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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 733 Fiery Star Cloud Read Novel

Chapter 733 Fiery Star Cloud VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 733 Fiery Star Cloud VERSATILE MAGE

The ice is breaking, be careful!

Apparently the sea water freezes badly damn! These monsters are really strong in the water! We must retreat!

We are retreating to the island!

Somewhere nearby, a human scream was heard, and Mu Ning Xue, staring at the shameless Mo Fan, immediately closed eyes and again focused on the magic of ice.

Mo Fan was noticeably distracted by Mu Ning Xue, and if she didnt need to control the freezing of the water between the three islands, she would send all her strength to teach a lesson him!

Is it allowed for guys to poke girls around the waist???

Scoundrel, ah, that scoundrel! I took advantage of this situation! Guan Yu was furious.

Guan Yu really liked Mu Ning Xue, and now in his eyes Mo Fan was even more disgusting than sea brown monsters!

If you do this again, then I will chop off your hand! Shouted Guan Yu.

Well, you know, her first kiss was also with me, and what, will you cut my lips now? answered Mo Fan.

After these words, Guan Yu had not yet managed to get furious, as Mu Ning Xue began to swing from side to side, and she hardly kept her concentration on the released ice magic.

Snowflakes fell to the ground, sea water continued to roll in waves the magic of ice froze it, but then the ice cracked.

Move away from me! could not stand Mu Ning Xue.

You see, then pissed off my Xuesue! Could you move about ten meters? said Mo Fan.

Im talking about you! flashed her eyes Mu Ning Xue.

More recently, she did everything perfectly: she concentrated well on the magic, which gradually froze everything around, but Mo Fan came and broke her condition.

Well, thats it, thats it, I dont say anything else! said Mo Fan with an offended look.

In fact, although Mo Fan was the one with whom Mu Ning Xue had the first kiss, it was so long ago, at such a playful age, and Mo Fan now acts like a husband, like her property, and manipulates some kind of childish kiss.

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Although Mu Ning Xue vaguely remembered the events of the past days, the mention of the first kiss simply freaked her out!

Mu Ning Xue closed her eyes and concentrated, but because of Mo Fan there was still a feeling that there was some kind of hidden threat next to her.

To shield herself from the claims of this moron, Mu Ning Xue created a wind wall around herself.

So strong was emanating from the wind wall that Mu Ning Xues body gradually began to rise in air.

Her silver hair fluttered in the wind, her delicate hands were open she now looked like a gentle ghostly woman, so radically she could change in a matter of moments!

The snowy wind also affected the sea water, which began to roll in waves, but soon froze.

Focusing, Mu Ning Xue now released even more powerful ice magic, and under the crust of ice now did not even show the movement of water. However, the monsters themselves were literally thrown back by the wave, which immediately turned into ice!

Such monsters do not like the cold, even more they do not like the ice. Now, when Mu Ning Xue turned everything around into an ice arena, they angrily began to head towards it.

Damn! They want to attack Mu Ning Xue! Li Kaifeng said, noting that four or five monsters had already scored on them and rushed towards Mu Ning Xue.

They understood that in order to destroy the ice, they must first destroy the sorceress who releases him!

Forty-fifty sea monsters flew at the same time, rushing forward and releasing their claws.

Monsters appeared on all sides. They moved so fast that it became increasingly difficult to defend against them.

How much we will delay, so much we will delay. They went from defense to attack Mu Ning Xue! Now is the best time to kill them all! said Jiang Shao Xu.

Jiang Shao Xu was right: the less attention the monsters pay to other magicians, the easier it will be to kill them all!

What kind of fish is this?! exhaled Mo Fan when he saw the crowds of approaching monsters.

Guan Yus jaw dropped. Now he did not think about teaching Mo Fan a lesson, because there were so many monsters, and he alone could not cope with everyone!

Pisces Guan Yu, you figure it out, and leave the rest of the monsters to me! Mo Fan said.

Ha, are you still important? Guan Yu really could take on only one side.

Just sat down the cultivation level allows! Your magic will really be enough just for that! Mo Fan confidently said.

Mo Fan was near Mu Ning Xue. Sensing imminent danger, she immediately went downstairs and opened her eyes. She was horrified to see dozens of monsters heading towards her!

How could she continue to release ice magic at such a time, leaving everything to Mo Fan and Guan Yuy?

She only wanted to release an ice spell, but her body began to flutter.

Rest a little while Im here, they dare not approach you! Mo Fan said fiercely.

Mu Ning Xue wanted to answer something, but noticed that Mo Fans eyes and body were already beginning to blaze with flame a star cloud???

Each elementary system of Mo Fan was an interweaving of constellations.

Now the systems began to join together, forming a beautiful star cloud indescribable in its beauty!!!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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