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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 800 Strange Monster Read Novel

Chapter 800 Strange Monster VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 800 Strange Monster VERSATILE MAGE

The black silhouette had only a torso no head. Scolopendra’s hands moved on both sides!

And the most terrifying thing was that somewhere at the chest level of this creature there were two eyes that moved and looked at passers-by!

Wanyue Qianxun turned around, and people in the district began to scatter in different directions!

We, the Wanyue family, are constantly on guard of people, watching from a high mountain. We carefully monitor the sea, ready at any time to sacrifice ourselves, if something happens and there will be a threat to people and at this time you, drunk and unbridled, have fun in the city a herd of parasites! said the girl in a voice that was very different from her previous one. Usually she has a very clean and pleasant voice, but now it sounded like something was stuck in her throat!

A hole appeared in the ground in the middle of the street, from which a plant crawled onto the wall of a tall building, which began to grow very quickly, covering the glass and metal structures of the structure.

For people who were on the street, this hand of a green demon was more like tentacles emerging from the ground. These plant tentacles grew in different directions, catching up with everyone: Chaogang’s friends, people who were chasing Wanyue Qianxun.

There were more and more plants. They continued to grow in different directions around the magician girl. At the very beginning, these thickets were captured by more than ten people, but now there were about 20-30 of them!

These black plant tentacles penetrated people’s bodies, crawling out of their ears, nostrils, mouths they could even crawl out of their pores!

These poor people couldn’t even scream, their skin was covered with abscesses, and new plants started to sprout from their bodies!

As a result, these people turned into half-dead plant people a terrifying sight!

Stop! the voice was heard from above.

Wanyue Qianxun raised her head. There was a guy on the roof of the building whose brown eyes reflected street light.

Is that you? the girl said joylessly.

It seems that I was too worried about you, even went after you to visit look, what have you done! said Mo Fan.

I the girl still has a drop of reason. She looked around and saw people running away from her, screaming women and crying children.

Everyone looked at her like a monster. Realizing that she had turned so many people into plants, Wanyue Qianxun began to regain consciousness and took a few steps back from the horror of what was happening.

She immediately began to turn off her magic, and after a while the nearby building acquired its original view. The girl turned, looking at her reflection in the glass and could not believe her eyes!

The accumulating pearl that was in her hands slowly rolled down to the ground now the girl did not dare to touch her anymore!

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It’s really terrible, you better not touch it! You may not like what I say, but I am afraid that your brother Hetyan is also in the grip of this pearl! He asked you to take the pearl outside the tower, endangering your life! said Mo Fan, going up to the girl and looking at the rolling pearl.

Mo Fan also did not want to touch it the pearl was even worse than he expected.

It’s good that she was in the hands of a decisive Wanyue Qianxun, and the time spent in her hands was short-lived, otherwise the girl could turn into a real monster!

And this is a demonic reflection??? Mo Fan saw a lot of evil spirits in his lifetime, but even his gut twitched when he saw what was reflected.

It’s good that he arrived in time. If the accumulating pearl completely took Wanyue Qianxun under its control, then the catastrophe would not have been avoided!

I already notified Wanyue Mingjiang, he must be on the way. Before his arrival, we better not touch this thing, said Mo Fan to the girl.

Wanyue Qianxun was still confused, she leaned on Mo Fan, but her eyes still did not express anything.

Tha thank you, I would never have thought that my brother could deceive me the girl said.

He was the first to find this pearl, therefore he is also embraced by it. Nevertheless, inside he remains the same brother who loves you, Mo Fan reassured.

Even when he was on the floating bridge, Mo Fan decided for himself that Hetyan is a good person, and yet the three guards were simply unlucky.

How could a person who destroyed three tower minions be so cruel?

Of course, it was this cumulative pearl that caused the greatest discomfort, which Mo Fan didn’t like as soon as he saw it.

If you give free rein to this thing, who knows how much trouble it can do.

The police arrived at the scene very quickly.

Following them came people from the Osaka hunter league. They all surrounded Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun, preventing them from moving.

Mo Fan showed them that they should not approach this place.

The girl is already completely came to and began to explain in Japanese about what happened here, asking the league of hunters to refrain from further actions.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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