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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 741 The most cunning creature Read Novel

Chapter 741 The most cunning creature VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 741 The most cunning creature VERSATILE MAGE

The sky was absolutely clear, no clouds could be found on it.

The sea was also bright blue and uniform.

Fly over this coast for Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan were problematic, because there could be a sea monkey hiding there.

We must find this monkey within safe boundaries. As soon as she breaks out into the sea, we will not catch her! said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan nodded, constantly telling himself that he should remain calm.

Below, within safe boundaries, one could see fishermen. Mo Fan thought that looking for a monkey just doesn’t make sense, and fishermen can help them in this matter.

Zhao Man Yan, let’s go down, said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan, having seen a small fishing boat, flapping his golden wings, landed on it.

The most surprising thing was that they did not find an old man and not a mature man in the boat, and a young girl who looked about 25 years old. She was wearing a bamboo hat, and her skin was bronze from sunburn she looked very healthy.

When she saw Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan, the girl was very frightened at first, because she had never seen flying magicians like that close. She smiled politely at them.

We are looking for a fisherman older, said Zhao Man Yan, thinking that they are simply wasting time with this girl.

Although this girl was very sweet and graceful, there was no time for flirting now.

I grew up here from childhood, and if you want to know something touching the sea, you can ask me, the girl smiled, baring her snow-white teeth.

Mo Fan hastily told the girl the essence of the situation, hoping that she would help them find this goddamn monkey.

That monkey you are talking about is called among us aquatic. In recent years, we often see this, said the girl.

Can you help me find this monkey? Asked Mo Fan.

Aquatic animals usually live on islands, on land. They cannot be in the water for a very long time, therefore, as soon as they find themselves in the sea, in fact they immediately begin to look for a reef or something else where they could rest. In addition, they like to eat algae that they throw on reefs. You can try looking for the monkey on the reefs, the girl said.

And where are the nearest reefs? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

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There is only one cluster of reef stones outside the safety frontiers. I can contact people from our village and they will tell you how to get there, but we ourselves do not risk crossing safe borders, said the fisherwoman.

Well, thank you very much, said Mo Fan.

Not worth the gratitude. As soon as it comes to such incidents, everyone gives all possible assistance, the girl said sincerely.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan went to where the girl pointed them.

There was only one reef cluster outside the safety borders, so the monkey was most likely to be there, resting before the next swim in the sea.

Now these reefs were the last hope, and if the monkey is not there, then this will mean that they were late!

Having flown the border, Mo Fan began to carefully atrivatsya. The security borders themselves were unreliable, and crossing them was difficult only for large magical monsters, but for sea monkeys it was easier than ever.

It seems to be ahead, said Zhao Man Yan.

The farther from the coast, the cleaner the sea water becomes. It was so transparent that from a height it was easy to see not only reefs that rose above the surface of the water, but also those stones that were under water.

We won’t go down right away, otherwise we can to frighten off the monkey, said Mo Fan.

They began to circle around, carefully looking at the reefs.

As the fisherwoman said, sea monkeys cannot be in the water for a long time, therefore, they need breaks on land. And if the monkey had already crossed the border of safety, then it should have been on these reefs.

Something is running! Said Zhao Man Yan, pointing to the reefs.

Mo Fan took a closer look and saw a creature whose hair looked like algae. It had something in its hands.

Zhao Man Yan did not see what the monkey had in his hands, so he and Mo Fan rushed down sharply.

* Whistle *

Zhao Man Yan literally turned into a golden-winged eagle, which now rushed directly to the reef.

The sea monkey was also very attentive: sensing a threat from above, it immediately threw herself into the water, going into the depths.

it wants to run away!

Zhao Man Yan approached the reef and threw Mo Fan at it, and he launched himself with an arrow into the water.

Mo Fan did not risk darting into the water. Now he could only stand on a stone and wait, looking for the appearance of Zhao Man Yan or a child.

Not even a few seconds had passed after the monkey went into the water. Zhao Man Yan immediately began to overtake her. The sea monkey is a creature of the level of a servant, therefore it does not have the ability to curb the elements of water. Another thing is Zhao Man Yan: being a magician of the element of intermediate water, he not only swam well and could breathe calmly under water, he could also control it!

Soon, Mo Fan saw how Zhao Man Yan grabbed monkey.

Damn it, it has hair like coconut hair! cursed Zhao Man Yan, pulling the monkey onto the reef.

Hmm I can imagine, said Mo Fan.

It became clear that this was not the monkey that stole the child it is quite possible that that monkey has already sailed away.

The catch now was that they weren’t can find a child on the open sea!

* squeak *

This monkey curled up and began to make a strange screech, apparently thinking that these two would spare her.

I don’t even know if this monkey understands human language. There are a lot of these monkeys in the district, and since she is so scared, she can show us the very creature that stole the child! said Zhao Man Yan, pushing the monkey with his foot.

The monkey began to scream even more, thinking that they were going to kill her, and actually lost consciousness.

Mo Fan was just was stunned by the behavior of this creature. Are there any more cunning creatures in the world???

The words of Zhao Man Yan have returned Mo Fan at the moment.

Maybe they themselves cannot talk to animals, but his Little Flame Belle may prove useful in this matter!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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