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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 777 Destroy the towers! Read Novel

Chapter 777 Destroy the towers! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 777 Destroy the towers! VERSATILE MAGE

The Osaka administration is in an interesting place: two buildings are located on Mount Huwan, which is 7-8 kilometers from the coastline.

Mount Huwan consists of two mountain ranges. The slopes are steep, so the railways pass above the slope. In some places you can even see sharp turns.

The magical institution is located at the very top, and it is even called the two guard towers. From a distance, they look like two gray-white castles that are spread on a mountain. And between the buildings there is a corridor that literally hangs in the air: if you need to get into one of the buildings, you will undoubtedly have to go through this corridor!

These two towers are very famous both in the country and beyond the limits. Mo Fan and the others could not even imagine that this institution would be located in such a place, once again proving the high level of skill of the local architects.

There are observation posts on two security towers. If you look from here in a southerly direction, the most lively battlefield of Osaka immediately catches your eye, so a large number of military leaders live here I could not even imagine that the Japanese institution would be so cool! exclaimed Jiang Yu.

From the western guard tower a truly magnificent view appeared.

Two magicians were standing on the stone wall near the main gate that were dressed in Japanese military clothing. Seeing Mo Fan and the rest of the young guys, they decided that they entered here illegally.

Hey, are you Chinese? Asked a young girl in a kimono with a floral umbrella.

She spoke English, so everyone could understand her.

A girl in a kimono with small steps went up to them. Her kimono seemed to personify the elegance and elegance of her mistress, as well as her fragility. But the girl wasn’t very friendly: she heavily pierced her umbrella with one point into the ground, and extended the other hand to the guys.

How do you know that we are from China? Mo Fan asked in confusion. Outwardly, the Japanese and Chinese are not very different, and she could not hear their speech either. Why did she conclude that they are Chinese?

Usually, Chinese tourists do not follow certain cultural norms. Surely at the foot of the mountain you did not see a prohibition sign that says that you can’t walk here? You can read hieroglyphs! the girl in a kimono stood in a pose. Her wooden sandals markedly elevated her against the rest, and it seemed as if she was looking at the guys with special arrogance.

Girl, we are not tourists, answered Mo Fan.

Not even any Japanese can work here, so let’s get down the mountain faster, otherwise I’ll get you out of here! The girl said rudely.

Mo Fan was also not happy to hear such rude speech.

Ai Jiang Tu, Guan Yu, Zhou Xu, Zhao Man Yan, Zu Jimin and the rest also became gloomy. Each of them was chosen in order to fight the local creatures, and they are met here in a similar way.

It is not clear where this girl came from, but with her furious eyes she looked at them as if they had defiled the saint Japanese land with its presence.

Hush! Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her now! Mo Fan began to make his way through the crowd of guys.

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The girl in the kimono, seeing that they were not moving, said viciously: Two security towers belong to the holy places of Osaka, so you should not defile the local places roll away from here with your mud!.

Hey, smelly fool, who did you call that dirty?! Do you believe we can immediately demolish these two towers, turning them into ruins?! Shameless! Mo Fan cursed at the girl.

The others looked at Mo Fan in confusion, as he himself had reassured everyone before that

Well, repeat it! the anger of the girl was also burning.

Smelly fool! cursed Mo Fan.

Not that! the girl threw the umbrella away with her hand.

Shameless! Repeated Mo Fan.

And not that! the girl in the kimono slowly put both hands behind her head, collecting hair.

When her hair was collected, you could see her beautiful face and snow-white milk skin.

I’ll smash this place!Mo Fan was not at all afraid of the girl’s reaction, and since she asked me to repeat it, he did it with pleasure.

They came here, risking their lives to help Japan, and they don’t even open the doors!

Ha! the girl in the kimono has already finished collecting hair, you will regret saying that!

The air around us turned cold and strange plants appeared at the girl’s feet.

Suddenly the number of plants increased sharply, wriggling, they turned into petals, which reached a meter wide! Five petals raised the girl!

The plants were spreading more and more in a few seconds they had already covered a territory the size of a basketball court!

Damn it, stop! a gruff voice came from the western guard tower.

The girl in the kimono was already quite evil, however, hearing this voice, her magic immediately dissipated.

Plants spread out thick carpet, also quickly withered, falling to the ground with gray withered leaves.

The tense atmosphere gave way to silence. The girl in the kimono was breathing loudly, and the energy that was in her gaze was felt. Her sexy collarbone, too, slowly heaved to the beat of her breath

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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