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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 782 Destroy One Element! Read Novel

Chapter 782 Destroy One Element! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 782 Destroy One Element! VERSATILE MAGE

With his head held high, Mo Fan approached the Japanese team.

In his ears came the voice of Zu Jimin. The fact that Mo Fan was really a substitute could not be denied.

Ai Jiang Tu personally observed the case, the rest did not say anything. Ai Jiang Tu was the main one in the team, he proved this when he was able to go out alone against the sea monster at the level of ruler, which is why his words in the team did not cause any discrepancies.

And since he said that Mo Fan enters the battle, so it should be so. In addition, everyone had already seen the fighting power of Mo Fan, and since even Guan Yu was able to win his battle, then Mo Fan should not lose.

What else is there to look at? Wanyue Qianxun, at the very beginning you were rescued by an old man with whiskers, this time we are fighting in the arena! You have nowhere to run! Mo Fan immediately turned to Wanyue Qianxun in an unfriendly manner.

The girl became gloomy for a very long time she suffers the tricks of this ignoramus! immediately changed. As a result, Wanyue Mingjian, smiling, said to Mo Fan: Mo Fan, you better choose another opponent.

Why is this? Are you afraid that, as a substitute, I will kick the captain of your team and your reputation will be tarnished? Mo Fan was also clearly not in a good mood.

We are not like that at all

Of all your guys, I don’t like her the most! During the day, you did not let me teach her a lesson, and now you are hindering this fight again. She! And do not tell me that team captains can only compete among themselves! If so, you can consider me the captain of the Chinese team! said Mo Fan.

He really could not stand the fact that he was listed only in stock.

Even as a spare, he can put all of their students!

Mo Fan drew attention to the fact that all Japanese students chuckled at him, and this infuriated him even more.

So you want to fight our Wanyue Qianxun? But don’t you think that you are too arrogant? said one of the Japanese students, on whose head was a hairstyle in the shape of a comb. said Xiaochi Xiangzi.

The other students also laughed, looking contemptuously at Mo Fan.

Among those you can choose absolutely anyone, but not Wanyue Qianxun, said Wanyue Mingjian.

I’m not interested in others, only Wanyue Qianxun! Mo Fan said, pointing to the girl.

Wanyue Mingjian was about to stop all this, as Tenfang Xinzi’s voice was heard: If you want to see her so much as your rival, I can say.

Don’t need so many empty words! She! And to me, I don’t give a damn, who is she! She has been pissing me off for a long time, so I want to fight her! Mo Fan has completely lost patience.

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The Japanese are usually very fond of exaggerating the talents of their students, but in the case of Wanyue Qianxun, everything was different. Many knew about her strength, because of which she became the captain of her team.

Teacher, if he wants to fight with me so much, then I will meet him. However, if the fight should go according to the rules, then it is better to choose another participant, Wanyue Qianxun slowly rose from her seat.

Not worth it. None of the three of us will lose, said Mo Fan.

If you want to fight her, then choose another participant. We don’t want rumors to come that we oppressed your guys, Tenfang Xinzi sounded.

You all think about your girl. Ai Jiang Tu, come on, Mo Fan said lazily.

Good, Ai Jiang Tu didn’t really mind too.

Well, that’s it. Come quickly to the arena! said Mo Fan.

Wanyue Qianxun went to the court.

There were no emotions on her face, but inside she chuckled.

This ignoramus so stubbornly insisted that he had to fight with her he does not even know that he has already pronounced a sentence on himself! You have to teach him a lesson, otherwise these Chinese are really too arrogant!

People on both sides were discussing something in Japanese, and Mo Fan didn’t understand them, but by their facial expressions it was clear that they taunted.

This arrogant youngster really chose Wanyue Qianxun!

Ha ha ha, I want to see how she kicks his ass!

Are we too cruel?

But what’s the difference? He chose it himself, although he was told that it was impossible to choose it!

Students were already discussing the upcoming fight, being confident in the victory of Wanyue Qianxun and losing to Mo Fan.

I bet that he will not last even five minutes! the guy grinned with a mohawk on his head.

Captain, you don’t beat him there too much, three minutes at most three minutes Wanyue Qianxun taught us, and this guy will not stand even her lesson! said a student with a tattoo on his forehead.

Let’s look at a beautiful performance.

Yes, yes!

Mo Fan saw the mood of Japanese students and understood their thoughts.

Mind! Mo Fan cursed in the direction of Wanyue Qianxun.

According to the cries of others, one could understand that she was very strong.

If she was not strong, then her they would have sent around the western guard tower.

Mo Fan knew that she was strong, but did not understand how much. Lightning in his left hand, fire in his right it will be too cruel for a girl!

You are the funniest fool I have ever seen! the corners of the girl’s lips rose in a smirk.

You can go to China and ask about me. Everyone knows me there! Do you know what I will do with such rubbish as you? I will destroy you with one element! said Mo Fan.

One element? the girl continued to grin.

She laughed, and a strange energy was already spreading around her.

It is clear that there is a poisonous sting on the body of this Japanese bitch!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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