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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 770 What a monk you are! Read Novel

Chapter 770 What a monk you are! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 770 What a monk you are! VERSATILE MAGE

Qi Hai was thrown onto a stone slab, and now his body hung from it. Suddenly appeared force made it clear that you should not wag with this demon.

* Ahhhh

Qi Hai screamed, and from his eyes, as if pierced with the claws of a demon, blood poured over the right side of the face.

The rest of the monks, seeing that Qi Hai instantly became one-eyed, immediately shook with fear.

However, in this there was no use: their lamentations just rang out over the mountain.

The monks abruptly grabbed their right eyes, from which blood also oozed. Only the old monk made no sound, his face turned pale. Overcoming the pain, he sat in his former place, when the other monks were already rolling on the ground, and their bodies were covered with bloody spots.

Having lost one eye, is there any sense in remaining? a cold exclamation was heard in the air.

The monks were even more frightened some of them immediately began to bow and pray for mercy. They all recognized the voice of Nara Yuankun is it really a ghost? He came to take revenge!!!

You hear only gossip is there any sense in the right ear that cannot hear the truth? the voice of Nara Yuankong became even more cruel.

After these words an incomprehensible pain gripped the right ears of the monks!

* Ahhhh

The scream issued Qi Hai that hung from a stone slab. His bloody right ear fell down it seemed that it was suffering from the last stage of hell.

One by one, the other monks began to lose their right ears. The pain did not differ much from what they felt, losing their eyes however, now the monks prayed that Nara Yuankun would quickly take their lives, and not scoff at them in this way.

Finish you? Does it make sense to torture you slowly again? the voice of Nara Yuankong was heard even harder.

Having received double punishment, the monks now knew what awaits them next. They prayed that this would not be followed by a third execution they already repented of their deeds!!!

I beg you Yuan Yuankun, this is all our mistake, do not plague us like that the old monk sweated. His willpower simply shocked: he was the only monk who could still say something.

The rest of the monks were already lying on the ground and begging for mercy, and Qi Hai, hanging from the tombstone, was even scolded and described.

Regrets will not bring back life! the voice came again.

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It seemed to the old monk as if a voice was being heard from somewhere nearby. He slowly raised his head, looking around with his left eye. A man in a black cloak stood in front of him.

The old monk was horrified Nara Yuankun really stood in front of him!

Really, even having lost his right eye, he can still see ghosts?

Nara Yuankun slowly walked to the grave, and began to laugh, looking into Qi Hai’s face.

The tombstone had two red-faced demons. They looked like punishing demons from Buddhist canons: they had horns, fangs and claws!

These two demons really were here with a punitive mission. One of them crushed Qi Hai, and the second already held his right hand, preparing to tear it off!

Stop, Nara Yuankun!

While the old monk I didn’t know what to do, a metal voice cut through the space.

To the old monk this young voice seemed familiar.

Nara Yuankun turned and cast his sizzling glance at Ai Jiang Tu.

The corners of his lips rose and he said with a smile to Ai Jiang Tu: You are too much poking around in other people’s affairs oh yes, I forgot that you don’t understand Japanese!.

First your Tian Gong story evoked sympathy, but you start to use the vessel for a shower to take away the souls of others. This cursed revenge has made others hate you! Ai Jiang Tu turned to the fact that he was in the center of the element system of the curse.

If you want to stop me, then come on, come to me! Ah, yes, what a pity you cannot see me said Nara Yuankun scornfully.

Ai Jiang Tu really couldn’t make out Nara Yuankun, so he could only judge his location by the sound of his voice.


* Ahhhh

Ai Jiang Tu didn’t have time to finish when he heard Qi Hai’s cry.

Fresh blood flooded the earth. Qi Hai’s right arm was torn off, and now he could not even continue to scream!

Idiot! Shouted Ai Jiang Tu. At that moment, he began to rush around, demolishing absolutely everything.

This Nara Yuankun he is even more cruel than expected!

Nara Yuankun! Nara Yuankun!

The voice of Mo Fan began to be heard behind Ai Jiang Tu. He turned his head and saw that Mo Fan was rushing here in his bloody boots!

Mo Fan stopped right at the edge of the elemental curse system, in the center of which was Nara Yuankun!

-Nara Yuankun, did not even expect that you could be such a monk!

-When I first spoke to you, I decided that you were a monk with a strong will. Who would have thought that you would lose your human appearance? That you will collect all your memories in a vessel, and you will turn yourself into a demon? Gong Tian died, but even so you will not let her go, turning into a ghost. You are an evil, shameless, vicious, selfish, vile monk! Roll into your grave and never lean out again! Mo Fan said furiously, referring to Nara Yuankun.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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