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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 736 Joint attack on a monster! Read Novel

Chapter 736 Joint attack on a monster! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 736 Joint attack on a monster! VERSATILE MAGE

* Rumble*

On the other side of the island there was a strange roar.

Everyone turned to rumble and saw how the mountain on that side literally fell apart

This is Mo Fan, we seem to have forgotten something? said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan stamped his foot.

Fuck, we forgot to find that damned monkey to take revenge on her! Mo Fan rose.

Nan Jue, who had barely finished with the last sea monster, sagged her jaw.

Come on, with your revenge!

The team must now deal with the monster at the level of the ruler!

And they are still thinking about such a trifle!

Hehe, but I’m joking Now we must hurry up and help Ai Jiang Tu! Mo Fan sneered, heading with the team to the other side of the island.

On the other side of the island the ice had already cracked, and the sea water was rolling with renewed force, loud.

Ai Jiang Tu barely managed to land on the ice surface, and did not have time to notice that a monster was rushing at him with great speed. It was too late to resort to the magic of space, so he hastened to activate his shield.

At first a brown glow appeared, which then turned into a solid shield, which was now in front of Ai Jiang Tu.

* Rumble*

This stone shield fell to pieces at the first blow of the monster, and Ai Jiang Tu himself was thrown back by a large shock wave.

The red cracking monster, having hit a stone shield, was also slightly numb.

He seemed to be annoyed that there was not yet a person with a shield who could attack him!

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Ai Jiang Tu was thrown far away. Having fallen on the icy surface, the ice cracked from such an impact, and Ai Jiang Tu’s body was in cold water.

Having climbed to land, Ai Jiang Tu noticed that there were traces of blood on his face!

Spiritual torture!

Having said these two words, Ai Jiang Tu’s eyes immediately darkened, and the aura of curse magic began to dissipate around him, which, like ghosts, began to envelop a red crackling monster

Soon a large ghostly silhouette appeared behind the monster, he roughly grabbed the monster in parts of the body and began to tear it.

Red crackle the training monster could not react in any way: his arms and legs were immobilized, and there was nothing left for him!

A huge monster tried to move his limbs, but they were tightly bound. He let out a growl, but even his power of the animal level of the ruler was not enough to resist the magic of the high level curse!

The torture became even more unbearable. The eyes of the monster sparkled, and sea water began to roll on this ghostly murderer.

However, from the blows by the waves the power of the ghostly executioner only intensified, and now you could only hear the moaning of the monster.

In fact, the body of the red cracking monster was not subjected to any torture all this happened to his soul. However, the pain was so severe that it seemed to the monster that his body was torn apart by several horses * (we are talking about ancient torture, when the body of the punished was torn to pieces by several horses, pulling the victim in different directions).

And while the monster’s body remained intact, irreparable damage was already done to his soul. This mental pain spread throughout the body, and it began to swing in different directions.

The power of the animal level of the ruler is truly amazing. Although spiritual torture can pacify the creature’s soul, this magic cannot kill it.

However, even such spiritual control was enough for Ai Jiang Tu: now the monster will not be able to control the sea waves, and the power of this creature will decrease by folds!

Ai Jiang Tu was hiding at the same time, because if a red cracking monster falls into the sea, he will be capable of arbitrariness!

Ai Jiang Tu took a deep breath, however due to bruising in the chest area, breathing was difficult. He no longer risked breaking through, but simply watched the monster from the side.

The red cracking monster, after all the mental torture he received, also no longer risked rushing into battle. These little people were much more insidious than he imagined them. Now he also stared with his eyes at this magician.

Ai Jiang Tu, how are you? Nan Zeyu asked, running up to the magician and seeing that he was wounded.

Well it will, Ai Jiang Tu answered heavily. ! One beat this monster, and even survived! admired Mo Fan.

You can not make a nonsense when you yourself are a high-level mage? Nan Jue stared at Mo Fan.

Let’s go, let’s go. You have not seen my speed of releasing high-level magic. It is so small that a red cracking monster could kill me ten times already! Mo Fan said.

I tortured his soul with spiritual torture, for some time he will not be able to attack we must kill him right now! Ai Jiang Tu told everyone.

The magicians of the national team differed from the rest of the magicians throughout the country not only in the level of their cultivation, but also in that they did not fear the creatures of the level of ruler. The first to go into battle was Guan Yu, who was distinguished by his power in close combat.

He was the closest to the monster, and had already begun to produce a wind disk. The red crackling monster himself did not resist in any way, but his defense did not seem to feel the effects of wind magic at all. A poisonous grotto!

Zu Jimin and Guan Yu were long-time companions, so while Guan Yu was busy with wind magic, he violently opened his palms.

A wind hole appeared on the palm of Zu Jimin, from which strange particles began to appear. These particles were immediately picked up by the Guan Yu wind disc.

The particles of the poisonous grotto had a toxic effect. They looked like dust. Fluttering with the wind, they could penetrate wounds, blood and other sensitive parts.

The scaly cuirass on the chest of a red cracking monster was torn out by Mo Fan’s falling fist, then Ai Jiang Tu further torn this wound, and now fresh blue blood oozed from it.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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