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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 768 Nonexistent Island (2) Read Novel

Chapter 768 Nonexistent Island (2) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 768 Nonexistent Island (2) VERSATILE MAGE

The hall in the temple

Jiang Shao Xu stood with her elbow leaning on a dusty beam and looked at Jiang Yu.

So this monk Qi Hai messed up outside the monastery, while envious of Nara Yuankun about the fact that he attracted a large number of pilgrims to the temple. After this chaos was uncovered, he blamed Nara Yuankun for everything, saying that he had a relationship with a girl named Gong Tian who brought grass, said Jiang Shao Xu, repeating the words of Jiang Yu.

Yes. However, the witness himself could not really see anything. He saw only the bald head, which is inherent in all the monks of the Yanming Temple.

Well, you also understand that public opinion is very subjective. Rumors are rumors, but no one really figured out who was there, even if Nara Yuankun and Gong Tian communicated

So the locals immediately came to Nara Yuankun and Gong Tian, ​​trying out, where were they that night.

Nara Yuankun really looked for Gong Tian that evening, because he needed herbs. He said that taking the herbs, he immediately returned to the temple. On the way back, he saw Qi Hai that he was at the foot of the mountain, so he was sure that it was he who did it. When they began to interrogate Gong Tian, ​​her answer was in doubt, said Jiang Yu.

Jiang Shao Xu asked with a misunderstanding: What did Gong Tian say since no one believed these two?

Gong Tian said she felt unwell, so she went to the islet by the cliff to breathe in the sea wind and meet the sunrise there, said Jiang Yu.

I do not see anything strange in this answer. People did not have direct evidence, how could they blame these two? again asked Jiang Shao Xu.

Doubts arose because of that very island. In fact, it does not exist. We also went there and did not find any island. It is not clear why Gong Tian said this. Obviously, there is no island, although Gong Tien claimed it to be. So she lied. She even especially drove everyone there to show the island, but it was not there. Because of this, they still more believed in the love relationship between her and Nara Yuankun in the end, it all turned out that way, said Mu Tinyin.

Jiang Shao Xu’s expression became even more hazy.

Why did she say that? asked Jiang Shao Xu.

But how do I know.

This business has become very widespread, even non-native people knew what had happened. Knowing that the monastery should get rid of Nara Yuan-Kung as soon as possible to prove its innocence, Gong Tian committed suicide. After the girl’s death, the case took an even greater turn. After some time, a ghost appeared in the temple. People say that the ghost of Gong Tian wanders around the temple, and when she sees a guy with a girl, she immediately takes their souls

Jiang Shao Xu now more or less understood the course of events.

Gong Tien turned not into a demon, but into a kind of collecting vessel for souls, which can really deprive the soul.

So you are here we have been looking for you for half a day! Li Kaifeng said, coming in.

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Seeing these two, Jiang Shao Xu asked: Shouldn’t you have gone with Guan Yu to the monks in search of a method to save the guys?.

They say that they are also powerless in this case. By the way, what happened to them? They look like they’re falling asleep, said Li Kaifeng, going up to Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu.

They entered the world of wooden fish dreams, which, apparently, was created by a ghost from their own memories.

This is the vessel of the ghostly soul. Separate worlds can be found in vessels of a higher order, in which a ghost can create whatever it pleases. Simply put, this is a peculiar world of dreams. Now this world is a city of Xisyun, which was several years ago. Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu should find this ghost, that is Gong Tian said Jiang Shao Xu Li to Kaifeng.

Li Kaifeng was dumbfounded by what he heard.

Jiang Shao Xu rolled her eyes.

And only Jiang Yu laughed: it was not easy to understand the essence of the matter.

The dream world

Although Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu did not understand Japanese, they already knew the situation in great detail.

Does he really suffer? said Ai Jiang Tu Mo Fan, looking at Nara Yuankun from the side.

Everything in business took a different course, and now Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu only had to follow a monk named Nara Yuankun.

Nara Yuankun left the temple and went to the mountain in the northern part of Xisyun.

Already on the mountain he took out the same knife that Gong Tien had before his death. On each stone, he began to pour out his inner sadness.

Blood flowed on his hands Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu hardly watched what was happening.

It was clear that Gong Tian loved him, and he loved her, only all their love was limited to an innocent delivery of medicinal herbs, in which there was nothing shameful and obscene.

After the girl’s death, Nara Yuankun came here to give free rein to his feelings. On this mountain, on which there was nobody, he could honor the memory of the deceased.

Mo Fan, everything is clear now, said Ai Jiang Tu. He looked into the distance: the sky above the city was already curving.

But we still did not find this ghost, answered Mo Fan.

Gong Tien, of course, was very sorry, but this did not give her any right to cripple the souls of people.

We can enter here again, but if we stay, then our souls will be irreparably damaged. We have to get out of here and have a good discussion once again nothing will happen to Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan in such a short time, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Good, Mo Fan himself knew that in this situation they had no other choice. Now the dead Gong Tian here was just a ghost, but there was also Gong Tian, ​​which appeared in the real world.

The hall in the temple. Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu opened their eyes.

By the smell of Jiang Shao Xu, they knew that they were in the real world.

Well, how are you? Jiang Shao Xu asked hastily.

As if watching a horror in reality, said Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded his head even he couldn’t say better.

Mo Fan saw Li Kaifeng and immediately asked the question: Ah, yes, did you find Nara Yuankun?.

Since you thought about it these monks scolded me, Li Kaifeng answered.

Why is this? Asked Mo Fan again.

Nara Yuankun is dead. For several years now, said Li Kaifeng.

Mo Fan rolled out his eyes: How so? I just talked to him in the temple yesterday??? He also told me that I should not sit on a turtle, otherwise sea punishment will overtake me.

So the monks said, I do not deceive you, Li Kaifeng answered.

Mo Fan just wanted to say something, as Nan Jue interrupted him.

Mo Fan, that monk only you saw him?

This question of Nan Jue made Mo Fan pour cold sweat!!!

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