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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 802 First-generation Crimson Demon Read Novel

Chapter 802 First-generation Crimson Demon VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 802 First-generation Crimson Demon VERSATILE MAGE

Wanyue Mingjian led Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun along a hiking trail through the mountains. It was striking that there was a tablet with the name of the victim. Nearby lay still dried flowers. It was obvious that someone recently brought them here.

In those days, I was just like you: irresponsible, I did not think about the consequences of what I was doing. Life in the eastern guard tower was monotonous, so we were interested in all things. And one day he found an accumulating pearl, said the old man and took a flask with strong alcohol. Immediately after what he said, he slowly spilled the drink on the tablet.

Mo Fan came over to look and saw that there was a name on the tablet.

Yiqiu? and fell silent.

Yes, the brother of your brother, Hatyan, and also my close friend, said the old man.

Did you also bear the accumulating pearl?, Asked Mo Fan.

I don’t even know where to start. Itzyu took care of Qianxun’s mother, Yatszy, and shortly after that Hetyan was born, the old man began.

Wait a minute, let’s not talk about who you loved, and immediately let’s move on to the crimson demon of the previous generation, impatiently interrupted him Mo Fan. He had known Lin Lin for a long time, he knew that the best thing he could do for her was to learn as much as possible about the print of the crimson soul.

A girl very often completely free of charge helped him in solving various problems. And then there was such an opportunity to thank her in return, perhaps this is the only thing he can do for her.

Mo Fan, by all means, must do everything necessary to help Lin Lin.

That was so. At first, Itzyu and I discovered an accumulative pearl, after which I reported this news to Yazi and Xinzi. Yazi offered to notify the family, while Sinzi offered to absorb the power of the pearl in order to become stronger and distinguish himself in the family. We absorbed her power, divided all four equally. For a short period of time, cultivation did not produce any results. However, then with me, Yazi and Xinzi began to change character. At first we enjoyed the brutal murders of monsters, then we began to ruthlessly kill the prisoners of the eastern guard tower, said Wanyue Mingjian.

This is all accumulating pearl, it changed your mind, said Mo Fan.

True, we have succumbed more and more to the influence of the pearl. And soon after that, Xinzi suggested bringing even more prisoners to the eastern guard tower so that the accumulating pearl could quickly drain the power of souls. This would undoubtedly accelerate our training, it was evident that the old man didn’t really want to remember the days gone by. Cruel, insidious, boundless and very strong evil thoughts sprang up within each of them

But how did you get free then? Asked Mo Fan.

This is all Itsu. Among us all, he was the most sensible. As soon as he realized that this pearl was nothing more than a bunch of hatred for the souls of prisoners, he began to stop us from using the pearl for our own purposes. Alas! We were really blind then, the old man took a deep breath. It was evident that he was tormented with remorse.

And you killed him? Asked Mo Fan.

What are you saying?!, blurted Wanyue Qianxun and looked at Mo Fan.

In fact, we really did. The three of us together made plans to kill Itzyu, the old man’s voice became quieter. His eyes were afraid to look at Wanyue Qianxun.

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What did you kill Father of Hetyan, and even with the consent of my mother?! the girl exclaimed.

At that time, Itziu and Yazi were husband and wife. In Qianxun’s view, her mother is the mildest and most decent woman.

In fact, she suggested yes, you should not be so angry with your mother. She succumbed more than all of us to the influence of the accumulating pearl. I think that now you yourself know what it is, said the old man. He knew that these words would be very unpleasant for Wanyue Qianxun.

The girl remembered how she attacked people, what it was like if it was not she who did it, but someone else.

The more I think about it, the more it scares me so that your loved one wants to kill you, moan moan.

Fortunately, Itzyu was an intelligent man, he found out about our plan. We thought that immediately after this he would run away from us, but Izyu did not. He stole the accumulating pearl and carried it far, far away from us. In those years, we tried to find him to kill. We thought that he wanted to single-handedly absorb the power of the pearl, and therefore were furious. We drove him into a corner, but then it is not clear why, he disappeared. From that moment we have not seen Itzyu. Time passed, and the influence of the pearl weakened. Consciousness was slowly returning to us. Your mother, Yazzi, could not bear this shame, so she left early. Xinzi and I do not recall these events. However, guilt continues to haunt us to this day, said the old man.

Since then, a lot of time has passed, they managed to grow old. And those events still pop up in the head in the form of vivid images.

So why do you care about the Khetyang so much? Asked Wanyue Qianxun.

Yes, this is the only thing we can do: take care of his child. Perhaps we suddenly realized, and resentment filled the heart of his child. Hetyan had a difficult childhood. Yazi disgusted him And when she realized what sacrifice Itzu made, the boy had already grown up. Hetyan began to think that our good attitude towards him was nothing more than a sham that he didn’t need at all. nose.

About Hatyan. I will come up with a way to free him from there. General Takagi should not know about this accumulating pearl. General Takagi is a greedy man. He does not even know how dangerous this thing is. If it falls into his hands, the consequences will be terrible, said Wanyue Mingjian.

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