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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 718 Smelting on the High Seas Read Novel

Chapter 718 Smelting on the High Seas VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 718 Smelting on the High Seas VERSATILE MAGE

Conference room of the main Lin company building

I hope you will not waste my time. A whole flock of sea monsters lives in the sea near the Bird City. Traces of their presence appeared even 7-8 years ago, but in recent years they began to multiply intensively. The government even sent a group of hunters to exterminate them, but the result was insignificant! Mr. Lin looked at the magicians.

In the opinion of Lin Jun Xi`an, these people looked like magicians who arrived at an internship from distant places. Their magical abilities were good, but clearly did not exceed the abilities of hunters. After all, the most important thing is experience!

To fight with a magical monster you need to rely on your brains, personal experience and strength, and not on beautiful orders!

Lin Jun Xi`an and he himself was a representative of a noble family, but in magic he is a complete ignoramus. Even he understood that having magical powers did not mean that the monster would be destroyed. A military detachment may die in this matter!

Do not worry about us, we can survive, we guarantee it. It is also not worth doubting our account, it is better to give us all the data that you have about sea monsters, and also provide us with all the necessary things. Then you can just sit here with the secretary and wait for our departure, said Jiang Shao Xu confidently.

He’s coming. The condition that you put forward to us is a mere trifle for us. Only I warn you right away: it’s not me who is pushing you to it, so if something happens, I don’t want your parents, teachers or anyone else to get me. Although I lost my investment, I am a very famous person, said Lin Jun Xi`an.

Lin Jun Xi`an was very generous: he not only arranged all of them in the hotel in his building, but also ordered his subordinates to prepare all the necessary tools for the destruction of monsters.

In hunting, the most important thing is the antidote. Only antidotes took about twenty species.

Not only the creatures themselves, but also the environment can be poisonous. The poison can get through the inhaled air, poisonous plants, and much more.

Mo Fan didn’t fiddle with this, but Nan Jue studied this topic very well and prepared a list of what the company should have purchased. It was not cheap.

To kill these creatures, we don’t need so many medicines. Have you decided to stock up on them for the future? Mo Fan could not stand it and asked.

These drugs will not be useful to us on the hunt, but we still have a very long way to go. We assume that this is a preparation for the road to Japan, answered Nan Jue.

And you look far, said Mo Fan.

The drugs arrived very quickly. The tools, food and drink collected in backpacks should have been enough for a long time.

A map of the surroundings was also brought, and Ai Jiang Tu immediately began to examine it.

The bird city was surrounded by the sea, but there were many islands in the area.

Previously, these islands were inhabited and entered safe borders. Tourists lived there, who like a natural way of life, but in recent years, more frequent incidents have driven everyone away from here, and the islands have fallen into disrepair.

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Safe borders narrowed to coastal areas, which became a real tragedy for anglers. This was even more reflected in transportation. No one else wanted to do business here, the cruising of the ships completely came to naught.

The main financial assets of the Bird City left these places, and only the financial company Lin held fast. There are so many luxurious buildings and squares that nobody wants to buy!

The city is empty.

The government made efforts to destroy the monsters, but this was not enough. After several attacks on the arriving units, no one else wanted to come here to exterminate the monsters!

Of course, there were those who agreed to this job for a lot of money, but the amounts were so huge that they couldn’t be pulled neither the Lin company nor the government could.

On the water surface there was a silhouette of a white swaying boat, which was slowly moving out of sight.

The sea surface and the continental space are very different between in terms of security boundaries. Outposts, fortresses and forts can be located on the continental space, indicating important points, and preventing magical monsters from penetrating the borders. At sea, it was not only necessary to have towers, but also military personnel who could observe what was happening at sea.

Sea creatures usually rarely appear in coastal areas, because most cities and settlements are able to defend themselves.

However, the Bird City was different from ordinary sea settlements, and sea monsters appeared here very often.

In the last hunt for monsters, they reached this island. People were attacked by these sea monsters and received serious injuries. said Ai Jiang Tu, showing on the map.

This means that in this place sea monsters appear most often. By the way, speaking about the types of sea monsters. If we are talking about a deep-sea scaly monster, then it’s better to return home right away, because to go to battle with a whole flock of such monsters, you have to be a complete idiot, said Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu is a white-faced student with glasses. He was very erudite in appearance.

He not only understood the illustrated guide, he could determine the appearance of a magical animal only by the hair from his paw.

According to him, this deep-sea a scaly monster is the most ferocious and poisonous of all sea creatures. Previously, he never appeared in the coastal regions of China, but the last few years periodically makes itself felt. In Japan, panic starts already at the mere mention of this creature.

The creature is red, which means it cannot be a deep-sea scaly monster, said Nan Jue.

By the way, I’m not very strong in water battles. Is this not true death for those of us who do not possess the magic of water? asked Jiang Yu.

I also don’t know how to fight in the water, said Mo Fan.

Guan Yu flashed his eyes in the direction of Mo Fan: From you, a substitute, another was not expected.

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