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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 751 The Infernal Scorpion! Read Novel

Chapter 751 The Infernal Scorpion! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 751 The Infernal Scorpion! VERSATILE MAGE

Blue sky, golden sand, a giant walking in the middle of the desert. Each of his steps raises a myriad of dust.

The giant was truly enormous: it cut the sky with itself. It seemed that he was like a moving mountain. Even the bloodthirsty mad scorpions living in this desert have given way to this creature

Crazy scorpions are the most terrible monsters of the Takla-Makan desert. Usually they are equal in strength to the leaders of the pack. However, it is worth wandering into the depths of the desert, and you can immediately see the poisonous sea scorpions, and they are already at the level of ruler.

There are many mysterious, dangerous, treasure-filled places in China. The Takla Makan Desert is one such place. Every year at least ten foreign magicians come here to play with death, but everyone is well aware of how dangerous the desert is!

The worse the glory of this place, the more people who want to come here in search of treasure. It is no coincidence that this place is also called the desert of golden sand. And believe me, the word golden here is clearly not because of the color of the desert. It is extremely dangerous here, but if successful, the risk pays off with interest!

However, today an uninvited guest has arrived in the Takla-Makan desert. The sheer size of this creature terrified the crazy scorpions. It is worth noting that these monsters usually fearlessly protect the land from strangers. However, now they didn’t even try to resist

Group after group, the crazy scorpions backed away.

As soon as the rocky tyrant entered the territory of the scorpions, a group of ten with a little poisonous pestilent scorpions appeared immediately. The body size of each of them was approximately fifty meters. They were all black in color, only their tails and claws were rainbow-colored

At first glance, one could guess that they were deadly poisonous

Recently appeared the poisonous sea scorpions strangely arranged in a semicircle, as if expecting something.

Suddenly, the sand right next to the semicircle began to move. A moment later, a huge, three to four times larger scorpion appeared from under the sand. With his appearance, he created a sandstorm. Eight sharp paws pierced the desert sand. The creature was so large that there was space in the football field between the front and hind legs!

Near the front legs there were striking claws capable of chopping the mountain into two with one effort!

It was this scorpion who was the lord of these lands.

For many years, no living creature has disturbed his peace. And all because the majority of the remains in this desert are its claws!

Infernal scorpion!

Its name did not obscure the essence of this beast!

Almost immediately after the appearance, the infernal scorpion endangered itself and its commander-in-chief scorpions they surrounded the giant.

The size of the scorpion was impressive, but the giant was still larger than this monster!

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* Loud sound *

The infernal scorpion looked at the giant and howled angrily, thereby showing that it was his possession.

The rocky tyrant stopped. He looked coldly at the leader of the scorpions. The tyrant did not immediately rush into battle. He was waiting for instructions that a man would give at the top of his head.

The infernal scorpion was unbelievably proud, so death would await anyone who entered his land. The scorpion leader inspected the intruder and noticed that he had a man on the top of his head. The eyes of the beast focused on the man.

The man, in turn, looked at the beast from the height of a rocky giant. A moment later, a cold ray flew out of my eyes into the sand!

* Hissing **

The infernal scorpion took a couple of steps back.

The Commanders-in-Chief scorpions were already shaking with fear, some of them were so terrified that they buried themselves immediately under the ground.

Even despite the presence of their leader, they still remained creatures of the level of ruler

* Boom! *

The rocky tyrant continued to walk again. The giant walked right past the infernal scorpion.

But the scorpion, in turn, stood motionless and no longer tried to provoke the intruder by his howl, or even less by attacks.

* Boom, boom *

The steps of a rocky tyrant were heard. The giant was gradually moving away, and the infernal scorpion was still motionless in place.

The rocky tyrant was heading towards the Tien Shan mountain. Only after the giant moved a sufficient distance, the infernal scorpion turned to look at this man. The monster still had fear of that man!



The endless Pacific Ocean was beautiful, wonderful blue. It can be said that it was frighteningly charming and extremely wide.

There was not a single island, not a single cloud around. It seemed that the whole world was a beautiful canvas, painted with blue and blue tones. Everything merged together, and if it were not for the stable movement of the yacht in the strictly designated direction, then it would be easy to get confused.

Mo Fan has always been a child of the mountains. We can say that this is his first access to the sea. At first it was even exciting and interesting, but later Mo Fan began to spend most of his time playing cards.

There are no people, there are no monsters, there is only fucking water all around! The days became unbearable.

Mo Fan wondered, should they really have to get experience that way? Wouldn’t it be wiser to put everyone on a plane to Tokyo? All he did was spend the days playing cards and cultivating.

Listen, and magicians with an element of water can try to accelerate the course of the yacht, right?, Mo Fan could not stand it.

It’s easy, just a question of strength, replied Zhao Man Yan.

If we don’t hurry, then the devil knows how much more time we will sail to Japan! said Mo Fan.

Well, let’s try it

Everyone agreed that they were swimming too slowly. But if several magicians of the element of water take turns using magic, then they will immediately turn this yacht into a boat and rush across the ocean, like a fired arrow!

Stand on deck and watch how the yacht cuts the ocean, and the spray is flying in all directions was really nice!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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