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Chapter 725 Revenge of the Mages! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 725 Revenge of the Mages! VERSATILE MAGE

Jiang Yu and Mu Tinyying returned to the Bird City, while the rest remained there.

What are we going to do now? Asked Guan Yu.

Is it worth asking? Mo Fan snapped coldly.

Mo Fan came up and grabbed that little monster.

Who is the magician of the spirit element? Asked Mo Fan.

I, replied Jiang Shao Xu.

Bring my words to the consciousness of this little creature, said Mo Fan to the girl.

I’m not sure that he will understand, said Jiang Shao Xu.

Mo Fan carried the cub to the sea, and the monster constantly made some sounds while in completely bewildered.

The kinsmen of this creature were killed one by one by these people. And he himself, not surpassing the strength of a creature at the level of a servant, was floundering with all his strength.

He himself understood how cruel these people are!

Baby, go back to your pack and tell your leader the following: you ate a human baby, so magicians will come and destroy your whole species! Come on! when Mo Fan finished speaking, the red legs of the monster already began to move.

Having said that, Mo Fan released the monster into the sea.

Translated? Mo Fan asked Jiang Shao Xu.

The girl nodded her head, saying with a smile: You were so cool when you said that.

I already have wife, Mo Fan answered sincerely.

I do not mind.


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As Mo Fan said, now the most important thing is that a flock of sea monsters should receive news of their magical anger!

Being chosen from a large number of students, each was distinguished by the perfection of his magic but one thing was common: they are all very young!

Youth was the basis of their explosive nature. They will not wait in silence, as the military and the government do they will simply begin to demolish everything in their path!

Jiang Shao Xu really liked to flirt with all the guys from the team, but she wasn’t in the national team at all thanks to her love of love.

After Mo Fan released the little monster into the sea, she not only conveyed the magician’s words to him using magic of the spirit, but also left the seal of the spirit on the body of the monster.

Now, thanks to this seal of the spirit, they will not only be able to track the monster himself, but even be able to get to the lair of these sea monsters!

There was still anger in the heads of the guys. After waiting for the monster to sail away, they silently got into the boat and followed it.

The red-brown monster swam in the water very quickly, and it was possible to catch it only at full speed of the boat.

This kind of red-brown monsters belongs to amphibians, so their lair should be on some quiet island, so we don’t need to worry that they live somewhere on the seabed, said Mu Ning Xue.

Have you met such creatures? Ai Jiang Tu asked.

I read about them in books. They belong to the ancient species of animals. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that their water fighting efficiency is significantly higher than land. Those few individuals that we managed to destroy, we were able to kill only because they were on land. Mu Ning Xue nodded her head.

Several clouds slowly sailed through the clear blue sky.

Among the blue sea there were several islands that have been calm for the past years.

Each islet was not large, but exceeded the size of the previous islets. The area of ​​each island was comparable with several sports fields.

Mages, seeing such a scattering of small islands, were disappointed.

If the island was large, then the mages could easily to kill all the monsters, and here it will be more difficult.

These islands did not prevent the monsters from slipping into the water at any moment.

Since the monsters were from the sea, then their main weapon was not sharp claws, but sea water.

Being in the water, monsters could easily attack people several times, and therefore for magicians, water magic monsters with the leader of the pack powers seemed very hard to deal with.

-. I researched all. There are only four islands in the district, one of which is in the center, and the other three form a triangle around it. The three outer islands are inhabited by brown sea monkeys, and only sea monsters live on the inner island, said Guan Yu, who returned from a boat inspection.

Where can the sea brown monkeys come from? Nan Jue asked.

Sea brown monkeys are among the most weak-willed creatures. Around each group of strong monkeys there will certainly be slaves their fighting abilities are more than usual, but they are strong in obtaining food, stealing and running. Among animals of the servant level, they belong to a higher level, which is why this species of animals is most often found on the sea, Nan Rongni’s voice was heard.

Nan Rongni, like Mo Fan, was from the south country, and inside the team of magicians kept closer to Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue was also from the south, and it seems that these two knew each other before that. Each time Mo Fan went in search of Mu Ning Xue in her impulses to talk with her, Nan Rongni freed up space, moving away to the side. It is for this reason that Mo Fan liked her so much although, of course, one must take into account the fact that she is very beautiful. Her beauty was more like a calm water surface and was the exact opposite of Jiang Shao Xu, who had been trying to attract attention all day.

She was very well educated about sea monkeys, so she expressed what she was talking about knowledgeable.

In addition, she suggested that the appearance of a human baby in the belly of a sea monster was a matter of the claws of these monkeys: it is they who, at night, can freely cross safe borders and penetrate coastal villages, from where there should be and the baby was stolen.

And how many of these sea monkeys are there? Asked Ai Jiang Tu.

I examined the islands: the number of monkeys on the three islands ranges from two to three thousand. It seems to be a little, but they can cause a lot of trouble. Guan Yu said.

And as for the number of red-brown sea monsters? again asked Ai Jiang Tu.

I could not count them. The perception of sea monsters is even more sensitive than that of monkeys, so it was not possible to approach their lair. About a hundred to two hundred individuals, said Guan Yu.

Even the fighting efficiency of one hundred sea monsters is not inferior to the power of the entire flock, said Nan Jue.

If the fight with them will also take place on land, then the destruction of all of them will not be a problem, but if the battle takes place in the water then they will gain additional power, and we will be in the absolute minority, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Strength does not mean lack of wisdom.

Now they cannot act at random.

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