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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 752 Shadow Underwater Read Novel

Chapter 752 Shadow Underwater VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 752 Shadow Underwater VERSATILE MAGE

In a blink of an eye the yacht turned into a boat, borrowing its speed. Even though the yacht was going very fast, she was far from the speed of the plane.

Zhao Man Yan, let’s take off to the sky and see if there are any islands nearby, or even a cunt ** c is boring somehow, said Mo Fan. Boring days on the yacht did not go for him, but literally dragged on.

Okay, let’s fly together? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

Come on

Zhao Man Yan took Mo Fan, and together they rushed into the sky, to inspect the vast expanses of the ocean. The weather today was just what was needed: there was no shell in the sky.

The guys had already flown high enough, and nowhere in the distance was there a hint of land.

Let’s go even higher, maybe we can see something, said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yan.

The guys quickly flew up. They have already reached such a height that the yacht has turned into a small pale spot.

Mo Fan carefully peered into the distance until he saw what he was looking for. In the distance, land was visible.

We’ll be arriving soon. Anyway, I see the earth. What a long coastline, this is definitely not an island! Exclaimed Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan did not have such good eyesight, so he just had to take a word.

He lowered his eyes to the place where the yacht should be approximately to check if they had gone astray, and immediately noticed that a black spot appeared on the blue canvas of the ocean.

Zhao Man Yan tried to look at the spot better, but could not, so he immediately decided to tell Mo Fan about it: Look, there is something black below!

Mo Fan looked down and immediately noticed what his friend was talking about. This black spot was extremely difficult not to notice, because it stood out very strongly against the white yacht.

At first, Mo Fan found nothing remarkable in this spot, only after a few seconds it seemed to dawn on him. In a blink of an eye, the guy filled with fear!

The yacht that Mr. Lin provided was not the most luxurious, but it was no less than thirty meters long. It’s like putting three big buses in a row! However, even these sizes were in no way comparable with the sizes of the black spot!

Mo Fan immediately decided to check if some cloud casts a shadow on the yacht. However, there was not a cloud in the sky! And this can only mean one thing: a spot is something that is under water!

From the mere thought of the size of this, something became uncomfortable!

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Zhao Man Yan, let’s get back to the yacht as soon as possible! Mo Fan exclaimed slightly frightened.

Before he could finish his words, Zhao Man Yan hastily folded his wings and they rushed down.

Mo Fan felt that his heart was jumping out of his chest. He still could not believe his eyes!

What is under water?

Moreover, this something was not too deep in the depths of the ocean!

And at that time no one on board the yacht even suspected anything was wrong, they just sailed ahead

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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