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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 772 You pissed me off! Read Novel

Chapter 772 You pissed me off! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 772 You pissed me off! VERSATILE MAGE

These ugly red-faced demons had two long horns, iron hooves and demonic snouts. When they opened their mouths, blue fangs appeared from them, which violently tore the monk Qi Hai, who had no time to escape. Looking at these pieces of meat and bone, it was impossible to believe that it used to be a monk!

The echo of the wailing cry of monk Qi Hai rang out over Mount Magnin. His body was literally smeared on the ground, it looked even worse than the ancient method of executing a five (when the body was torn to pieces by five horses).

Keep up the good work and it will reach you! Nara Yuankun said furiously to Mo Fan, standing on a stone tombstone and pointing to Qi Hai, who was spread over Mount Qi. Mo Fan said fearlessly.

Ai Jiang Tu saved the monks, now there was no point in hiding his strength. Seeing two red-faced demons, coming from the right and left sides, who were about to grab him in their claws, Mo Fan only grinned. These ghosts and demons only intimidate with their appearance, but understanding better, we can say that they are not as strong as they seem.

Having established the distance between the demons, Mo Fan entered a black shadow. Six spikes of shadow appeared before the magician. Following the wave of Mo Fan’s hand, the spikes of shadow flew straight at the red-faced demons. Each got three spikes one in the throat, the second in the lower back, and the third in the right leg. You could see how the thorns of the shadow turned into ropes, tying up red-faced demons.

Mo Fan did not want to mess with demons, so he hit the air with his right and left hands and, suddenly, a bright scarlet fire appeared!

A huge fiery fist hit a stone tombstone, a fan-shaped fiery wave engulfed the cursed images on the tombstone.

Nara Yuankun rose from the grave, his black shadow went to Mo Fan and hung over him. It was unclear what kind of black magic he could use, it was only visible how his fingers very quickly drew something in the air, but a bloody light was dimly visible around the outline of this drawing!

How Mo Fan can allow him to use black magic?! There was a raging fire in the right hand of Mo Fan, which he launched at Nara Yuankun!

The tongues of fire looked like dragons. The light of the fiery dragon emanating from him was brighter and stronger than the monk’s bloody light. Nara Yuankun did not even think that Mo Fan reached such a high level in magic! He stopped whispering curses and tried to fly away from the fire.

*** Whistle ***

But the dragon ascended into the sky, firing into Naru Yuankun, it was only possible see how the monk’s body was engulfed in flames!

Control: fake claws!

Mo Fan’s gaze was focused, silver light began to emanate from him. Nara Yuankun, who was raised with a flaming fist, has not yet flown too far for Mo Fan to grab him with his mental claws properly! him to the ground.

The strength of this blow was tremendous. Nara Yuankun was a monster with normal physical training, so when his body snooped on the ground, his mind became slightly cloudy.

Thunderclap: dance of passion!

Mo Fan already very skillfully used mid-level magic. When Nara Yuankun was thrown to the ground, purple lightning followed one after another, continuously striking Nara Yuankun and the ground next to him. Those two red-faced demons, too, had a sweet time from lightning strikes!

But now I will kill you! Burial with a heavenly flame!

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Mo Fan did not want to waste time, therefore, he used this magic.

The fire brightly burned in the hands of Mo Fan!

In the endless galaxy of the element of fire, one could see how the stars tightly pressed against each other very quickly began to be arranged in the correct order. As soon as each of them stood on a certain place, then the fiery string of stars turned out, which was beautiful.

Your mother!

The power was in the hands of Mo Fan, he was already completely immersed in the atmosphere of destruction of all life on his way, but who knew that an unexpected event would happen on a 256 star. A beautiful and majestic star cloud, which was almost completed suddenly collapsed at once!

Star systems disappeared one by one, the high-level magic flame rising above Mo Fan also disappeared due to this error!

The star cloud disappeared, leaving Mo Fan standing there with a silly expression on his face, as if he had just swallowed a fly.

Nara Yuankun was very afraid of high-level magic, but everything collapsed.

But how so! Everything disappeared at the crucial moment! Mo Fan was very angry.

In high-level magic, 343 stars, 7 constellations of 49 stars form a star cloud. The probability of success of Mo Fan was very high, if not to rush and gradually build a star after a star. But if you hurry, then nothing will work! In any case, Mo Fan did not yet possess such skills that could lead to 100% success.

Nara Yuankun was not stupid. Seeing Mo Fan’s mistake, he flew a little further and, putting his hand to his lips, began to whisper something.

It seemed that he was going through Buddhist prayer beads. But the words flying out of his mouth were a curse. One could see the bloody light emanating from his palms, which was directed at the red-faced demons.

*** Rumble***

The red-faced demons immediately got to their feet and began to tear their skin and meat, completely mad!

Chunks of meat fell to the ground, as if demons had indeed cleansed themselves of skin and flesh.

Mo Fan did not at first know what these red-faced demons were doing. But when the demons revealed their familiar faces, anger spread over the body of Mo Fan!

These two faces were Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yanem!

I know that this is just an illusion and these demons are not my friends! But with this vile act you specifically made me angry! If today I don’t destroy you, then I’m a fake magician, I’m not Mo Fan!

Nobody has ever so easily deceived Mo Fan!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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