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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 749 Tattered Feather Cape Read Novel

Chapter 749 Tattered Feather Cape VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 749 Tattered Feather Cape VERSATILE MAGE

Did you kill that? Did you kill the monster level ruler? Asked Ai Jiang Tu, not believing that one hundred Mo Fan did succeed.

But is there anyone else here? said Mo Fan.

You how did you succeed? This is a monster of the level of ruler even if we all come together, we will not be able to destroy him.

I can’t even believe it! We really thought you were dead!

At that moment, the members of the national team were completely speechless. Indeed, on this island of people was only Mo Fan, and next to it lay the corpse of a red cracking monster. If not Mo Fan, then who else could have killed him?

But how could he? Even if several high-level magicians unite, their chances of success in such a confrontation are very small.

Apparently, then we damaged this monster much more seriously than we thought. And if we pushed a little that day, we would have killed him, Guan Yu said coldly.

Guan Yuy’s similar assumption provoked the agreement of the rest of the team.

There was only one explanation for this: the monster was seriously injured before that, and Mo Fan, taking advantage of the enemy’s weakness, was able to defeat him. In any other case, no mage of their age will be able to defeat a creature of the level of ruler.

But even this very struck everyone!

Given that Mo Fan was only a reserve member of the team, they all hoped to see his lifeless body here.

Mo Fan was too lazy to tell them everything.

Ai Jiang Tu knew that his spiritual torture had a very strong influence on the red cod monster, but even with this in mind, the very fact that Mo Fan defeated a creature of such a level, said that Mo Fan’s strength exits far beyond the concept of him.

Nan Jue knew Mo Fan even before that. She also knew that he was a born mage of two elements. Does this young man really have any other hidden elements???

The guesses of Nan Jue were not unfounded. Now the strongest element of Mo Fan was the fire, which was reinforced by the influence of a Flame Belle from call magic.

The red cracking monster was destroyed, and with it the hidden threat to the city disappeared.

On the way back, Mo Fan was carried on arms. Seeing the ice path that had not yet melted on the surface of the sea, Mo Fan involuntarily glanced at Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue also looked at him. Mixed feelings prevailed inside her: on the one hand, Mo Fan’s forces exceeded all possible ideas of Mu Ning Xue about him, on the other, he moved away from her, becoming more and more mysterious and distant.

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Not worth worrying about me! Just minor scratches. In a few days I’ll completely recover, said Mo Fan to Mu Ning Xue with a smile.

According to the rest of the team, Mu Ning Xue rushed to him in all her icy vapors, and now he could only thank her with his smile.

Mu Ning Xue She said nothing, keeping the ice calm.

The relationship between the two was very vague. Mu Ning Xue did not even think that he would die. It was definitely not love, because all her thoughts have recently been occupied by a completely different one.

I agree to join your Mu family and am not going to die. Do you think you can get married right after the end of the world university games? And our age is right, Mo Fan blurted out bluntly.

Mo Fan belonged to the type of people who could continue to talk all sorts of nonsense on their own wave, without even worrying about the interlocutor not reacting. He knew Mu Ning Xue very well and was ready to do anything to reopen the door to her heart.

Hearing about the wedding, Mu Ning Xue involuntarily froze the space. Ah, this Mo Fan! He barely survived the battle with the monster at the level of ruler, and now he was talking about personal matters.

Immediately after returning to the Bird City, Mo Fan lay down in bed to rest.

Through for a while, the discouraged Zhao Man Yan came: I knew you could not die. I know what you want to know. Nan Rongni is just a mid-level healing magician, and Xiao Di was mortally wounded. Nevertheless, Nan Rongni was able to save him, and even blessed him with a long and prosperous life.

Mo Fan breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s good that all efforts weren’t in vain.

You want to know who condoned the concealment of the missing children case. I could not even imagine that this case would be so confusing. It is possible that it will shock the whole country said Zhao Man Yan.

Found out? Asked Mo Fan.

No. The thread broke in the Bird City. The man who acted here was uncovered and awaiting the order of the magical court. However, as Jiang Yu found out, this business took a new turn, as it affected the interests of much more people. He could not track the further movement of the chain, he only managed to transfer this matter to our five judges-leaders, said Zhao Man Yan.

Is it really all that took and arose in the Bird City? with surprise in his voice asked Mo Fan.

Sea monsters got to the point that they began to devour human children whose interests could still be affected???

Everything is too confusing. The judges did not ask us to investigate further, but only praised our work, saying that we had removed this malignant tumor. said Zhao Man Yan.

For some unknown reason, after these words, Mo Fan felt uneasy in his soul.

Ah, yes. Something was sent to you. They say that you constantly mentioned this in Xi`an, said Zhao Man Yan.

What is this? Asked Mo Fan.

A tattered feather cloak. By the way, what are you going to do with it, since you even reported on it in Xi`an? Hey, are you listening to me? said, Zhao Man Yan.

Yes, yes. Bring this little thing to me, I have been waiting for it for a long time, answered Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan sincerely wondered what was so valuable in this program for Mo Fan. Mo Fan himself did not even hope that Han Ji would really send him this feather cape, which was the most valuable exhibit in the Xi`an museum.

It was worn out because it had been for many years.

It is called the plumage of the glass phoenix. Mo Fan saw it in the Xi`an Museum.

This will be a wonderful gift for Xin Xia!

At the moment when Mo Fan almost ended up buried in a skeleton on the path of death, he thought only of one thing: he must definitely get this little thing if he could survive!

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