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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 744 Fighting a Red Cracking Monster Read Novel

Chapter 744 Fighting a Red Cracking Monster VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 744 Fighting a Red Cracking Monster VERSATILE MAGE

The red cracking monster did not pay attention to the fact that Mo Fan controls the rock behind the monster. A moment later, the rock flew right into a cracking monster, which made it fall. When he got up, he noticed that strange clouds had already appeared above his head!

Lightning! Cried Mo Fan. His whole body was sparkling with lightning.

Before the guy could finish, the lightning cut the clear sky. The spell not only hit the animal, but also divided into several charges and spread throughout the earth. After a couple of moments, these charges additionally hit the monster.

A red scaly monster stood right in the middle of the spell. If he had not been previously seriously injured, such a spell would not have caused much damage. However, since the monster was poisoned, and his body was more vulnerable to magical attacks, immediately after the lightning struck him, his body shook.

The spell was by no means enough to kill him, but to inflict great pain just right. The animal opened its mouth and muddy water began to flow out.

* Bue *

The red cracking monster hastened to counterattack Mo Fan and spat out the muddy water into it!

Mo Fan, in turn, was ready for such a turn of events and immediately slipped into the shadow of a nearby cliff. Just a couple of seconds and he was already in a safe place.

I could not help but be surprised at the pressure with which the water shot from the jaws of the monster: the rock into which it fell was pierced through! It’s scary to imagine what such an attack would do to a man!

* Bue! *

The monster did not limit himself to one water stream and hastened to spit out two more!

The stream of water was four to five meters long, and flew at the speed of an arrow fired from a bow. The first arrow flew directly to Mo Fan, the second was fired ahead, to the place where the guy is likely to jump into the shadows. It was a tricky move, because now Mo Fan could not merge with the shadow!

Mo Fan, I will help you now! Zhao Man Yan shouted and immediately began to form an elemental star system.

Zhao Man Yan simultaneously used two spells: a water shield and a holy shield. He knew that the power of his magic was not enough to harm the monster at the level of ruler, but he understood that if his spells could at least weaken the monster’s arrow, then this was not bad.

Mo Fan was surrounded by a golden glow. The water arrow of the monster crashed into this shield with a bang and broke it like glass. At the same instant, a water shield appeared right in front of Mo Fan. The water shield was much weaker than the saint, and there was no hope that he could fully withstand the attack of the monster.

Mo Fan realized that he could not evade this arrow, so he decided to turn around to accept attack on the back. A deep trace immediately appeared on Mo Fan’s armor. At the same moment, the guy experienced indescribable pain.

From such an attack, he can definitely break the spine! At least the sound of crushed bones hinted at this ambiguously.

Snake chainmail received almost fatal injuries, and even a little more can become worthless. This means that soon it can’t be used, you need to give the armor some time to recover.

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Mo Fan spat blood and looked at Xiao Di, who was unconscious.

Zhao Man Yan, take the baby, I can handle this creature!, Mo Fan was angry, fire and lightning raged around him.

Zhao Man Yan dived and took the child in a moment from the hands of Mo Fan.

He’s still breathing said Zhao Man Yan, listening to the baby’s breathing.

Fly, give him treatment. The child is still so small, if he gets serious wounds, then we may not have time to heal him, said Mo Fan.

And at that time the red cracking monster did not wait until his enemies agreed among themselves and released another portion of water. Only this time, it was not just an arrow, it was a whole stream! A five-meter-long stream of water was already flying towards Mo Fan, giving the guy no time to think!

While Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan were talking, the flames around Mo Fan already formed a blazing fist.

We won’t cope with it, grab it, we will fly together, said Zhao Man Yan and dragged Mo Fan to the sky.

However, he didn’t have time to finish how Mo Fan was surrounded by a flame that sent Mo Fan to the ground by force. He looked like a fire dragon landing between the rocks

Nine dragons!

Mo Fan cast a spell directly into the stream of water that flew towards him! At the same second, the fire completely evaporated the water, barely colliding with it!

However, Mo Fan’s spell did not stop there and rushed towards the crackling monster. Although it slowed down, it hardly lost its strength!

A fiery flash illuminated the animal and seriously damaged its neck. Blue blood immediately surged from there.

The animal tried to restore balance, but it did not work out. Somewhere behind the crackling monster, a crack of broken bones was heard.

Zhao Man Yan was already high in the sky, but even at his height, he could not even note the amazing power of Mo Fan.

This is a monster of the level of the ruler, can Mo Fan really fight him on equal terms?

But Mo Fan is really strong!

Don’t let him die!, shouted Mo Fan to Zhao Man Yan.

You don’t die either, as soon as I deliver the baby to the hospital, I’ll immediately return with help, Zhao Man Yan replied.

Zhao Man Yan knew perfectly well that he should not hesitate, he must immediately fly back. If he waits a little longer, then Xiao Di may die.

As soon as Zhao Man Yan agreed, he immediately flew even higher into the sky. To save the baby, he was ready to sacrifice all his magical energy.

As soon as Zhao Man Yan gained height, he turned to look at Mo Fan.

He saw the blue ocean, bare cliffs and Mo Fan fighting a monster of the level of the commander-in-chief one on one!

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