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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 778 Forbidden East Tower Read Novel

Chapter 778 Forbidden East Tower VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 778 Forbidden East Tower VERSATILE MAGE

Qianxun, how has your character not changed in so many years? You did not ask them to leave? an elderly man with whiskers appeared. His hair gleamed with gray hair.

Why ask for something! This boy is so ignorant that he wanted to destroy our towers! Such rudeness is not acceptable even for me, the daughter of the Wanyue family! said a girl in a kimono named Wanyue Qianxun.

You also wanted to attack first, so it’s not a scandal. These must be our dear guests, said an old man with whiskers and walked up to the girl, giving her a look.

Dear guests? the girl was surprised.

Old man, this girl obviously does not fumble in what is happening. You appeared on time, otherwise her beautiful face would be disfigured by me! said Mo Fan.

The old man was simply dumbfounded: he couldn’t imagine that Mo Fan would speak like that.

Yes, Wanyue Qianxun will crush him with his sandals!

If Wanue Mingjian from the older generation hadn’t appeared here, she would have crushed this impolite guy!

They must be members of the Chinese national team, which arrived here for an internship. Now is the time when they should have arrived, said Wanyue Mingjian, heading upstairs. He did not aggravate the already manifest conflict.

After these words, Ai Jiang Tu hastened to get up and show this strong old man his sign, which confirmed his identity.

The old man did not even look at the badge, because of this Ai Jiang Tu asked him: Do not look? Aren’t you afraid that we may turn out to be liars undercover?.

To hide behind this, you need to have certain inclinations. I don’t think there are fools who want to pretend to be members of the national team to look for problems with the strongest magicians of the two towers, the old man said with a smile.

And you are very confident in your people, said Ay Jiang Tu.

After these words, Ai Jiang Tu came out of the big gate a man with golden hair. Obviously, he heard this conversation, and said with a self-confident smile: In all of Japan there are not even a few people who can compare with us how can one not be self-confident? Are you the ones you pretend to be, or not, let’s see how many rounds you can survive in the battle with us.

Rounds? Guan Yu’s jaw dropped, my friend, do you really think that the members of the Chinese national magic team are not worthy to fight with you?

Since you understand this so, then so be it replied the golden-haired.

It only comes when I put you and your people, I will remember these words to you. I will look at how you will lie, not having the strength to rise! And yes, you know, I hate your hairstyle!- confidently said Guan Yu.

After the words of Guan Yu, Zhao Man Yan, who was standing nearby, felt uneasy.

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Why should I still add a Japanese hairstyle here?

By the way, Zhao Man Yan, you are very similar to him, Mo Fan laughed at his friend.

Let our guests have a good rest, and I will determine the competition. Before that, we will be polite. We will take you to the double guard tower, said Wanyue Mingjian, shouting at people to escort the guys.

Ah, yes. We have a few more girls in the team, but they will come later. You wait for them here, and then politely guide them, said Mo Fan to the girl.

Wanyue Qianxun frowned. Holding back her anger, she said: Are you holding me for the handmaid who guards the doors?.

Since you understand this, then let it be, Mo Fan repeated the words that golden-haired Japanese.

The golden-haired Japanese turned his head and looked very unfriendly at Mo Fan.

After entering the western guard tower, it turned out that the bastion rises much higher than it seemed from the outside. The tower was surrounded on three sides by the formed river.

The water in the river was so clear that pitfalls were visible without any problems, and fallen leaves were visible in the water reflection.

The water was as clear as if it were a mountain stream.

There was a rotating wooden passage above the water, passing through which you could get into the lower hall of the western guard tower!

After three steps, the hall, in which there were a large number of the guards that scurried back and forth. The space here was more like a labyrinth with rooms on either side of it.

You could go up the steps to the central part of the tower.

There was a library, a museum, a testing ground, school, main hall, weapons storage, forge, pharmaceutical unit and most importantly all this was of the highest level! arrivals could not pass.

The most striking part of the tower was the central part: it was here that absolutely all the facilities were located. Therefore, this place was the most ideal for magical cultivation.

The golden-haired guy and Wanyue Qianxun walked around here and then headed towards the nearest cliff.

Mo Fan was surprised that that it was possible to get into that corridor hanging in the air from the observation pavilion.

If it is forbidden to climb to the top of the tower, this means that access to the eastern tower is also closed.

But the most important thing is that you can get to another tower only via a suspension bridge!

In short, the suspension bridge must be lowered from the west and east towers, and only then can you go to another tower along the corridor that hangs in the air!

And the opposite tower is not open? Mo Fan asked curiously.

This is a forbidden territory, the golden-haired answered. But is this a waste of resources — building a building that you cannot enter? again asked Mo Fan.

Who said that no one can enter there? Entrance is forbidden only to outsiders, the golden-haired Japanese answered.

Ah, Mo Fan nodded.

The eyes of Wanyue Qianxun, which were nearby, flashed: I warn you you, you should not touch anything! The soaring corridor is the only passage to another tower. Rocks, cliffs, cliffs all this is not as scary as the ban. And don’t say later that I didn’t warn you! You will approach the east tower, and even more powerful people will erase you into powder!.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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