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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 735 Forgot Something Important Read Novel

Chapter 735 Forgot Something Important VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 735 Forgot Something Important VERSATILE MAGE

Burial with a heavenly flame created a huge frightening force. Mo Fan is now in a new light for the rest of the wizards.

However, this brought with it new problems such as a rise in temperature on a frozen island. Red-brown monsters tried to hide in the waters of the sea, because these monsters were not weak they only had to punch the way to the sea and escape was successful!

It was persuaded only to destroy these monsters, without harming people. Infants have already been pulled out of the belly of several monsters, and who knows how much these creatures can still eat!

You can’t let them escape!

Seeing Mo Ning Mue, Mo Fan immediately calmed down, resolutely pursuing the monsters to kill them.

Shadow spikes: sting!

A black substance appeared between Mo Fan’s fingers, which turned into 6 shadow spikes, which Mo Fan threw into the air.

The spikes of shadow disappeared, appearing strangely on the bodies of three charred monsters. Six spikes pierced two in each monster. Three of these red-brown creatures, having not yet managed to escape far, remained nailed to this place, now they could not have slipped away!

Mages noticed that the three monsters already seemed to have no strength to resist, they got serious wounds, and very soon they will go to their creator.

I see, you also cultivate an element of shadow, if you have time, you can exchange experience, Li Kaifeng laughed.

As Li Kaifeng spoke, spikes of shadow appeared between his fingers. This guy very skillfully used his magic, which was more powerful than the magic of Mo Fan!

No problem, answered Mo Fan.

The black substance around the two magicians of the shadow element continuously spread. Spikes of shadow flew out of their hands, as if they were arrows. Shadow spikes are considered the most powerful mid-level magic that can handle monsters easily. hand-to-hand combat. Their abilities originate from magic associated with water. But what can you do if Mu Ning Xue’s magic froze the water, thereby suppressing their power!

After this battle, Mo Fan realized why all these magicians were chosen by the competitors. Almost every mage was fierce like a tiger in battle. Even if they were surrounded by 10 monsters, magicians still found a way out of them!

Mo Fan figured that the combat strength of the participants in the competition should be somewhere between medium and high levels. But not even all high-level magicians possess such magic as competitors!

However, it could be said for certain that among these magicians there are not only such as Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu, who are just rose to a high level, but also those that already had vast experience in high-level magic. But the most difficult thing in creating a star cloud was training, even if the magician had a high level, but practiced a little, he could not use all the power of his magic.

But these red-brown monsters were still not worthy opponents.

Burial with a heavenly flame killed several dozen of these monsters, and the spikes of shadow helped to destroy another batch of creatures. The souls of monsters of the pack leader level flew into the talisman, amplifying the energy of Mo Fan.

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Mo Fan noticed something: if you use souls of the servant level, then the stars could be amplified only to 4 steps, and for further amplification already souls of the leader of the pack were required.

In other words, if Mo Fan collected 7 souls of the leader of the pack, the initial 7 stars would increase to level 5, which equated to level 5 of the initial level of magic.

However, the talent was exchanged for trifles. If you use the 7 souls of the leader of the flock, the ejection of flame, the seal of lightning, was strengthened only up to step 5 thereby equating this magic with mid-level magic. But it was a waste of resources!

The spikes of the shadow had not yet amplified to the 4th step, and the level of space also required a shower for amplification. So how many souls were there at the disposal of Mo Fan?

Now the goal of Mo Fan was to strengthen the spikes of the shadow to 4 steps, and about the 5 steps of the initial level, you still had to think carefully!

The monsters were killed, there were still several dozen who could not escape.

There were water magicians in the squad, and when the red-brown monsters tried to hide in the sea, they caught up with them right in the water.

Jiang Shao Xu the magician of the spirit element was very dangerous. She used submission to eradicate fear from the souls of monsters. This equated to giving the enemy drugs. Those monsters who could still escape themselves went to death with great enthusiasm!

Seeing how these monsters fought bravely, Jiang Shao Xu laughed.

The monsters like as if consciousness was cloudy, they bravely went into battle with people. This sight could even be bewildering if the magicians were sure that the monsters took such a step to cover those who managed to escape.

Jiang Shao Xu continued to use her magic, her obsessive laughter rang out everywhere. This laughter destroyed the fear in the souls of monsters, so they enthusiastically fell into the hands of magicians, condemning themselves to cruel death!

There were very few monsters who could escape from Jiang Shao Yu’s magic. Soon their bodies were covered with ice, blue blood was spilled everywhere.

Fuck with these sea monkeys, these creatures made great efforts in an attempt to kill us. But after we dealt with them, they appeared even more. Therefore, we will not waste time on them.- Li Kaifeng told the other magicians.

Yeah, let’s take a break. It seems that our thoughts are correct the monsters could not control the frozen water, and their fighting efficiency is not so strong the monsters of the pack leader level are even weaker than the average level! said Zu Ji

Well, Mu Ning Xue rocks the place! Such a huge island froze! tried to flatter the girl Guan Yu.

Mu Ning Xue looked tired, this magic took away spiritual strength. It’s good that the battle didn’t drag out for a long time otherwise, she couldn’t take it anymore from the hands of Mo Fan.

The water is a little frozen, help me warm it up. said Zhao Man Yan to Mo Fan.

Do I have a microwave? Mo Fan took his pieces of meat, drinking a huge amount of water.

In pursuit of the red-brown monsters, the magicians were very tired, but now there was a moment when they could rest.

Having strengthened himself a bit and quenched his thirst, Mo Fan dimly began to realize that he had forgotten about some very important matter.

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