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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 785 Strength versus Strength Read Novel

Chapter 785 Strength versus Strength VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 785 Strength versus Strength VERSATILE MAGE

Yes, this cannot be, Qianxun was really angry. All these plants can crawl into all holes and sprouts inside the human body. Eyes, nose, mouth and right there. I imagined a lot of goosebumps, the Japanese said with a cocked scallop.

Commander, you described in such detail what will happen, did you really have to experience something similar? said a Japanese student with wrinkles.

I didn’t but I heard about people from the eastern security tower, they were out of luck!

Yeah, there was nothing to anger Qianxun

Wanyue Mingjian could not sit still on the spot, he wanted to end the fight.

Tenfang Sintsa, who was sitting nearby, could not agree with him. She believed that such an upstart should be taught once, rather than telling him a hundred times.

If this had happened to anyone else, it would not have bothered me so much. However, since it concerns Qianxun, we won’t leave it that simple.

While you were discussing all this, didn’t you notice the strong flame of the fire element? Asked the Japanese military man sitting in the middle.

The two of them immediately reacted and tried to feel the magic.

Everything turned out that way: an extraordinary flame power was felt on the battlefield.

* **

Did you really think that these creepers could stop me? came the voice of Mo Fan from a cocoon.

At that moment, Mo Fan’s body surrounded a raging flame and burned all the creepers to the ground.

Little Flame Belle, burn them all!

Mo Fan knew that he himself couldn’t get out of this trap, so he used the call element to use the power of getters.

As soon as the Little Flame Belle appeared in this world and saw the moody position of Mo Fan, here she used her flame.

The flames of a fiery rose and Belle began to disperse in waves around the arena, burning plants around.

One by one, the tongues of flame turned the plants to ashes.

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Standing in the center of the fire, combining his strength with the power of Belle, Mo Fan was like an unbridled demon!

No matter how many plants you create, you cannot hold my flame!

Burial with a heavenly flame!

Mo Fan did not wait long and used the highest level magic.

The rate of formation of high level magic Mo Fan was terribly slow, if he tried to use this spell in a battle just like that, he could have stopped one hundred percent!

It’s good that the fire burned the plants holding the guy back, Qianxun led into a stupor, she did not know what to do.

Magic high level!

Nine wizards sitting in the front row bulged their eyes, reflected in their pupils Mo Fan’s fire.

Wanyue Mingjian and Tenfang Xinzi changed face. They were very surprised. This bully is a high level mage! Yes, and so cleverly took advantage of the fact that the girl was distracted and cast such a spell!

The fiery star cloud sparkled incredibly bright, giving Mo Fan the enormous energy of the fire element.

But this instant, a fiery rain came from heaven. Only here the drops fell exclusively into the arena.

Each drop could burn a person, while the rain was dense. After a couple of moments, the arena turned into a sea of ​​fire.

All the plants that Wanyue Qianxun created were burned. Now her plant element was completely useless.

The girl was surrounded by a fiery ocean, which was controlled by Mo Fan. In the same second, she used protective armor, her body lit up in blue.

Fire attacked the girl in waves. She had nothing to do but retreat to the edge of the arena.

The armor defended the girl well, it seemed that the flame could not burn her

Wanue Qianxun’s eyes were full amazed, however, she was not at a loss.

High-level magic is truly terrifying. Even the arena’s defensive barriers were severely damaged by such power. However, the girl remained calm. She has not lost yet. Qianxun was evading fire waves and burning rain.

Water Curtain!

It seems that she has been hiding her true power all this time. Seeing that Mo Fan applied such a destructive spell, she had no choice but to use her element of water. A water protective spell immediately surrounded the girl and took the hit!

I fucked! So she, too, is a high-level magician! Zhao Man Yan was amazed.

I had to guess for a long time, she managed plants so dexterously. Only a high-level mage can do this, said Nan Jue.

How unusual, how unusual, said Ai Jiang Tu and frowned.

Yes, for sure. She is very unusual. Her power is simply amazing. Mo Fan used such a powerful spell and could not defeat her, said Jiang Yu.

Usually, after using the high level spell of a water element, nothing can harm the magician. Typically, such a strong spell of the element of fire would immediately guarantee victory. However, the girl did not reveal her trump cards until the last moment, by which she postponed the end of the battle.

Although she remained calm, her composure would not solve such a hot problem!

The flame covered the whole arena, it seemed that there was not a single piece of land wherever it was!

The girl had to use a spell of a high-level water element, otherwise it would not just cripple, but would immediately be thrown out of the arena.

I really underestimated you, said Mo Fan and sent another wave of fire at side of the girl.

Mutually, mutually, replied Wanyue Qianxun.


Japanese students looked at the battlefield and could not recover.

No one could believe that Wanyue Qianxun would not only be pushed to the edge of the arena, but would also be forced to use high-level water magic to protect! If she had been even a little slower, she would have lost!

The fact that Wanyue Qianxun almost lost was unimaginable!

Commander, have you ever ever forced her to use so much power in battle? asked the Japanese with wrinkles.

Only once. We trained together then. Only shortly afterwards did I lose anyway, the Japanese seriously said with a cocked scallop.

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