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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 753: An Unseen Being Read Novel

Chapter 753: An Unseen Being VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 753: An Unseen Being VERSATILE MAGE

* Knock*

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan landed heavily on the deck. There was such a booming sound as if something had broken.

Nan Jue looked at them displeasedly, but these two were clearly not up to it: they hung from the deck, looking at the sea.

Sea water was very clear that even the deepest places were clearly visible from above. The black silhouette was under the yacht, and only now the guys realized how huge it was. This silhouette completely covered the body of water under the yacht, and it seemed as if the whole yacht plunged into a black spot!

My God! What is that over there? Jiang Yu suddenly cried.

This scream excited everyone else, and now the whole team carefully examined the black shadow, which looked more like a black hole in the sea, which was going to swallow them.

The guys were already sweating cold with fear, however this something that was below did not show any signs of life. The specific odor was not heard either, but the magicians were frightened as if it was some magical creature trying to kill them!

There was silence, and no one risked making a sound. Everyone’s eyes were wide open, and his gut froze.

No one dared to jump into the water to find out what was there. Everyone continued to stare there, as if it were the mouth of a huge monster trying to devour them.

What in the end, what is it?! Asked Zhao Man Yan with a sinking voice.

Mo Fan only exhaled: It seems to have gone down.

Under the water, the dark silhouette began to dissolve, and the fear that gripped absolutely everyone now receded.

After some time, the water in the sea became clear as before, and it again took on a deep blue hue.

However, a little the fear that there is an unknown creature somewhere in the depths remained and even intensified every time someone looked at the sea.

Everyone on the deck was in some kind of prostration, and Jiang Yu even nearly passed out!

The yacht continued to move on, no one said anything. After a while, Jiang Yu came to his senses and looked at the silent guys.

I don’t know why, but I feel like a narrow-minded person, said Jiang Yu.

The world, of course, is full of people with limited horizons, but Jiang Yu was one of those who could only determine un appearance by only one silhouette of a magical animal.

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However, the appearance of the creature that was in the water, she couldn’t even determine it.

-! I’m afraid that this might be yet another ploy by our leaders. A creature of this size is it really an animal of the level of a commander?! said Nan Jue.

It’s still inaccurate. We cannot even be sure if this is an animal at all. Very strange. A monster at the commander’s level must have a very strong aura, and there’s not even a simple energy of a living creature, said Mo Fan.

Hearing these words, Guan Yu snorted contemptuously in the direction of Mo Fan: So you say, as if I met a monster at the level of a commander! As far as I know, it’s not a problem for an animal of such a level to hide its aura and breathing.

The totem serpent from Hangzhou was now a peculiar guardian of Mo Fan. Even in comparison with the silver lord of the sky, the totem serpent was a more prominent representative of the generals.

What can be said about the rocky tyrant.

The rocky tyrant was the most important commander in the district of Xi`an, and he received a lyule from Mo Fan.

Therefore, Mo Fan, of course, knew what creatures of the general level looked like. It was too early to say that this dark silhouette under water did not belong to the commander, however, his signs of life seemed very doubtful to Mo Fan.

Yes, it doesn’t matter already! The most important thing is that he disappeared! And then he scared us all to death! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan nodded his head. This creature really disappeared without causing them any harm. However, Mo Fan and the others learned one important lesson: the world is very large, and there is a lot of everything unknown and unprecedented. How many animals can there be until now unknown?

When Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan were in the air, they saw a coastline nearby. Having survived such stress, they headed for the bay.

Having entered the sea space of Japan, they did not have any problems, because the yacht was previously registered here, and the presence of the Japanese nomenclature simplified matters even more.

Entering the boundaries of safety, they saw many fishing vessels engaged in fishing.

The local fishing vessels were divided into two types: the first type included large vessels with fishing mechanisms that could catch up to several thousand fish at a time. The other type included the simplest boats, with one or two anglers on board, who used equally simple fishing tackle.

Japan is a fishing region. With the advent of automation in fishing, the culture of eating seafood also began to develop.

All the vessels in the district were painted gray, so the appearance of a snow-white vessel stood out strongly.

Entering and landing on the shore, Mo Fan’s heart calmed down.

For reasons that he didn’t understand, he didn’t feel safe when he was in the open sea. Of course, the sea is very dangerous, which was once again proved by the appearance of that unprecedented creature. On land, there was neither pitching, nor a feeling of abandonment and hopelessness!

You get used to the constant motion sickness at sea, so on land you continue to rock, and you look like a drunkard walking along the road.

Does anyone know Japanese? Mo Fan asked one of the key questions.

Me! I really like to watch Japanese TV shows! said Jiang Shao Xu.

Hmm me too, said Mo Fan.

Jiang Shao Xu did not understand the joke. Seeing the grin of Mo Fan, she cursed: Bully!

Mo Fan grimaced. Well, he likes to watch Detective Conan, and so what?

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