several months, so I’ll go to the bird city and ask the authorities when this sea monster hiding in the currents of the sea will be destroyed. After all, the monster does not understand that because of him we do not go out to sea to fish. We will starve to death! said the thin guy.

It is unlikely that the authorities will do anything. Take us to the port, and I will destroy the monster. This is very simple! said Jiang Shao Xu

I’ll show you the road, but the monster Ah, okay. Ordinary people cannot handle this. I heard the fishermen from the neighboring village say that this monster is 5 meters high, it can swallow the floor of a fishing boat at a time. Very scary! said the thin guy with a serious look.

Jiang Shao Xu smiled without saying anything.

The thin guy was called Liu Meng. Most likely, he didn’t have time to study at school and a couple of years, when he had to study fishing, which his whole family was engaged in.

The coastal areas are not rich at all, there are a lot of poor fishing villages. And now, when they didn’t have the opportunity to go to sea, they were cut off from the world.

Jiang Shao Xu was not happy because she thought that this village boy would be crazy about her. But Mo Fan also noticed for a long time that although Liu Meng was a modest country boy, he still looked at Mu Ning Xue, dressed in black clothes and black boots.

But Mo Fan could not come to terms with the way Liu Meng admired pure beauty. Looking at him from the bottom, Mo Fan came up with punishment options.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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