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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 796 Two Flowers Read Novel

Chapter 796 Two Flowers VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 796 Two Flowers VERSATILE MAGE

The death penalty is a very difficult punishment, which does not mean easy death, for those who break the law.

For inveterate criminals, death is not the best punishment. These killers will not be able to pay for their deeds even for decades. Therefore, for people like them, an electric chair, hanging or shooting can be nothing more than liberation!

The real death for such people is just imprisonment when they are forced to sit in a cage without seeing sunlight, other people in such circumstances, one day lasts like a year, and most importantly, it is not even known when it will all end!

The Japanese judicial system has long abolished the death penalty for especially dangerous criminals, appointing them to a life sentence with the guards.

If the offender is a very powerful magician, then he cannot be held in a normal prison it was for such criminal mages that the eastern guard tower was built.

We can say that the most famous criminals, killers, and rebels of Japan are imprisoned here. Among them, there are dark magicians who once erased several large cities off the face of the Earth!

However, ordinary dark magicians are not placed here this prison is intended only for the most demonic spawn!

The Wanue family, of which Qianxun was originally, was once responsible for the construction of this prison. Both towers were built so that it was impossible to escape from there. The only passage between the towers is the soaring corridor!

From this information, the hair on Mo Fan’s head involuntarily stood on end.

The Western security tower embodies the fortress, the defensive fortification of the city, institute and magical association. Who could know that the neighboring tower is a prison for real killers! She’s a girl can she really sleep peacefully in close proximity to such a place?

Sworn mage criminals from other countries can also serve their sentences here. We can say that this prison is the worst place for magical criminals throughout Asia! said Wanyue Qianxun.

So you say that there are world-class devilish offspring in this tower, and you are not afraid that these magicians can combine their efforts and wipe the hell out of all your tower into dust? Since they committed such terrible and enormous crimes, it would not be a problem for them to destroy a fortress, said Mo Fan.

Under the influence of the ban, they are all ordinary people. When they are brought here under escort, a heavy seal is imposed on their souls, and as soon as they begin to awaken their magical powers again, the prohibition magic immediately begins to attack them. In short, the eastern tower is one huge curse time is constantly lengthening, and spiritual forces are gradually leaving them. As a result, a top-level mage, after spending ten years in prison here, turns into an entry-level mage, the girl explained.

But how will the curse affect us? again asked Mo Fan.

For such a short time spent with us nothing bad will happen. Follow me and do not lag behind, each part of the building looks like a labyrinth in which you can get lost Wanyue Qianxun took a few steps and turned sharply to Mo Fan, but not so close!

Let’s get better we’ll return, otherwise this place seems extremely strange to me, said Mo Fan.

Are you afraid?

I’m worried about you! You know, all these criminals have not seen a woman for many years, so it can happen to you well, let’s say that I didn’t say anything.

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The passages in the east tower were very narrow. Mo Fan did not even understand where they were going: with all these stairs, corridors, it seemed that the entire fortress was 80% made up of walls!

Something else I want to tell you simply from good intentions the competition between our teams was recorded, and most likely, these data will be sent to the national team of Japan, the girl said.

Usually recording such events requires legal consent.

Bullshit, Mo Fan did not pay any attention to this. He knew that he hadn’t shown all his trump cards in this match, so this information couldn’t save the Japanese team.

Remembering the siren, he asked: That huge creature in the sea really has what something to do with this commotion in the east tower?.

I don’t know, but an animal of this level is not so easy to disturb, Wanyue Qianxun also thought.

-You still haven’t told me who the magician of plants is, and why he killed those guards, said Mo Fan.

-I have a single-sibling brother, we grew up together. Last year, he suddenly disappeared, and they couldn’t find him anywhere after hesitating, the girl told Mo Fan.

So you climbed in here to look for him? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Yeah. Our plant magic is called a ferocious stem on which there were two flowers one of them is mine and the second belongs to my brother, the girl replied.

So the person who killed the three guards is your brother Hetian? As if you are using the same spiritual seeds with him his magic also gives off a blue-gray glow. But this is a prison for especially dangerous prisoners-magicians, how could your brother be here said Mo Fan.

I also want to know this. General Takagi is responsible for the convoy over all prisoners here, so if my brother was imprisoned here secretly, then he cannot but be aware of this. Although my brother does not bear the name Wanyue, he was always devoted to the western east tower with all his heart and could not commit anything criminal I have to figure this out! The girl said confidently.

At least he killed three, said Mo Fan.

She shot him a sparkling glance: This does not count!.

First, find him. Do you know where he is?

If he made this commotion, then he could do it only from one place Wanue Qianxun said confidently.

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