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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 771 Red-faced demons Read Novel

Chapter 771 Red-faced demons VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 771 Red-faced demons VERSATILE MAGE

The suffering monks, seeing people who arrived that looked like magicians, now looked at them as saviors.

They had already lost their eyes, ear, and now they had to lose their hands then they will surely die from heavy bleeding.

Enough curses! Growled Nara Yuankun, whose appearance was becoming increasingly pale.

Bald, immediately free the souls of my friends, otherwise you will dance with me! Mo Fan continued to snarl at Nara Yuankun.

A dumbfounded Ai Jiang Tu asked Mo Fan: Do you care about these monks?

I am not in an association of world peace. Even the Japanese themselves can’t deal with this matter, I’m only worried about Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan, Mo Fan confidently answered.

The monks themselves got into this matter, and now waiting for help from other people. Mo Fan had seen enough of this in his own country, and now he was not going to fight for the peace and prosperity of Japan!

If this Nara Yuankun releases Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan, then Mo Fan will not be hold him a grudge against his past sins.

Their souls have already been used by me, otherwise this system of the element of the curse would not exist! Nara Yuankun informed Mo Fan.

Yours Do you still hold me for an ordinary foreign student? Yes, demons like you I soaked a huge amount! ruffled Mo Fan.

This Japanese monk ended up not being an ordinary monk, but a falling in love monk who was still able to take souls!

Ai Jiang Tu, step back, today I will destroy him! Mo Fan has already prepared his hands.

Ai Jiang Tu also wanted to intervene in this, but he didn’t even see Nara Yuankun!


Mo Fan waved his hand, and electric discharges immediately appeared in the air.

They banged down with a bang, hitting right on target!

Dark purple lightnings even crushed the stones around!

Nara Yuankun could move like Gong Tien, and I his cape fluttered in the wind. His silhouette moved freely in electric space, avoiding discharges.

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So, dexterous? Let’s see where you go! Mo Fan directed both his hands, enhancing his magic of the lightning element.

Don’t hurt those monks nearby, Ai Jiang Tu warned him.

You will take care of them, and I’ll deal with this demon. If the souls of Zhao Man Yan and Mu Ning Xue completely leave their bodies, then the situation will become even more dangerous! said Mo Fan Ai Jiang Tu, continuing to control his lightning.

Ai Jiang Tu, nodding his head, began to release fake claws that picked up the monks.

He did not pay attention to the wounds of the monks already existing.

One fat monk literally flew up into the air and then fell to the ground at that moment the district was already covered with a network of destructive lightning of Mo Fan!

Nara Yuankun stood in the very the center of this high voltage network. Lightning pierced his body one after another, leaving holes, but no blood or bones were visible.

The worst thing was that after a while all the wounds and holes on the body of Nara Yuancong healed by themselves, and it took on its original form!

It seemed as if a current hit the water: at first the water diverges and goes in waves from the discharge force, but then it becomes quiet and calm again!

Mo Fan just stiffened from what he saw. This monk was like a creature with fast regeneration.

Kill him!

Nara Yuankun was very unhappy with his appearance. He sent two of his red-faced demons.

The red-faced demons reacted instantly: a few moments ago they were occupied with parts of Qi Hai’s body, and now they were rushing towards Mo Fan!

Their strength was awesome. Mo Fan quickly darted behind the stone.

Can’t you see these two demons? asked Mo Fan Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu negatively shook his head. He did not see anything except that everything around was covered in blood, and the monks were badly injured

And you still cultivate the element of the curse! cursed Mo Fan.

The demon Nara Yuankun apparently turned into a creature of the element of the curse all his tricks were somehow connected with this type of magic. Ai Jiang Tu should have figured this out!

Take these monks away. Although I don’t care if they are alive or not, I don’t want to hurt them by negligence! said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan rushed to run the other way to distract demons and give Ai Jiang Tu the opportunity to lead the monks away.

Nara Yuankun could not stop Ai Jiang Tu, who used the magic of space. After some time, about ten monks were pulled out of the center of the element system of the curse with spatial claws.

Mo Fan discovered one pattern: it did not matter whether it was Nara Yuankun or his demons, they all moved only within the elementary system curses. For some reason, Mo Fan immediately recalled the situation with Gong Tian, ​​which always demanded to give a name.

The creature of the curse cannot directly harm a person, because for this they themselves will have to go through the means of curse magic.

It’s even easier: in order to hurt someone, they will first have to hurt themselves!

*** Growl ***

Nara Yuankun has already completely shown up his face now looked like a demonic one. It was clear that he was not easily given the path to today’s revenge: he will be able to draw all the monks and this Mo Fan into the network of his curse!

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