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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 729 A Frozen Island Read Novel

Chapter 729 A Frozen Island VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 729 A Frozen Island VERSATILE MAGE

The lush green vegetation in the center of the island is already thoroughly covered with ice. Ice, which was an unbearable burden for these fragile plants, broke half of them.

If you look at the island from above, it was surrounded by a white ring of ice that covered the rocks and turned the plants into ice sculptures.

The ice that enveloped the island became thicker and thicker. Gradually, the ice ring began to spread further. Ice also began to appear on the shores of the island adjacent to the sea.

* Chirping

The birds on the islands could not bear this cold and were already flapping their wings to fly there, where it’s warm.

It was not easy for all these birds to live, because it’s not so easy to find a warm island. As a result, the island suddenly froze. Did they even fly south or not?

But as soon as the birds flapped their wings, a more powerful force began to envelop the island with ice. Their little bodies, trying in vain to take off, very quickly became covered with hoarfrost.

In the end, one could observe a picture of how these little birds became one with the frozen vegetation

What a strong control of the ice element! Ai Jiang Tu said quietly, looking at Mu Ning Xue.

The rest of the magicians were shocked by what they saw, the speed of freezing this island was faster than they could imagine. No wonder Mu Ning Xue is the only magician in their squad who could do this!

Over there, the sea began to freeze too. And Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan frolic merrily, 50 red-brown monsters chasing after them. said Nan Jue.

Yeah nodded Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu specifically ordered the others to stay with Mu Ning Xue during the battle.

The closer you are to it, the more powerful the freezing force. Thus, the ability to control the ice element of red-brown monsters decreases significantly, and this is in the hands of magicians.

The magicians cleared the battlefield and were ready for a new battle with monsters.

* Roar

In the icy wind, the roar of approaching red-brown monsters was heard. A 50-meter-high monster began to appear from the cave, with a bang stepping on the icy surface of the earth.

The monster had already noticed the magicians and was very angry. Firstly, magicians should not have stepped on their territory, and secondly, these desperate little people froze their warm nest!

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Red-brown monsters did not like cold and ice. They are accustomed to the heat, sea and plants of the tropical zone!

He noticed us, get ready for battle! Ai Jiang Tu said.

Wait a minute! Let me deal with this red-brown fat man! Guan Yu with the wind speed was directly opposite the 5-meter monster.

The red-brown monsters were of different builds from 3 to 50 meters high. But they all had firm skin and long claws, all of them were very strong. When Guan Yu took the hit from a 5 meter monster, it became obvious that fighting it was not easy. I had to ride around him for a long time before leaving a couple of wounds on his body!

That five-meter monster shouted non-stop, so he called on his brothers.

Red-brown monsters coming faster and faster, they were furious, breaking ice under their huge strong paws!

These monsters were not stupid, they immediately recognized that Mu Ning Xue had frozen this island. And now, they rushed madly in her direction.

Mu Ning Xue did not have time to defend himself in the process of freezing the island, but other magicians could not allow the monsters to approach her. Therefore, a battlefield formed around Mu Ning Xue.


* Creak

The wave hung over Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan, but they could not understand why it did not fall upon them. Ice floes fell on top of the magicians.

Zhao Man Yan fled, looking back. Only then did he notice that the strength of the wave was weakening.

The ice spread across the island at the speed of light, and those places of the island that were adjacent to the sea were covered with a thick layer of ice. The strength of the ice even reduced the speed of the waves.

Continuing to run away, they noticed that the wave was far behind. But what was most surprising was that the surging waves seemed to calm down. The island became very quiet, only the sun was brightly reflected on the ice surface, blind eyes.

Everything everything froze? Zhao Man Yan did not believe his eyes.

The waves seething before this froze, never descending to the sea surface.

But not only the waves were covered with ice, but islands, and the sea between islands, and plants became white. The warm island turned into ice, and the sea became one huge piece of ice.

Your girlfriend directly rebelled against nature! said Zhao Man Yan.

Yeah, but you’re exaggerating. Mo Fan nodded his head.

The scale of glaciation exceeded the imagination of people. The sea, the waves, even these nasty monkeys froze and turned into ice sculptures. Mu Ning Xue was simply the goddess of the ice element, otherwise she would have frozen this island with its inhabitants alone!

After the island froze, the monsters were driven into the center. Therefore, it became easier for magicians to control them.

The red-brown monsters who tried to keep up with Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yanem heard the call of their commander. Therefore, they stopped chasing magicians, heading towards Mu Ning Xue.

Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan freed themselves from the pursuit, but this did not mean that it was all over. A 50 meter monster fled to the center. The best thing now would be to stand behind the monsters and try to grab a few.

The monsters seem to follow the order given from above, we will try to grab their comrades who are dragging behind. They still won’t come back to kill us. Ha ha, now it’s not them, but we will announce a chase to them! Zhao Man Yan grinned slyly.

I’ll try to grab a three-meter monster Mo Fan was standing behind a crowd of red-brown monsters, trying again to use the magic of an element of space.

The entry level element of space is control.

Although it was entry level magic, control required sophisticated skills. If they are used incorrectly, then this will not help in battle. But if you use it skillfully, as Ai Jiang Tu does, then you could win any battle!

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