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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 783 Murderous Plant Magic Read Novel

Chapter 783 Murderous Plant Magic VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 783 Murderous Plant Magic VERSATILE MAGE

Let’s get started! Tenfang Xinzi’s voice sounded again.

Mo Fan was 50 meters away from Wanyue Qianxun. For a mage of medium or low level, this would be a hindrance, since such magic is very limited, and combat efficiency also suffers.

However, the girl did not make a single movement: she did not create a constellation, but decided to provide an opportunity Mo Fan’s first strike. She just stood in the same place, looking at Mo Fan with her arrogant look, watching his every action.

Mo Fan also understood that he was facing a difficult girl. Without any friendliness, he created the seal of lightning on his hand.

Having twisted the seal, Mo Fan made it even stronger and wider.

He issued lightning seals one after another. twisting them into one long and powerful clapper, in which Mo Fan’s hand was literally screwed.

Control over lightning magic is not bad, the print of lightning is noticeably modified, said Wanyue Qianjun, giving a simple assessment of the enemy’s actions. At this moment, she did not dissemble.

Mo Fan was too lazy to talk. At that moment, in his hand was already ready a pinwheel of seals of lightnings, which he sharply directed towards the girl! These lightning bolts can instantly paralyze!

Wanyue Qianxun did not even think about hiding from this magic. Seeing that an electric whip was flying at her, and realizing that her leg could be hurt, she only pushed it a little.

At that moment strange gray-blue plants, petals began to appear in her legs which were very large. There were five petals in total, each of which reached the height of human growth! These five petals immediately lifted the girl, and she was in the very core of this flower.

The electric whip discharged directly onto the flower!

There was a heavy sound from this blow, however, unfortunately, such lightning magic cannot cause serious damage to such plants these lightnings have mainly a paralytic effect. For the first time, Mo Fan saw a plant magician who issued such a floral defense, and this surprised him greatly.

Control of magic is very important. He is stable in every level of magic, but the magician himself can improve his skills through his inner world.

For example, Mo Fan: he was able to not only release 3-4 lightning seals, but also tied them into one electric whip. If Mo Fan were a low- or medium-level mage, he would not have succeeded, but when he reached a high level of magic, his application of the elements also changed!

Wanyue Qianxun was also distinguished by her plant element magic, otherwise, she could not have such abilities!

There is no use in lightning, try my fire!Mo Fan now realized how venerable his adversary was.

Mo Fan’s lightning scattered, and they were already replaced by the flame of a fiery rose.

The flame flared up very much, and Mo Fan wanted to pick him up to send him into

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You think that I will let you let out the magic as you please? the voice of Wanyue Qianxun was heard.

The flower on which the girl was standing had already evaporated, and the sorceress herself had already extended her hand in the direction of Mo Fan. A gray-blue seed flew through the air, which fell on the stone where Mo Fan stood.

*** Knock ***

The stone soon cracked, and from it several young shoots appeared.

Mo Fan looked down only now he realized that he could be thrown into the air!

After high-level magic, he could no longer use bloody boots. If he jumps with all his might, he can reach 10-20 meters in a jump!

The shoots below continued to grow rapidly. At the very climax, the plants below formed thickets!

These thickets were like living things. Feeling the breath of Mo Fan, they stretched exactly in the direction where he was! Mo Fan again looked down and saw that these several dozen plants could reach his legs just about!

They grew too fast and were like furious animals they are definitely not plants!

Do you want to immobilize me? Dream on!

Mo Fan was brave, therefore, looking down, fell right on these plants!

Touching the plants, he again jumped into the air, but at that moment the dungeon of the moon forest.

The girl continued to wait patiently when Mo Fan was completely at the mercy of her plants.

Mo Fan decided to land in another place.

Who knew that this dungeon of the lunar forest would be much more dangerous than usual: the place where Mo Fan wanted to land was already quickly occupied by plants!

Burning fist!

Mo Fan knew that it would be difficult for him to avoid these plants, so he directed his fire magic towards Wanyue Qianxun.

The flame crashed into the place where the girl was.

She didn’t expect such a situation, so she immediately sent her plants to the reinforced attack of Mo Fan.

The plants continued to grow, at the same time forming a plant barrier around the sorceress so that Mo Fan could not attack her again.

*** Boom! ***

The fist crashed into the undergrowth, causing them to decay.

Mo Fan sank to the ground, avoiding the territory on which there could be seeds of sinister plants.

One plant seed Wanyue Qianxun, falling into the ground, could form several hundred square meters of deadly vegetation thickets, which means that its dungeon should be with the catch

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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