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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 757 Enchanted Read Novel

Chapter 757 Enchanted VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 757 Enchanted VERSATILE MAGE

Having caught up with Jiang Shao Xu with quick steps, Mo Fan did not stop thinking about Gong Tian, ​​whose thoughts were very obsessive.

She was a ghost, but not a ghost Mo Fan was more struck by why he could see her, but Jiang Shao Xu not?

A boring guy, said Jiang Shao Xu, stomping forward.

She constantly gives up on Mo Fan, and he continues to be childish.

She was not opposed to any of the methods the guys had used to enchant her. However, this it was already completely unthinkable!

In fact, Jiang Shao Xu was afraid that Mo Fan might not agree to go with her, even as a joke.

Well, well, well, if I’m boring, then I’ll return to the monastery, otherwise not everything fits my head, said Mo Fan with an echo of laziness.

No, I’ll just buy something and come back, Jiang Shao Xu hatched her eyes at him.

Well, here you are, you said I was boring. If so, why drag me along

In the city, Mo Fan’s mood changed dramatically. He was not used to such quiet and deserted places as the temple was, because there he felt alienated. Here, in the city, the mood immediately rose: buildings, cars, motorcycles, young girls, middle-aged girls

The city of Xisyun was very clean. It was located on an island where there were still mountains. Lonely houses and old trees scattered on both sides of the mountain roads.

After walking along the busiest street, Jiang Shao Xu bought skin care products and some food.

When they were about to leave, they saw a small Japanese bar-restaurant that was located at the intersection of two small streets.

Let’s go and have a glass, said Jiang Shao Xu, without even asking for Mo Fan’s opinion.

The owner of the bar, seeing Jiang Shao Xu, he began to smile with his yellow teeth and say something in Japanese like an oyster.

Mo Fan looked at this host. Although he did not understand Japanese speech, it seemed to him that the manner of speaking was very similar to Korean: after the end of the sentence, it was not customary to close his mouth immediately, it was necessary to make some kind of additional sound or assent.

Jiang Shao Xu threw a couple of sentences with him, after which the owner brought two vessels: in one there was sake, and in the second there was water.

Mo Fan had never drunk this way before, and nearly knocked over the vodka in ice water. Jiang Shao Xu began to giggle.

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So this is the first time in Japan, the owner said, squinting.

Yes, Mo Fan nodded, sniffing at fried squid.

Where did you stop? asked the owner.

In the temple, Mo Fan answered, pointing with his finger towards the mountains.

The eyes of the owner immediately hatched, and he stopped doing hot.

Where? Where do you live? At the Yanming Temple? the owner’s voice sounded very strange.

Yes, Mo Fan already noticed a strange reaction of the interlocutor, and, as if anticipating, asked Isn’t it true that something strange is happening there?

Um, no, but you better not live there. This temple is not a very good place. It used to be a good temple, but now it’s not, said the owner.

Well, tell me now to the end, we just came Jiang Shao Xu said in a soft voice like a sly cat. She was also overcome by curiosity.

The owner of the bar quietly said: There are witchcraft things!.

Witchcraft? Mo Fan hatched their eyes at him.

Previously, the Yanming Temple was very popular with the couple. Young people came here even from other villages and cities to get married. However, there were young people who, after visiting the temple, lost consciousness, then the guys were tormented by insomnia, and even numerous healing magicians could not help them One old man said that they were bewitched, their body shell was still alive, but there were no souls in them, the owner said.

Mo Fan’s jaw dropped involuntarily.

Jiang Shao Xu, who listened while drinking sake, reacted to it as nonsense.

If you live there if you see something strange, then you should pretend that you did not see it, in a low voice said he.

And if you do not pretend that you did not see? asked Mo Fan.

Well, then your souls can be taken! said the owner.

Heh heh heh. Take the soul me too, skill! I can cast a spell too! said Jiang Shao Xu, blowing a kiss.

The person who passed by was already tipsy. Seeing a kiss, he involuntarily led to the side.

Jiang Shao Xu smiled slyly like a fox.

Well, since you don’t believe, then I can’t do anything for you, said the owner of the bar.

Mo Fan wanted to listen further, but the owner did not say anything else. From this, the fried squid seemed tasteless to Mo Fan.

Having a snack at night, they began to rise to the monastery. Mo Fan was worried that Gong Tian might appear again, so he carefully looked around.

You didn’t believe his words! Don’t be a fool, adult boys don’t believe that, Jiang Shao Xu began to ridicule Mo Fan.

You don’t believe my words, you don’t believe the words of the owner of the bar said Mo Fan with an alienated look.

Gong Tian never showed up. These two returned safely to the monastery room, in which the light was still on.

At normal times, the temple is in a state of constant cost savings, so there is no way to light the lamps there. When Mo Fan and Jiang Shao Xu returned, the lamp lit up, and they saw silhouettes that scurried around the room.

Found it? Asked Ai Jiang Tu.

No, it’s evaporated, said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan and Jiang Shao Xu heard these words.

Who is missing? asked Mo Fan.

You!!! We’ve been looking for you for half a day already, we thought you were already gone. Where are you going? Made us worry to death! said Jiang Yu.

We just went shopping did something happen? Asked Jiang Shao Xu.

There was silence in the room. No one said anything.

Mo Fan ran his eyes around the room. One more man was missing.

Mo Fan was simply horrified

Zhao Man Yan!

There was no Zhao Man Yan!

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