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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 726 Instant Movement! Read Novel

Chapter 726 Instant Movement! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 726 Instant Movement! VERSATILE MAGE

If the sea distance between the islands is small, then I can try to freeze the water, said Mu Ning Xue.

Freeze everything? Wouldn’t the help of other ice mages be needed then? Ai Jiang Tu asked.

Mu Ning Xue nodded her head negatively: I can deal with it myself, but then I won’t take part in the battle.

If you can connect all four islands together by freezing the water between them, then leave us sea monsters, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Great. Then we will do just that!

To begin with, we must secure Mu Ning Xue by giving her a suitable place. As soon as the ice between the islands becomes thick enough, they will no longer be able to use sea water!

The surface of all four islands was covered with dense vegetation of red color, which made the islands look like four fiery centers from afar.

During another inspection, Guan Yu found a suitable path so that magicians could get to the island. Their team was very small, but if it was a military detachment, they could not get inside without being noticed by the monkeys.

These magic monsters were relatively brainy. Their convolutions were enough to regard any appearance of magicians in the field of view as an invasion. If they dive into the sea, then the magicians can no longer resist them.

In total, ten people made their way to the island, and Nan Rongni remained on the boat to provide cover in case of danger.

Ten people: Ai Jiang Tu, Nan Jue, Mu Ning Xue, Mo Fan, Guan Yu, Zu Jiming, Li Kaifeng, Zhou Xu, Jiang Shao Xu and Zhao Man Yan. Guan Yu headed ahead in order to destroy those monkeys that will stand guard. Li Kaifeng was also a magician of the wind, and despite the fact that wind and shadow were his main elements, Guan Yu excelled him in his offensive malice, and Li Kaifeng could immobilize monkeys with shadow spikes!

Using using shadow magic, Li Kaifeng was immediately able to paralyze ten monkeys that were basking in the sun they didn’t even have a chance to pickle!

Guan Yu moved non-stop, which made it impossible to trace his movements.

In less than a few seconds, those ten monkeys were already dead!

*** Squeal ***

One the monkey ran up to the stone and saw the magicians below. She got scared and immediately rushed to run!

Damn! One missed! swore Guan Yu. He did not even suspect that there was a monkey on the stone.

The monkey ran very quickly, having run several tens of meters in a matter of moments. Her screech was drowned out by the sound of the sea, but if she ran a hundred meters, then her screech would frighten other monkeys too!

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Instant movement!* (space magic)

While Guan Yu was quietly cursing, a voice was heard behind him!

Guan Yu was dumbfounded: he looked at how the space appeared before him human silhouette.

The space shuddered, and the outlines of Ai Jiang Tu appeared.

Ai Jiang Tu was now standing on a reef, and the escaped monkey was at a distance of 50-60 meters From him. He extended his arm and the silhouette of the monkey suddenly disappeared.

Ai Jiang Tu’s arm moved randomly, and now it was visible how the monkey’s body flew up and hit the reef.

*** Rumble ***

The monkey’s head split and its contents flowed out.

The rest of the magicians simply went crazy from what they saw, especially those who hadn’t gotten down yet from the boat.

The next second, Ai Jiang Tu could be seen on deck, and another second on the shore he instantly covered a hundred meters!

He rushed about back and forth making it so boldly natural!

The rest of the wizards for the first time saw his captain in action. His space magic was simply amazing, and they were literally breathless!

Mo Fan knew Ai Jiang Tu before, but he had never seen him like this before.

He is already a high-level mage! at some point, Jiang Shao Xu dawned.

And for a long time, the voice of Zhou Xu sounded.

This it’s an instant movement! With this spell you can instantly move a hundred meters! No magic of wind, shadow or earth can compare with this! Zhao Man Yan could not control the admiration that overwhelmed him.

Ai Jiang Tu was very circumspect. Closing his eyes, he caught spatial vibrations.

Making sure there were no more monkeys, he made a hand gesture.

Only Nan Jue could understand the military sign language. She told the others that they could land, and only Nan Rongni, the last remaining one, she said to hide the boat with a masking device.

The masking device was a light element device, which on one side had a large mirror. It was thanks to the mirror from afar that it seemed that there was nothing here. Such devices are used mainly by the military and also relate to items prohibited for trade.

Hiding the boat, Nan Rongni remained on guard, and the rest of the magicians were gradually distributed across the three islands.

Now we are heading here. After that, Mu Ning Xue will have to freeze the water between the islands so we can not only cover all the monsters, it will also help us fight. Although we are already very close to the red-brown sea monsters, it is necessary that one or two people get them to a good shake, then we can displace them so that they do not go into the water in places where the ice is still not thick enough, explained Nan Jue.

Let’s give this to Mo Fan. He is a magician of lightning and fire, which means that he can easily disturb the monsters that are in the lair said Zhao Man Yan, pushing arrows at Mo Fan.

No problem, but I need a man, who will cover me, said Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded his head: You two will go to the den, shake them well!.

After these words Zhao Man Yan is a little wilted.

There is nothing good in climbing into the nests of these creatures!

How can Mo Fan be so vengeful???

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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