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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 750 The Dirty Dealer Read Novel

Chapter 750 The Dirty Dealer VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 750 The Dirty Dealer VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan was lying on a white hospital bed, there was no longer any sleep.

There was a vase in the air in front of Mo Fan, which was about to fall to the floor. The remote control also hung near his left hand, with which he non-stop switched channels. Near his right hand was a pencil that was drawing something on paper.

* Knock *

Someone knocked on the door, Mo Fan stopped control, the vase fell on floor. The console was now lying on the table, and a pencil fell on a sheet of paper. Everything has now become ordinary.

Dressed in a business suit, Lin Junxian walked in, leading a girl of 26-27 years old in appearance. Seeing that Mo Fan was not sleeping, they smiled.

This is my younger sister Lin Qi introduced the girl Lin Junxian

I am very grateful to you, Mo Fan. If it weren’t for Xiao Di, I don’t know how I would live. If you need something, you can always contact us. We want to thank you for the good work you have done in the name of our family! Lin Qi said sincerely to Mo Fan.

Well Mo Fan only had a tiny request, in fact, he knew that the Linshi company was not inferior to the financial group Zhaoshi.

Nothing, you think it over. We owe you now. If you need anything, we will try our best to help! said Lin Junxian.

Well, I’ll tell you later. Our teachers took everything from us, including money. What can you give me? Perhaps they will confiscate your gift from me.- answered Mo Fan.

Haha, I know about that. I have already prepared boats for you, more precisely, yachts. You will safely reach Japan on them, but be careful and do not get involved in anything. Let the Japanese customs inspect properly. And then forever create your own problems! laughing, said Lin Junxian.

Well, rest. If you have any difficulties, let us know. said Lin Qi.

Don’t worry, I’m still a walking problem, we need you with requests smiling, answered Fan Fan.

The sincerity of the words of Mo Fan caused fun, it disposed him to Ling Qi and Ling Junxian.


After being discharged from the hospital, Mo Fan found out about a case involving the loss of babies. Jiang Yu and Zhao Man Yan told him what he already knew the sea monsters were destroyed, but officials assisting in their atrocities were not found.

What was still to be dealt with, was not in the competence of students. The magical association was supposed to solve this problem.

Lin Qianxun was a reliable person. After the problem with the disappearance of the babies was resolved, he sent compensation to every family from which the children disappeared. Thus, having earned the respect of the inhabitants of the bird city.

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After waiting for Mo Fan’s wounds to heal, the magicians boarded a yacht and went to the Pacific Ocean

There was no heavy industry in the bird city. The sky and the sea were bright blue, without any impurities. Having sailed away from the city, one could see a beautiful landscape the sky and the sea joined together, no borders were visible.

The girls in the squad were beauties. Jiang Shaoxuy changed into a sexy bikini.

Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan, like wild animals, were staring at Jiang Shaoxuy’s chest, which was very seductive.

Ahem! Guan Yu stood aside, and when two guys looked with a shameless look at the girl, nobility awoke in him.

Now he will be disgraced said Zhao Man Yan.

Let’s have some fun Mo Fan laughed. Guan Yu, the last time you lost, but now you don’t keep your word.

How did I lose this last time! angrily said Guan Yu.

I seduced 4, and you are only 3 beauties. How did you not lose? These are all excuses! Next time, don’t have such a serious argument with me! ridiculed Guan Yu Yu Mo Fan.

Guan Yu changed his face, but calmly replied: Then tell me what needs to be done?

Mo Fan just waited for these words, letting Guang Yu come closer.

Seeing the mean face of Mo Fan, Guan Yu had a bad feeling about it

Listening to the words of Mo Fan, Guan Yu with a deathly pale face, nodded his head continuously.

Everything, no longer pease. and to me, you are worthless wimp. Mo Fan said indifferently.

Guan Yu lost his temper, gritting his teeth: Give me a deadline and next time I will kick your ass!

Anytime time at your service. answered Mo Fan

Zhao Man Yan was on the sidelines and did not hear what Mo Fan and Guan Yu were talking about. Seeing that Guan Yu went to the deck, Zhao Man Yan quickly asked Mo Fan where he went. Suddenly, they heard Jiang Shaoxuy screaming from the deck.

Zhao Man Yan looked towards the deck and saw Guan Yu inadvertently throw off the bra from the girl. Two huge white breasts were outside

Zhao Man Yan did not have time to make out everything well, as the girl covered her breasts with her hands. But these small hands couldn’t cover all the beauty of her breasts and Zhao Man Yan looked at her with awe.

Cool! .. Zhao Man Yan already salivated like that.

Mo Fan went laughing, staring at the cherished place on the body of Jiang Shaoxu. Only unlike Zhao Man Yan, did he manage to see her whole breasts. How beautiful she is!

Get off me! an exclamation of Jiang Shaoxuy spread across the deck.

Guan Yu immediately tried to escape from the scene. But Jiang Shaoxuy had an element of spirit, so the guy had nowhere to run.

I I’m really not on purpose! It’s slippery here! answered Guan Yu.

You shameless cattle!

I really Hey, do not use magic!

Guan Yu scampering around the yacht trying to hide, but no one could help him in this matter.

Zhao Man Yan laughed, showing Mo Fan his thumb in approval. He turned the dirty business, but Zhao Man Yan liked it.

Mo Fan went to the chair, where he sat comfortably and sang a song.

Japan This is the place of origin of priceless seeds!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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