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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 742 Sea Chase Read Novel

Chapter 742 Sea Chase VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 742 Sea Chase VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan called on a Little Flame Belle, who has been especially obedient lately. In principle, before that she didn’t particularly disappoint her daddy, but after what happened on the way to death, she worked hard on her development.

* Jin *

A Little Flame Belle got out with a ringing and sat on Mo Fan’s shoulder, now and then falling on his face.

However, looking around and realizing that daddy is essentially in the open sea, the mood of the Flame Belle changes somehow.

Being the elemental animal of fire, the Flame Belle hated water the most, and here there was a whole sea in front of it!

Come on, ask this monkey you, if she hasn’t seen a baby recently among her relatives, said Mo Fan, not particularly bothering about the mood of her pet.

* Jin *

Little Flame Belle emitted a ring, which meant that she considered this monkey to be very ugly.

The sea monkey itself reacted very differently to the appearance of a Little Flame Belle her eyes sparkled. For magical animals like monkeys, a Little Flame Belle was the embodiment of a deity.

Little Flame Belle explained to Mo Fan that there are different types of magical creatures, and among them there are those who understand speech, and there is a kind of cattle they translate human speech does not make sense.

Fortunately, sea monkeys belonged to those creatures who understand speech!

Soon, under the influence of the brutal kicks of Zhao Man Yan and the natural charisma of the Flame Belly, the sea monkey once again proved that their appearance is the most that is present, slavish among creatures.

The translation of what the monkey expressed looked something like this: I saw. The theft of the child was committed by a monkey, which I hate the most. This time this monkey wants to curry favor with the great monkey king and get a reward.

Ask her if this child is still alive? said Mo Fan.

The monkey grimaced, saying that the child was still alive. It does not matter who the child gets to, sea monsters or the monkey king, the baby is eaten alive, which is why, during the offering of this tribute, the child must be alive, even at the cost of the life of the monkey itself. She also said that there used to be a whole den of stupid monkeys that brought dead children, which is why the monkey king destroyed them all!

After hearing the monkey’s explanations, Mo Fan calmed down a bit. He was only concerned about one thing: how is the child under water?

Tell her, let him take us to their king, said Mo Fan to the Little Flame Belle.

The Little Flame Belle passed Daddy’s words, to which the monkey showed its disagreement.

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Zhao Man Yan, seeing the situation, said Mo Fan: She certainly won’t take us there.

Little Flame Belle, tell her that we have already destroyed the lair of sea monsters, there remains only a red cracking monster, which we will kill sooner or later too. If today this child dies, then we will cut out not only the whole species of sea monsters, but also all sea monkeys! said Mo Fan.

Especially in order to intimidate the monkey even more, Mo Fan released high-level fire magic towards the sea!

Burial with a heavenly flame hit the water surface fire rain. The sea monkey, seeing this, just shook with fear! She could not even think that people are capable of such such a flame could instantly destroy all their monkey settlement.

Let her take us there, and we will kill only monsters * (the exact number is still unknown, while it is known only about one crackling)! In this case, their entire monkey family can safely exist at a distance of 50 kilometers from the safety borders, without affecting the fishermen, but in the opposite case they all will go after the dead children! with anger in his voice said Mo Fan.

The sea monkey, of course, knew about what happened to the den of sea monsters. After scratching her head a bit, she decided what to do.

* Screech *

The sea monkey made a sound that signified her consent.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan could now breathe a sigh of relief.

The life of this monkey is not worth a damn, but if she had decided to resist to the end, the fate of little Xiao Di would have been a foregone conclusion!

It’s good that these sea monkeys belong to those creatures that worship power!

Mo Fan calmed the monkey with a shadow spike, and held the second spike in his hand.

The forces of the shadow spike were enough to monitor the state of mind of a monkey of servant level. If she decides to go for a trick, then Mo Fan uses a second shadow spike to torture her to death!

The sea monkey was well oriented in the sky, so it was enough to make her swim in the sea, and Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan moved after her from the sky.

The monkey swam very fast, because this is their main skill for survival. Now this sea monkey has made every effort to get to the child as soon as possible while he is still alive.

They were already ten kilometers away from the security borders, and there weren’t not a single island is visible.

Is she really trying to fool us? Zhao Man Yan said with doubt in his voice.

It cannot be like that. Before that, Nan Rongni said that sea monkeys are such creatures that always bow before those who are stronger. Prior to this, the sea monkeys worshiped sea monsters, whose den we safely destroyed. If you adhere to monkey logic, then it can not fool us. Look, there’s something in front, said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan looked ahead, but didn’t see anything.

Just flying some more distance, he saw something like a reef in the sea.

Mo Fan was now a high-level magician, so his perception was much stronger than that of Zhao Man Yan.

* Squeal *

The monkey below has already started to squeak.

Little Flame explained to Mo Fan that the sea monkey with a baby is not far from this reef.

As soon as the child is on the reef, he will be killed immediately! Mo Fan frowned.

And although it was still not possible to see how many sea monsters were on the reef, now it didn’t matter much!

I, Zhao Man Yan, I’ll tear these creatures to pieces! Growled Zhao Man Yan, accelerating the flight.

If he had not yet dragged Mo Fan, his speed would have been even faster!

There, I see! Mo Fan said enthusiastically.

Flying over the reef, these two saw a sea monkey that was already climbing on a stone, holding in the claws of a child that was tied with monkey hair. The child cried, as if anticipating the whole danger of the situation he was in.

Praise be to heaven! Exhaled Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan, without waiting for his friend to begin to descend, he jumped from a height directly onto a reef, covered in anger!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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