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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 764 Vessel World Read Novel

Chapter 764 Vessel World VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 764 Vessel World VERSATILE MAGE

Frozen earth, as if all the element of ice had accumulated in one place, not just spiritual seed, but even spirit may appear here.

Flame Belle of Mo Fan was exactly the same, representative of a special people, you can say, born in the flames of a fiery threat.

From the cluster of the element appear the corresponding spirits of the element, the elementals, but also from the vessels in which the soul is contained, then the soul corresponding to it by properties should appear.

Mo Fan never heard of the ghosts of the dream world, and I think not a single educational institution The monster science lesson doesn’t tell about them, therefore it remains only to marvel at the erudition of Nan Jue!

Damn it, it’s just a wooden fish, how could such a deadly girl be born from it?

The vessel of the ghost of the world of dreams is extremely rare, besides only the owners of the vessel can usually see these spirits continued Nan Jue.

Then it is strange why Mo Fan can see her, because just this wooden fish has fulfilled its ban on it? said Jiang Shao Xu.

I know something or somewhat, but since it is connected to this vessel, then you just need to destroy it and it will disappear with it! exclaimed Mo Fan.

Now he doesn’t want to think anything, he needs to wake Mu Ning Xue sooner Oh yes, there is also Zhao Man Yan.

So won’t do!- Nan Jue objected right there, Nan Rongni said that they would come to their senses, and if they just destroy it, then Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan may never wake up.

Since we then to cope with the ghost of the dream world of this wooden fish? said Ai Jiang Tu.

The ghost of the dream world depends on the vessel, and in order to destroy the ghost, you really need to deal with the vessel, otherwise even a more powerful magician will not be able to said Nan Jue.

You are again talking about the destruction of the vessel, but they may not wake up from this.

Let me finish, there is another way, it is also risky, but it is the most virgin against such monsters, said Nan Jue.

All three looked at her, waiting for an effective method of struggle.

I’m not sure whether you will understand or not, but, as far as I know, inside of the powerful vessels there is a separate dimension saying this, Nan Jue especially stopped so that the others could think carefully about her words.

Mo Fan nodded immediately in understanding but the gloomy faces of Jiang Shao Xu and Ai Jiang Tu showed that they were in turmoil.

The dimension inside the vessel, there is nothing strange in it, inside there is also a huge dimension of fireflies, a storehouse of souls, with its river of souls!

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And Mo Fan imagined that like him there was a small world and it was within the vessel.

To get rid of this vessel, you need to get into this dimension, where the ghost of the dream world will become visible and even tangible, and where you can fight it, said Nan Jue.

Do we, living people, get into a vessel? Jiang Shao Xu looked incredulously at Nan Jue.

It’s true, but in reality you’re not quite inside the vessel, but only your consciousness How would you explain how your spiritual power goes out and makes the journey said Nan Jue.

The transfer of consciousness is really a difficult thing to explain, moreover, Nan Jue herself probably did not know whether the human soul is able to get into the vessel, because it falls into her hands for the first time.

Mo Fan was not surprised, because he often fell into the dimension of inland rivers, and since Nan Jue told la that in order to cope with this monster you need to get into the measurement of this vessel, then it must be!

I’m afraid that it will be too difficult to deal with this ban, because I can only help your consciousness to get inside said Nan Jue.

I I won’t go, Jiang Shao Xu waved her head, she didn’t understand why she had to leave her body from the body, as if from a shell, to enter a vessel, and doesn’t it turn into a vegetable, like Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan, I will go with you, said the talented and courageous Ai Jiang Tu.

Well, as Nan Jue said, the souls of Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan may have been imprisoned inside this vessel, so we can’t wake them up in any other way, concluded Mo Fan.

Then I will give you magical protection, in truth, I once heard about how they enter magical vessels, said Jiang Shao Xu.

Nan Jue slowly laid her hand on a wooden fish, and yellow lightning flashed on its surface. Nan Jue wrinkled, it was clear from her that she was very hurt

After you get inside, quickly end the ghost, I won’t be able to hold on for a long time, said Nan Jue.

And what do we now do, really concentrate on getting inside? asked Mo Fan.

In his dimension of the river, Mo Fan knew how to get in, but how did he get into the vessel he had no idea, in the end, the dimension of the river is connected with his own soul, and it was enough for him to drop all extraneous thoughts, as his consciousness, as if through a pipe, falls into the desired dimension.

No, you should not use the intention to get inside, otherwise it will simply destroy you ban. First, Jiang Shao Xu will lull you, then he will pull out your souls And you will find yourself inside, you must be, as if in a dream world. But it’s worth mentioning that if you are wounded there, your soul will suffer, and if you die, your soul will be destroyed, said Nan Jue.

It’s unlikely that even inside this thing it will be incomprehensible that, but nothing will destroy us in an instant? Mo Fan said.

Nan Jue shook her head: Not everything is so bad, you are, after all, high-level magicians, your souls are also at a high level. And the measurement of the vessel rests on the same magical energy, therefore it will be extremely problematic to destroy it.

I don’t understand why such a strange thing lies in the monastery behind the mountain, Jiang asked, feeling the catch. Shao Xu.

Just immerse them in the world of dreams, it seems that such magicians are used to enter said Nan Jue.

Isn’t this the magic of the spirit element? asked Jiang Shao Xu.

An element of spirit, an element of chaos, an element of space, most likely, all of them at once, I think more sound and a curse. The level of this vessel is extremely high, and it is fraught with the magic of many elements For me, it’s also a mystery why such a spiritual, one might say, an excellent thing is located in such a strange place, said Nan Jue.

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