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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 756 Have you seen her? Read Novel

Chapter 756 Have you seen her? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 756 Have you seen her? VERSATILE MAGE

With the onset of night, silence fell on Yanming Temple, even the insects stopped buzzing. The seaside town at the foot of the mountains seemed to have nothing to do with this temple. Only the luminous oil lamps swayed on a dark mountain, and the city residents seemed to not pay attention to the existence of a temple in the mountains.

Mo Fan, why are you sitting here? Scared me to death! the girl’s frightened voice came in the darkness.

It seems to me that this temple is an amazing place, Mo Fan frowned, his face took on a thoughtful look.

Did the monk did not say that you should not be near this five-meter stone sculpture, especially to you! said Jiang Shao Xu.

I know, but this afternoon Mo Fan seemed to pick up words to describe what happened to him after dinner.

Mo Fan never could figure out who the girl he met during the day was. If we assume that she is a spirit, a ghost, then whence then there is so much energy of youth in her. If we assume that she is a living person, then why does she then leave no trace on the earth? Why did she run up the stone steps and suddenly disappear, you couldn’t even hear her breathing?

The guy hadn’t finished yet how Jiang Shao Xu interrupted him: If you have something to tell, you’ll do it, when we go shopping

What other shops? I did not say that I need to go shopping!- Mo Fan has long been tormented by the question of who she is, but he could not find out anything and this did not let him sleep that night Well, Mo Fan admitted that he was bored with her chatter.

-I don’t know about you, but I need to go to the city and buy something, -Jiang Shao Xu answered laughing.

-Do you want me to go with you? Mo Fan’s eyebrows bent as a question mark.

Well, you’re strange! Do you want me to walk alone at night? The city is far from here, and I am a weak defenseless girl. What if, on the way, I meet a preoccupied jerk like Guan Yu? A? said Jiang Shao Xu.

Mo Fan was a decent guy, so how can you let this girl go alone? jumping off a stone in the form of a turtle, he immediately replied: Let’s go!

Going down the stone steps, Jiang Shao Xu was the same as ordinary girls. But when she met with a guy, she came very close to him, as if they had a secret connection. This time, too, was no exception when they went down the stairs, she kept trying to hurt Mo Fan with her shoulder.

Mo Fan was a decent guy Although, okay. Let’s not pretend. The skin of this girl was very smooth, her body could be felt through clothes.

Come on, tell me what you wanted. I think I heard your name somewhere, Mo Fan. But I can’t remember where, said Jiang Shao Xu, a very attractive perfume came from her.

Many have the same name in China, my surname is quite popular.

Mo Fan, saying this awkward phrase, secretly rejoiced. In any case, he was a guy who saved countless women from trouble in the city and could not have his name little known!

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Yes, it is possible. Although if this is a famous person, then I usually remember his name and how he looks. But if I don’t remember, then I don’t have a high opinion of him, Jiang Shao Xu frankly said.

Mo Fan did not know what to say. At that moment, he smelled some kind of smell reaching his nose. He thought that he was coming from the girl’s hair, but soon realized that it was not the scent of the rose that Jiang Shao Xu smelled of, but the fresh smell of wildflowers that seemed to grow at the edge of the road.

While Mo Fan was secretly surprised at his sensations, a man appeared on the steps in front of him.

Obviously, it was a girl she had strange tall hair on her head, two black locks fell on her collarbone, exposing her beauty.

She was dressed very simply, but neatly. The clothes on her chest were decorated with birds and butterflies, her chest was small and heaving a little. Despite the fact that the girl was very thin, her body lines were attractive.

Gong Tien? Mo Fan remembered the name of the girl whom he met during the day, and now he looked at her in dismay.

By day, in the sunlight, her beauty was innocent. She seemed to be a neighbor’s daughter, who was holding a bamboo basket in her hands. But now strangely appearing late at night on this staircase, she scared. Her smile on a white face seemed supernatural!

What kind of Tien Gong? Jiang Shao Xu looked doubtfully at Mo Fan.

A girl is ahead, said Mo Fan.

Jiang Shao Xu looked forward, doubt was read again in her look.

Soon, Jiang Shao Xu said: I thought you were more interesting than the other guys, but you have strange ways to attract me. Did you think that if you tell me about the girl in front, I’ll be scared right away and run to you? Well, you’re a sly one!

Mo Fan, when he heard the words of Jiang Shao Xu, was taken aback, quickly asking: Do you really can not see her?

Don’t invent, nobody is there, Having said this, the girl deliberately looked ahead.

After a few steps, Jiang Shao Xu passed the girl, hitting her, but as if she didn’t feel that someone was next to her was.

Gong Tian looked after Jiang Shao Xu with a smile, but from this scene Mo Fan trembled with his whole body.

At lunch I completely forgot to ask how you name is. Glad to meet you. Gong Tian did not attach importance to the fact that Jiang Shao Xu was nearby and very politely started the conversation.

Mo Fan is not such a person as to immediately describe himself from fear of the strange things he saw, so he quietly replied: My name is Zhao Man Yan, does my girlfriend really not see you and not hear you?

Jiang Shao Xu had already gone far ahead when she saw that Mo Fan was talking to himself. Involuntarily she turned to him, laughing: You’re wonderful, don’t talk there by yourself, otherwise we won’t have time to go to the city, and I still have to buy something

I don’t know but you still have things to do, I won’t bother you. Zhao Man Yan A good name, Gong Tian answered quietly.

Having said that, she slowly disappeared into the night.

Mo Fan looked ahead, but there was nothing besides the smell of field medicinal herbs!

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