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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 766 Fragrant Hook Read Novel

Chapter 766 Fragrant Hook VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 766 Fragrant Hook VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu wound circles around the temple. There were a lot of people here, and it was clear that they were all residents of Xisyun city it would be problematic to find a ghost here.

There was nothing in the temple, and they went to the city. People scurried back and forth, but for some reason it seemed as if there were not enough people.

Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu went down from the mountains to the town along the same steps of the same staircase, street were absolutely identical to the real ones, and even the owner of the Japanese bar was the same Mo Fan well remembered the squint of his bright eyes.

It is not clear why, but Mo Fan was always haunted by some kind of discomfort, and, only having reached the city, he realized what was wrong.

Everything in the world of this wooden fish happened as if on a GIF: people in real the world cannot move like that time passed, and then again returned to its starting point, repeating everything in a new way.

For example, if they saw a grandmother on the road with a basket from which fruit fell, then through for some time this situation repeated itself: this grandmother again stood in the same place, dropping the fruit, and even the fruit rolled in the same way. If they saw an old yellow minibus, then after a certain period of time he drove by again. Sea waves also rolled with identical interruptions and emitted noises.

These are all processes imprinted in the memory of a ghost, so they are constantly reproduced. You noticed that chaos reigns in that side, which means that she never went in that direction, and from there she has no memories Ai Jiang Tu was a magician of an element of space, so he realized what was the matter.

Mo Fan nodded his head. His soul was restless. He could not even imagine that there could be a whole world inside some kind of wooden fish!

If this world is built according to her recollections from the real world, then she herself most likely performs here its real role, said Mo Fan.

That’s right. You saw this ghost, so you know how it looks. So we just need to find her, said Ai Jiang Tu.

We entered here without preparation. If we waited for Jiang Yu to find additional info, it might be much easier to find her! Said Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded his head. At the moment when he wanted to say something, his nose was smelling a new smell, which made the magician turn around sharply, but he did not find anyone.

You did not feel this smell? asked Ai Jiang Tu.

Smells like a smell of wormwood, answered Mo Fan.

After burning wormwood, such a recognizable smell is formed. Mo Fan remembered that his father, due to poor appetite, was taking a decoction of wormwood.

Is there wormwood next to us?

No wait, we can’t to smell in this world, it is the smell from the outside. Strange, aren’t Jiang Shao Xu and Nan Jue watching us? Why do they burn wormwood? Fu-fu-fu, they burn it right at my nose! They want to kill me! Cried Mo Fan.

What are they doing? Why did they need to burn wormwood next to us? asked Ai Jiang Tu.

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Jiang Yu held a smoked wormwood twist in her hands, continuously directing smoke from it towards Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu to cause them to tear.

Is there any sense in this method? Wormwood is widespread in China, but I don’t think that Japan will have the same sense, said Mu Tinyin.

They must guess that they need to look for a place where there is wormwood there they will be able to find Gong Tien. Did you hear what they said in a dream? They are now in the city of Xisyun a few years ago, said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu did not know that in reality they were delivering something that looked like a sleepy speech to the others.

However, it was from this sleepy speech that Jiang Shao Xu and Nan Jue learned about the world the guys are in now.

Ah, yes, that’s right. Say that in the real city of Xisyun there should also be a girl named Gong Tian, ​​right? asked Jiang Shao Xu, looking at Jiang Yu.

Yes. The Gong Tian family owns a grass garden in which wild wormwood grows. Due to the fact that there was a monk in the temple who needed natural herbs for healing, she very often brought sun-dried plants and was a frequent visitor to this monastery, said Jiang Yu.

Then how could she turn into such a harmful ghost? asked Jiang Shao Xu.

The dream world of wooden fish

Mo Fan was very resourceful, therefore, smelling wormwood, he first thought that they were trying get them in the real world.

This cannot be a sign. How can they know what is going on here? said Ai Jiang Tu.

Or maybe they know. Let’s check?


Hey, if you want to know what is going on here, first try to move this stinking wormwood from my nose! Mo Fan began to scream, turning somewhere into the sky.

Ai Jiang Tu just went nuts from Mo Fan’s methods!

After he went nuts even more, because the smell of wormwood really began to move away from them!

What the hell is this???

Ai Jiang Tu now did not even know how to react to him.

Really works! Haha Mo Fan jumped with joy like a little child, let Jiang Shao Xu get closer to me, I just could smell the aroma coming from her!

After a while, the smell of wormwood faded even more, and Mo Fan smelled the smell of roses, which was characteristic of Jiang Shao Xu.

Ai Jiang Tu’s face was completely dark, and it was possible to read on it: Now I’ve completely miscalculated!.

Still, even closer hehe! Ai Jiang Tu, I told you that nothing can smell like the body of the cunning fox Jiang Shao Xu. Hey, does her chest really lie on my face? Mo Fan said bluntly.

After these words, Mo Fan felt a sharp pain on his face.

Ai Jiang Tu was stunned: he watched from the side how on the face Mo Fan showed a transparent slap!

It seems that they hear what you say well, be careful! Ai Jiang Tu was a little embarrassed.

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