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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 754 Naval punishment Read Novel

Chapter 754 Naval punishment VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 754 Naval punishment VERSATILE MAGE

First we need to find a place where we can stop and rest. Do not stay too long here. If people find out that we are from China, then we will have problems, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Like salt on a wound, after the words of Ai Jiang Tu, several people appeared who were dressed as policemen and headed towards the guys. They first noticed a sailing yacht, so they went to find out more.

Jiang Shao Xu immediately began talking with these policemen.

She spoke very fluently. Pronunciation, accent, manner of speech everything was as if the real Japanese pretty girl was speaking. Her eyes sparkled seductively.

We are traveling on a cruise liner of a company of the Lin family, we have permission, said Jiang Shao Xu to one of the policemen.

The mustachioed policeman looked at them doubtfully and went to question the others.

The next was Jiang Yu, who only smiled, without saying anything.

One had only to open his mouth and they’ll be opened right there. Although everyone here knew the international lingua franca language, the use of English in this case immediately revealed the fact that they were not local. Jiang Yu only had a few words in his tongue: Ah, hell! Come with your questions!.

The mustachioed policeman asked Nan Jue something, who also did not answer.

The crowd of guys aroused suspicion among the police, and they were ready to use force at any moment!

Well, why are you asking? Didn’t I tell you that this is a team of deaf tourists. I am a professor at the university for the deaf and dumb. All these people are very rich, however they cannot speak, and they do not understand what you are saying, sign language must be used! said Jiang Shao Xu crafty.

Having said this, Jiang Shao Xu immediately began to show something to Nan Jue with her hands. It was a military sign language, so Nan Jue quickly reacted.

The police did not understand the sign language, and after explaining the girl all their doubts seemed to have lifted their hand.

Soon the captain of the ship brought permission, after which the police hastened to leave.

Remember the devil! cursed Mo Fan.

And why did it get into this head of the police to check them? Just saw in a group of pretty girls perverts!

Well, that’s enough already. We have already landed illegally ashore, and it is better for us not to attract too much attention. If the rumors reach the Japanese magical court, then we certainly will not say hello! said Nan Jue.

Yes, that’s for sure. We should get to the place indicated by our executive judges as soon as possible. The devil knows how far we are from Tokyo now!

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Mo Fan was thinking a little different now: with such difficulty to get abroad, and again to see similar Asian faces!

After leaving the marina, they passed on and entered the city of Xisyun. Only now did they feel more or less safe, and the patrol officers no longer bothered them. In the eyes of other people, they were just a group of young guys.

They could not stay in hotels, because they needed documents of guests, and there were practically no underground hotels in Pacific coastal cities.

All they had to do was find a monastery. At the monastery, seeing that the children were donating a lot of money for their incense, they were allowed to stay.

This was the Yanming Temple, built in an exemplary Japanese style. It was not far to get to him, and besides the Japanese monks, everyone else was illegal here!

In front of the monastery were two stone turtles that looked like traditional lions. Everyone was sleeping, resting before the upcoming trials. Mo Fan, on the other hand, was sitting on a tortoise shell: from here an excellent view of the city of Xisyun and the coastline opened.

Usually such temples are very popular among people and are literally teeming with pilgrims. People in cities are increasingly starting to seek peace in such places, what is wrong with this temple? Is his reputation really discredited?

You what are you doing there? Come get down from there faster! You can’t sit on a turtle! heard the monk’s voice.

He spoke Japanese, so Mo Fan did not understand anything. Maybe he admires his warlike appearance in this way?

Don’t understand the human language? the young monk was already starting to get angry.

Mo Fan only now realized that the monk was angry, and immediately hastened to get off the turtle. In English, he asked the monk: Why are there so few people in your monastery? You would have to choose a better place, set up a stable internet.

So you’re not Japanese? Asked the monk in English. He spoke very fluently, which showed him an excellent student in a foreign language.

I came from China specifically to study Japanese culture, Mo Fan cautiously answered.

So as it was not a policeman, he should not ask for details of his arrival.

Are you sure that you came here not to spoil our culture? You cannot sit on the sacred turtle, and if you also behave in the sea, then the sea punishment will overtake you! The young monk said.

Mo Fan took a look at the monk. They looked about the same age. And although the monk looked very refined, in fact he was very arrogant!

Cmon, you still haven’t answered my question! Why is your temple too calm? In the city, we heard unpleasant things about this place, said Mo Fan.

These are as stupid as you are! They do not listen to our warnings! They say slander, trample on our sacred turtles, do not believe in sea punishment. And if something bad happens, then they immediately come here with a showdown, claiming that we are cursing them, and that we are vicious! Ignorant! Said the young monk.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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