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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 801 One Could Escape Read Novel

Chapter 801 One Could Escape VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 801 One Could Escape VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun no longer touched the accumulating pearl.

At that time, the pearl seemed to have guessed that it would soon be returned to the western guard tower, and itself began to roll away.

There was a sewer hole nearby, so the accumulating pearl had a chance to escape.

Since in order to fully use its capabilities, the pearl needed a carrier, then find someone for her was the number one task.

For example, if the funded pearl can roll into the sewers Then it will be able to find there some rat. After that, the pearl will be able to gain a foothold on the body of the rat and turn it into a monster rat!

Mo Fan could not let this happen! He concentrated, after which he looked at the pearl and pulled it back!

Telekinesis? Wanyue Qiangxun was slightly dumbfounded, she looked in surprise at Mo Fan.

What? What is telekinesis? It seemed to you to go, Mo Fan laughed intensely after answering.

Wanue Qianxun’s consciousness was still in a fog, she thought for a bit and decided what really came from Mo Fan, a high-level mage so many elements? It must have seemed

Immediately after the funded pearl was returned back, it trembled with anger.

However, no matter how hard she tried, it was all useless. In addition, Wanyue Mingjian arrived in time for the scene.

A bearded old man came up to Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun. Then he looked in a special way at the accumulating pearl.

The accumulating pearl instantly felt the gaze of an old man and was immediately frightened. She was so afraid of Wanyue Mingjian that she shrank and pretended to be an ordinary black pearl.

Only then did the old man go to the pearl and carefully wrap it in silver cloth.

Wanyue Mingjian was a very famous magician in the city of Osaka. Thanks to his authority, he was able to convince the police and hunters that everything was in order. After that, all three headed back to the western guard tower.

Of course, Wanyue Mingjian did not tell anyone about what had happened, moreover, he made sure that this incident was hushed up. It was especially important for him that General Takagi did not know what had happened.


Wanyue Mingjian took Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun to a cultivation room. The room did not have a ceiling, so moonlight and the radiance of stars filled the room. It seemed that you were in the middle of space.

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Wanyue Qianxun immediately sat on the wooden floor and lowered her head, as if she were a girl who committed an offense and was waiting for her punishment.

Mo Fan also sat on the floor and began to inspect the walls.

Wanyue Mingjian remained calm and serious.

Qianxun, you disappointed me, finally said he.

My brother succumbed to the influence, the girl said quietly. anyway, you should think carefully before doing something. With your deed, you complicated everything, said the old man.

I did not know with whom to talk. Even a very dedicated Hetyan was sent to prison said Wanyue Qianxun with her head bowed.

So what, you decided that you would act alone? said Wanyue Mingjian.

The girl squinted at Mo Fan, but said nothing.

Mingjian, I’m a foreigner and I won’t get into your internal conflicts, but tell me what the hell is that joke? You seem to know something about it said Mo Fan.

Every person has a soul. As the cultivator, the magician makes his soul stronger. However, the soul still remains with its impurities. Even if the curse of the western guard tower takes away part of the soul of magicians, it cannot take away their insults, depravity, greed, hatred, desire to kill, grief The east tower is covered in darkness, and in this dark environment, woeful people’s thoughts over time gave rise to that pearl, what you saw, said the old man.

Yes, you have a lot of different monsters in Japan! Even in prison there is some evil!, Mo Fan escaped.

It’s good that you arrived in time, otherwise a crimson demon would soon appear in Japan, said Wanyue Mingjian.

Crimson demon?, Mo Fan was confused.

This is called the crimson demon. This soul is different from all other souls. It is dark red. Moreover, the souls of those who could be infected by this parasite turn dark red after death! said Wanyue Mingjian.

Wanue Qianxun, who was sitting next to her, nodded. She knew like no other that it was true. When she attacked people on the street, she saw their souls in their eyes. And after she infected people, it was as if a dark red seal appeared on their souls. As if they had signed some kind of diabolical contract!

The seal of the burgundy soul!

Mo Fan stood up, cold passed through his body.

Whether it was the soul of a creature, monster, demon, or ghost, all of them after death were blue or light blue. But certainly not dark red!

Mo Fan immediately remembered how, after the death of Nie Dong Ding, a dark red soul flew out of it.

Old man, before you, there was already a case of the escape of a crimson demon! exclaimed Mo Fan, changing his face.

The body of Wanyue Mingjian slightly shuddered, after which he turned to Mo Fan.

Wanyue Qianxun stood up, she couldn’t understand why Mo Fan touched on this topic.

Fear could easily be seen in the eyes of the old man. Only the memories of those days made the old man shake with horror.

How do you know? Said Wanyue Mingjian staring at Mo Fan.

The Crimson Demon the previous generation that was a nightmare for the old man. Even though a lot of time has passed since that incident, the old man can still wake up at night from seeing those events in his nightmares.

That’s right. A crimson demon had already escaped from the east tower. Until today, the guards of the older generations did not allow anyone to find out about this incident!

How did it happen that some Chinese student could just so easily reveal their secret.

Wanyue Qianxun from her own experience was able to see how terrible the crimson demon is. However, it didn’t fit in her head that something similar had already happened in the eastern guard tower!

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