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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 748 Body language all betrayed Read Novel

Chapter 748 Body language all betrayed VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 748 Body language all betrayed VERSATILE MAGE

The spiritual essence of the level of the ruler!

The price for this thing was very high, 5-6 times higher than the price of the spiritual essence of the leader of the pack.

The spiritual essence of the leader of the pack cost about 20 million yuan, so this spiritual being was worth all 100 million!

Mo Fan got excited, even the damn chest wound stopped hurting!

He hasn’t saw so much money One hundred million Now he is a guy with a high social status!

The combat effectiveness of the participants was not at the highest level, but the equipment was very good. This cattle Zhao Man Yan had wings that he did not deserve. Finally, God heard my prayers and presented a great gift! Not for nothing that I still fought this red cracking monster!

Hey Little Flame Belle, what are you doing? Mo Fan lost his temper with excitement, but at that time the Little Flame Belle made a sound that expressed arrogance, inciting Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was hard to think, and he only now noticed an ugly sea monkey near him. Like a slave, she reverently laid a strange seagrass in front of a small Belle.

Mo Fan recognized this sea monkey she showed them the way.

It was painful for Belle to see how Mo Fan shed blood, so she caught this strange monkey and forced her to find a hemostatic agent for her daddy.

This monkey was hiding in a secluded place all the time, but when she saw Mo Fan kill her master, she behaved strangely going to look for a cure for the magician.

It was funny to watch the Belle who gave instructions to the sea monkey as if the Belle was a proud queen.

Mo Fan heard about this grass and allowed the Flame Belle to put it on his wound.

It was not in vain that Mo Fan studied at the university, and more often than not he could recognize certain medicinal plants. This grass grew in the sea. And those coastal cities, which were engaged in its cultivation, had a good income from its sale.

This grass also had anesthetic effect the blood stopped, and the pain decreased. Putting medicine on his chest, Mo Fan felt his sleep overcome him.

Jin jin the Little Flame Belle was her dad’s joy, patting Mo Fan on the chest thereby expressing her concern.

Mo Fan nodded his head. He was very tired, and if he had a Little Flame Belle, then what to worry about, you could easily sleep


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The dark blue sea was beautiful. If you look from a bird’s eye view, you could see a silver thread among the vast expanses of water, which bisected this blue mirror. The sea was frozen, in the process of freezing, it formed a long ice mound, which divided the surface in half.

Ai Jiang Tu, Nan Jue, Guan Yu, Zu Jimin and the rest followed Mu Ning Xue along the ice mound to the reef island.

I see! Over there, ahead! said Ai Jiang Tu

Ai Jiang Tu saw that that reef island is nearby, so he used instant movement to instantly cross the ice mound and find himself on a reef island.

Soon, Mu Ning Xue arrived in time. She did not like that Mo Fan loomed before her eyes. But deep down, she didn’t want anything to happen to Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue was on a reef island, and when she saw that Ai Jiang Tu was standing on a rock and looking down, her face became serious.

Mu Ning Xue came closer and didn’t see the red crackling monster, but Mo Fan was lying there still

The worst thing is that the picture, which she did not want to see, appeared before her gaze. She involuntarily held her breath, her eyes filled with anger.

Late Ai Jiang Tu exhaled

Mu Ning Xue did not dare to come closer, her soul was in complete dismay.

He did not die after the events in the city of Bo, did not die after the disaster in Xi`an, how did it happen that death caught up with him here? Why is life so unfair? And he paid with her for the life of the child?

The remaining magicians gradually appeared on the island. Seeing the wounds on Mo Fan’s chest, people fell silent.

Tell me, does it seem to me alone that he is breathing? Li Kaifeng asked quietly.

Hmm I’ll check Nan Jue quickly appeared near Mo Fan and put a hand to his nose.

Mo Fan was breathing quietly, but breathed! Nan Jue looked in surprise at the magician lying on the ground.

Just at that moment Mo Fan opened his eyes and saw that Nan Jue was holding a hand in front of his nose. He looked around to find that the magicians surrounded him as if in a funeral service. Mo Fan felt a burning fear of the body!

What What are you doing? Mo Fan jumped to his feet.

Mo Fan greatly scared the rest of the magicians.

The magician was wounded in the chest, so his breathing was quiet, almost imperceptible. It goes without saying that when Ai Jiang Tu saw this picture, he thought that Mo Fan was dead.

The others also thought that Mo Fan was dead. After all, he went to battle with a red cracking monster and this meant that he was going to certain death. The monster is the level of ruler, and Mo Fan has just become a high-level magician, who was a little stronger than the average level magic. And the red cracking monster would not give him a chance to use even such magic.

Therefore, it seemed to everyone that Mo Fan was dead. And he was alive! And the magicians stood rooted to the spot, not believing their eyes.


Is this moron alive?

How is this possible? Has the red cracking monster escaped?

So you are not dead! So what the hell were you lying there without moving? Nan Jue was evil, covering up embarrassment with a flash of anger.

I fell asleep answered honestly Mo Fan

The mages stood in silence

-Well, you moron, lie to yourself here and snore. Look at Mu Ning Xue you scared her to death! said Nan Jue.

Mo Fan only saw Mu Ning Xue now, who stood in the distance and did not dare to approach.

This girl was indifferent to him on ordinary days and said she didn’t like him. But body language betrayed her secret!

How did this terrible creature the red cracking monster spare you? Guan Yu asked in mixed feelings.

The coal stone that you are standing on now is the red cracking monster. answered Mo Fan.

Guan Yu was dumbfounded, quickly shifting his legs. After carefully examining the surface on which he stood, he realized that he was standing not on a coal stone, but on a blackened corpse!

After death, the body of a red cracking monster quickly froze. It seemed like a stone, so everyone walked on this surface, not paying attention.

So the monster is dead? asked Zu Jimin, not believing his words.

Yes, definitely said Ai Jiang Tu, examining the body. There was no doubt.

In an instant, all eyes fell on Mo Fan.

Did a miracle happen?

Mo Fan is alive, and red the cracking monster is dead!

The monster of the commander-in-chief level is dead!

Mo Fan killed him?


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