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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 732 Guard of the Wife Read Novel

Chapter 732 Guard of the Wife VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 732 Guard of the Wife VERSATILE MAGE

A red crackling monster staggered up. He grabbed chunks of ice to extinguish the flames on his body.

The monster lowered its head to look at its chest protection-cuirass, and saw many cracks on it. Anger gradually grasped his eyes, and now they fiercely looked at Mo Fan!

* Whistle *

The monster’s speed was simply unbelievable. He turned into a luminous flux that moved between the water columns, and, having formed a fist from his twisted arm, he directed it to Mo Fan’s head! ashes to the rock!

The monster tried to block the place where Mo Fan was. Mo Fan used his shadow magic, but now he was able to move only in the space blocked by the monster. The monster was approaching.

Snake chain mail!

Mo Fan hastened to activate his defense.

Several black snakes immediately enveloped the body of the magician covering him from head to toe!

In such a situation, snake chain mail was Mo Fan’s last chance!

However, even after that his life was in great danger!

But the question was about a creature of the level of ruler, and for such people the life of a magician doesn’t mean anything in defense!

Mo Mo Fan!

Nan Jue, who saw this all from the side, was at first numb with horror, and then hastened and help him.

The fist of a monster threw Mo Fan away, but Nan Jue, who arrived in time for help, could not find Mo Fan on the icy surface of the body.

Is this really why the boy squashed it to such an extent???

I I’m here, Mo Fan’s hand appeared out of the ground.

He literally shoved him into the crack, and now, having scrambled out, he was lying face down.

Fu * ng thing! How strong he is! said Mo Fan, breathing in the air.

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It seemed to him as though he had passed his sternum, and now it was painful to breathe.

Aren’t you dead?! Nan Jue was surprised to look at his snake chain mail.

There were deep potholes on the chain mail, but it was not so badly damaged as the Nan Jue shield. Most shields surpass chain mail in their resistance. Nan Jue was surprised to consider what material this wonderful little thing was made of! In appearance, the mail was like an artifact that could not stand even a few attacks!

How can I die? I killed so many critters of the level of the ruler, do you think this creature can finish me off? Mo Fan gradually came to his senses.

Nan Jue dropped her jaw after she saw that Mo Fan really wasn’t seriously injured.

He killed so many creatures?

Here is a fuc**ng big mouth!

You see, I told you that he cannot die! arrived in time Zhao Man Yan and Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu, seeing that Mo Fan was fine, also sighed. Turning his head, he saw a monster who growled without stopping: But it is not so easy to deal with it. I will distract him first, and you go and help the others. We need to get rid of all the other sea monsters as quickly as possible, and then together we’ll settle this supreme commander!

Mo Fan, Nan Jue and Zhao Man Yan nodded their heads.

Ai Jiang Tu used instant movement. It wasn’t a very good way, since the monster’s speed was also high, so soon the two began to intertwine.

If you think about it, there was only one person in the whole team who could resist such a monster, and this man said that they should join forces!

The three magicians left, heading to where Mu Ning Xue was.

The battlefield had already shifted to the edge of the island, and some of the magicians were already fighting on the sea ice!

All were around Mu Ning Xue. The closest to her was Guan Yu, since he moved relatively quickly. He was now on the left Mu Ning Xue, now he was walking away again, now he was approaching again. There were too many monsters and sea monkeys who wanted to kill the girl!

Mu Ning Xue was already actually surrounded by corpses, most of which were the work of Guan Yu.

Mo Fan, this, of course, did not please, and he also came to the rescue, otherwise this unscrupulous Guan Yu revolved around his little wife!

I’ll go, and you and Guan Yu I mean, I’ll go to defend Mu Ning Xue, and you and Guan Yu will do other things, said Mo Fan to Nan Jue.

Even so find time for jealousy??? Nan Jue raged.

Are you jealous too? Mo Fan answered playfully.

Nan Jue was angry, only one word was spinning in her tongue: Roll!.

* Whistle *

* Whistle *

Guan Yu managed to visit three places for two seconds, killing three monsters who tried to attack Mu Ning Xue.

Relax, while I, Guan Yu, are nearby, then they dare not attack you! Guan Yu Mu Ning Xue said with a smile on his face.

Mu Ning Xue continued to stand with her eyes closed, completely concentrating on maintaining the magic of ice.

She knew that they were already too close to the sea, and the ice surface created broke under the influence of the forces of monsters, because of which they could easily get into the sea, and there there they became stronger!

Xuehsue, relax! Until I, Mo Fan, here, this annoying fly in the face of Guan Yu dares not loom in front of your face! Mo Fan said with confidence on his face.

However, Mo Fan acted a little differently: every time he was next to Mu Ning Xue, he specially touched her waist, as if letting Guan Yuyu understand the full authority of his rights to her!

Take away your dirty hands! angry Guan Yu.

Mo Fan did not react.

Do you want to die? a cold deathly voice was heard.

Mo Fan, embarrassed, replied: You focus on your magic come on, focus.

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