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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 788 Orb of the Element of Fire Read Novel

Chapter 788 Orb of the Element of Fire VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 788 Orb of the Element of Fire VERSATILE MAGE

The body of Mo Fan began to flare up in red flame, on which there was still snake chain mail. The flame was so powerful that it did not allow the green demon’s hand to harm the magician.

With the help of the Little Flame Belle, Mo Fan could now use the fiery sword, which was very useful in such a situation!

Holding a fiery sword in his hand, Mo Fan moved forward. In such a situation, the most important thing for him was to get out of this damned hole!

Fiery wings!

At that very moment flaming wings appeared that were soaring heavily to the air. The heat emanating from the wings perfectly raked the thickets of plants!

Numerous plant shoots immediately burned out, barely touching the fire!

The fiery wings gradually lifted Mo Fan up. Wanyue Qianxun thought that he had been struggling all the time with all his might, so once again released his plant magic.

The green demon’s hand began to cover Mo Fan again with its shoots, trying to leave it buried under its thickets.

Qianxun, what are you doing? This is already enough! Wanue Mingjian said worried.

Mo Fan will be very difficult to get out from under such a layer of magical plants!

Wanyue Mingjian didn’t even think that a student from the Chinese team during the fight, would be in danger, so he began to noticeably worry about how he saw what Wanyue Qianxun was doing.

He will not be anything! said Wanyue Qianxun.

After her words, a fire began to be seen from the plant pit. The flames flared up more and more. Even though the plants were spreading fast in a new layer, fire engulfed them, turning them to ashes.

Smoke blew through the air, and at some point a silhouette of fire soared into the sky!

This silhouette was more like a ball of fire, and now it was heading towards Wanyue Qianxun!

She did not suspect the hidden power of Mo Fan she could not even think about that he will be able to break through a thicket of plants through a thicket of fire. The girl hastened to take a few steps back, trying to avoid an aggressive attack from Mo Fan.

From afar, the fireball did not seem so huge, and as it approached it seemed to become more furious. The water shield that surrounded Wanyue Qianxun’s body was already starting to evaporate!

Water curtain!

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At that moment, she released high-level water magic!

A curtain of water formed in front of her, the strength of which, in the girl’s opinion, was enough to extinguish the impending flame.

It slowed down. Through the sound of a wave spilling, she sensed the approach of fire.

Wanyue Qianxun began to retreat, her blue chain mail was no longer effective, and the edge of the arena was behind her

When the girl had nowhere to retreat, the water curtain was finally able to open up to the fullest. The magic of Mo Fan went out under the influence of water magic, and now he could no longer press on the opponent.

*** Whistle ***

The body of Mo Fan slipped on the ground with a small twinkle.

He raised his head and saw that all the fire of his body now also went out under a water curtain.

Seeing that Wanyue Qianxun was completely unaffected, Mo Fan immediately changed his face.

Even so nothing happened to her?

Her strength is really terrifying!

Mo Fan stood on a patch of scorched earth and gazed steadily at his opponent.

She, in turn, not believing her eyes, looked at her left leg, which had already actually protruded beyond the edge of the arena! the teacher, ended up in such a situation, is no different from her loss!

The flame on your body she carefully looked at Mo Fan.

Not we will be in a breeze! Victory or defeat we will fight! Mo Fan was too lazy to wag his tongue at that moment.

He joined his palms, after which two fragments of flame appeared around him, which, having connected, covered an area of ​​ten square meters!

After some time, all the unextinguished sparks of the area began to accumulate around the magician!

The airspace was now literally engulfed by the element of fire and was like burial with a heavenly flame!

What else is this? Mo Fan did not catch up with what was happening.

From the eyes of other people, Mo Fan understood that he was surrounded by some unusual flame. Wanyue Qianxun has changed face the magic of water can not resist SUCH a flame!

You won.

Wanyue Qianxun took a step with the other foot, and now she was completely behind outside the boundaries of the arena.

But not yet

Don’t say anything. Just close your eyes and feel in full this fiery element that surrounds you this is the sphere of the element of fire! said the girl.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded at first, and then began to rejoice!

This is really the elemental sphere of fire!

This the moment, as Wanyue Qianxun said, Mo Fan took a few steps back and closed his eyes, feeling the effect of the magic sphere!

He perfectly understood that this was not only his achievement, but the result of merging with the Little Flame Belle!

He has reached the elemental sphere! Yes, it’s even impossible to believe!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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