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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 787 Does he even have brains? Read Novel

Chapter 787 Does he even have brains? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 787 Does he even have brains? VERSATILE MAGE

This is the hand of a green demon!

Mo Fan bit his lip. He already ran into the hand of the green demon when he fought with Gelo Ken!

The hand of the green demon belongs to the magic of the element of high-level plants, however, the effect of the spell can vary depending on the spiritual seeds and other lotions that are used magicians. For example, the hand of a green demon performed by Han Ji: his magic does not look like a hand at all, but is a cannibalistic flower well, like a cannibalistic one even animals of the leader level of a pack simply disappear from the face of the Earth! This suggests that Han Ji has reached a peak in his magic of a high-level plant element.

The hand of a green demon performed by Wanyue Qianxun has such power that could throw Mo Fan ten meters!

Mo Fan understood that this spell was very dangerous, so he hastened to fully activate his snake chain mail.

As soon as he did this, the plant magic reappeared. Now it was like a plant demon trying to trample Mo Fan into the ground with his feet, causing her to hit the stones!

*** Squeak ***

Mo Fan rose and began to look around: he wanted to roughly estimate the place where this hated green hand would reappear, but he only noticed how the ground beneath it cracked.


The guy’s face became deathly pale.

The territory within a radius of a hundred meters around Mo Fan was covered with cracks, and he himself could not even understand how in such a short time the plant spell managed to take root throughout the entire district!

Mo Fan did not have time to react! At that very moment, a huge hundred-meter pit formed, from which this obsessed tree appeared, which was like a demon trying to capture a magician in its nets! The tree still had a mouth!

Any living creature, if it falls into this hole, will die immediately!

All the guys from the Chinese national team froze, their mouths open. This Wanue Qianxun was so powerful that they were afraid to even just watch her release the magic!

The hand of the green demon is not a spell from whose tenacious claws they can escape!

Mo Fan, while snoring, was in the deepening of this spell. If the enemy nevertheless decides to kill him, then you won’t even collect the bones!

It’s impossible, it’s unacceptable! Shouted Ai Jiang Tu, turning to the side of the Japanese team.

Mo Fan already released high-level magic, besides he used the magic of fire and lightning if it really is about a student duel, now you must recognize the loser, and Ai Jiang Tu must enter the arena!

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Wanyue Qianxun reacted to this attack with a fierce look: he wants to say that she did not suffer from this fight at all?

I couldn’t even think that Wanyue Qianxun would have to resort to magic of such a level to solve it, said the guy from the Japanese team with a cocked scallop on his head.

People looked at the approach of Ai Jiang Tu.

What kind of person is she? Ai Jiang Tu asked, referring to Wanyue Mingjian and Tenfan Xinzi.

Why are you asking? inflamed, asked the answer Tenfang Xinzi.

Her strength

From the very beginning we did not say that she is a student, said Tenfang Xinzi.

Ai Jiang Tu frowned. The moment he was about to say something, he was interrupted by Wanyue Mingjian: From the very beginning, we said that you can’t choose her for the fight, but you can choose an opponent from those guys.

Ha ha ha, now you don’t like her! She really is our teacher, not a student! said the guy with the scallop.

She is she not a student?

Yeah, although she is my student, she is no longer a student. She is one of our strongest combat trainers, Tenfang Xinzi said.

Fuck! I wonder where she got such magical skills from! And she, it turns out, is a teacher! Zhao Man Yan jumped up from his seat.

That’s right! How can a teacher fight students? This fight should not be counted! said Jiang Yu.

These Japs are so unscrupulous! How could they allow a student to fight with a teacher?! This is an unequal battle, even considering that she is a woman!

But didn’t we stop him??? He himself insisted on fighting with her! Yes, and spoke so arrogant! said the guy with a cockerel on his head.

In reality, it was he who was the captain of the team, and Wanyue Qianxun was not sitting next to them, but behind. From the very beginning, all Chinese magicians decided that it was she who was the captain of the Japanese team, so she sits separately from them. But everything turned out to be completely different from what they imagined.

At the very beginning, we urged you to choose another participant, Tenfang Xinzi said.

Ay Jiang Tu, Jiang Yu, Nan Jue, Zhao Man Yan and others began to recall the words of the Japanese: indeed, because Mo Fan was so furious that he did not give anyone the opportunity to really explain everything. He only constantly cursed

And other teachers? When they are rude right in the face, who can bear it?

Honestly, I don’t even want to know this fool! said Zhao Man Yan, recalling the behavior of Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue looked at a hole in the ground that was formed from plant magic. There was a cry of Mo Fan that he was stuck in the middle of this pit does he even have brains???

Before this fight, it was not worth behaving so arrogant and rude. Just a few words could prevent this situation.

Mo Fan, who was in the pit, did not even suspect what had happened outside the arena.

His snake chain was in an activated state for a very long time, but he didn’t risked to take it away.

Your mother!

It seems that you couldn’t beat her with one element.

Flame Belle, incarnate!

Mo Fan cried out with all his might, now he was determined!

He called Little Flame Belle so that with its flame she would help him clear the vegetation around, but not in order to use use it in battle!

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