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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 769 The monk did terrible things Read Novel

Chapter 769 The monk did terrible things VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 769 The monk did terrible things VERSATILE MAGE

The cold that passed through the entire body from the top of the head to the very heels did not disappear for a very long time. Mo Fan stood numb in the same place, he still couldn’t recover!

Apparently, there are two ghosts, but Gong Tien is already dead. Therefore, we cannot see her further memories. Those memories that we see belong to Nara Yuankun, suddenly understood Ai Jiang Tu and hastened to inform Mo Fan about it.

Ai Jiang tu immediately asked Li Kaifeng: So, where did you find of all these old monks?

On Mount Magnyin as the locals call it. But what are you still talking about? What kind of ghosts? I do not understand anything! Li Kaifeng answered

When Li Kaifeng said this phrase, Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu looked at each other.

Fear was read in both eyes, as if something terrible -that was about to happen!

Everything was gone! We urgently need to Mount Magnin! Shouted Mo Fan.

Only Ai Jiang Tu could understand the meaning of these words. There was not a drop of indecision in him, he immediately used instant movement and disappeared the next second. Mo Fan only dimly felt the oscillation of space a few hundred meters away.

What is going on? asked Li Kaifeng in perplexity

Nan Jue and Jiang Shao Xu did not know what exactly happened, but were sure that something terrible had happened.

Don’t ask so many questions, better get us to Mount Magnyin urged Li Kaifeng Mo Fan.

-Ho good!

Mount Magnyin was on the other side of Xisyun city. It was a lonely mountain, except for a few stones lying on it, nothing else was on the slopes of the mountain. People didn’t come here.

Mo Fan, who put on bloody boots somehow kept up with Li Kaifeng.

Ai Jiang Tu is most likely already there, but it’s not known, did he have time

But what really happened? while they rushed to the mountain, Jiang Shao Xu also could not restrain herself and asked.

Mo Fan looked at the completely bald mountain, which was still 2 kilometers away from him and only then calmly answered: In the world daydreaming, we saw how Nara Yuankun was doing something strange.

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What was he doing? asked Jiang Shao Xu.

After Gong Tian committed suicide, Nara Yuankun carved some strange hieroglyphs on the stone. At first, Ai Jiang Tu and I thought that in this way he wanted to express his feelings and did not attach any importance to this. But then we guessed that not everything is so simple! answered Mo Fan.

I think there is nothing wrong with that. I listened to your sleepy delirium and in it you said that before Gong Tian died, he also cut out some words. You can definitely say that Nara Yuankun loved the girl, the only way to explain his actions is Jiang Shao Xu.

The problem is that the place where he cut out these letters is Mount Magnyin! Now almost all the monks of the Yanming Temple are praying on this mountain! Mo Fan answered.

After these words, Jiang Shao Xu, Nan Jue and Li Kaifeng seemed to have come to their senses. All eyes were now fixed on Magnyin Mountain!

As if confirming Mo Fan’s fears, that mountain suddenly began to radiate a bloody light. This light looked supernatural, as if it were a reflection of the sun on a bloody lake. My heart immediately went to heels of horror!

The monk will do things now! Cried Jiang Shao Xu.

There was no vegetation on Mount Magnyin, not even weeds. At the foot of the mountain was the old quarter, which was about to be demolished. Builders raised puffs of dust. And on the surface of the mountain lay broken stones.

At that moment, bloody-colored stones began to rise into the air, they created some strange image that hung over this mountain!

Scarlet blood flowed down the grooves on the surface of the mountain, a heavy odor filled the space.

Blood continued to flow, drawing on the ground the same image as the one that hung in the air. If you look at it from a bird’s eye view, the drawing resembled the head of a skeleton!

After the drawing was completed, the stones began to move again in the air, folding to the ground in the middle of the mountain. After the stones stopped moving, it became clear that they had formed into a stone gravestone towering in the middle!

Letters from randomly engraved hieroglyphs formed, line by line, into an obituary. Hieroglyphs seemed to be written in human blood!

What is happening? !!! the fat monk shouted, scaring everyone with his cry.

The soul of the deceased asks someone to pay him with his life. It is better for us to leave the temple as soon as possible, otherwise we will die the middle-aged monk shouted hoarsely.

The other five monks settled on the ground with fear. The afterlife and the smell of blood hit my nose, devilish drawings appeared under my feet, in the middle was a tombstone with a bloody inscription. Monks have never seen such a terrible picture. Although evil spirits were not yet visible, but the monks could no longer stand firmly on their feet in fear.

Still came Over the past few years, I have suffered so much one monk sat down on the ground resolutely closing his eyes.

All these monks were here to pray. But they did not think that they would have to pray for their lives, that they would have to repent!

Nara, Nara, I know that we did wrong. Every day we pray for you and Gong Tian, ​​in the hope that you will soon go to nirvana the monks knelt, burying him.

The monks were scared to death, they were ordinary monks who never saw the power of this curse and the power of the supernatural. All these years they lived in fear, but they never could have thought that this day would come. Nara Yuankun just won’t forgive them, these executioners!

Nara, we thought that you, who had humiliated the temple with your deed, had already died a long time ago and all these are past things. We didn’t think that you would pretend to be dead, and you would do such a thing as to frighten us. Nara Yuankun, come on! We are not afraid of you! Monk Qi Hai pointed to the tombstone with bloody inscriptions, screaming loudly.

Qi Hai, confess everything! It is possible that he will spare us! said the monk, who closed his eyes.

What to admit! I didn’t do anything! This villain Nara Yuankun has entered into a secret relationship with this scum! And here I am! Ahhhh!!!!

Qi Hai did not have time to finish, as his body flew up and was torn into several parts that fell on this tombstone with bloody inscriptions

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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