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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 804 Memories of an Island Read Novel

Chapter 804 Memories of an Island VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 804 Memories of an Island VERSATILE MAGE

After lunch, the team went to Tokyo.

According to generally accepted Japanese rules, to buy a train ticket, you need to present your ID cards, so the guys had no choice but to get on the subway to the eastern part of Osaka and take a bus.

Wanyue Qianxun went with them, which caused a majority misunderstanding.

She herself was too lazy to explain the reason again her trips, she already knew that most of the guys in the Chinese team obviously did not like her. All she had to do was accompany Mo Fan and ensure that he delivered the funded pearl to the right place.

Mo Fan took a seat by the window, and Zhao Man sat next to him. Yang. While Mo Fan was admiring the mountain landscape, his anxious friend was looking for girls.

I never told you what I wanted to tell you in the morning, said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan was already half asleep.

Can you not talk shit! said Mo Fan.

It is really very strange. My first dream was about how, under our boat at sea, I saw a black silhouette. In the next dream, from two guard towers there was a huge sea creature that still made sounds like a dolphin, said Zhao Man Yan.

Upon arrival in Tokyo, have fun and take off your girlfriend, otherwise you already Mo Fan only wanted to scold Zhao Man Yan, as he immediately exclaimed what did you just say?!!

I said that I saw in a dream that black silhouette that we saw in the ocean! said Zhao Man Yan.

What did you say after that?

A huge creature was visible from the towers in the sea.

Wait, said Mo Fan, rising from his seat and moving towards the end of the bus.

Wanue Qianxun was sitting in that place, and now she looked at Mo Fan with an incomprehensible look.

-The pearl moves? The girl asked.

That’s not the point. Yesterday it was reported that there was some movement in the sea? Asked Mo Fan.

No. Honestly, I don’t even know what happened at sea there. Only military men can go to the observation post, ordinary people are not allowed to enter it. We also cannot allow news from the observation post to reach other people, the girl replied.

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Then how can Zhao Man Yan know that some creature has appeared in the sea? Asked Mo Fan again.

Does he know?! It can not be! Except you yesterday, no stranger was there anymore! said Wanyue Qianxun.

Mo Fan frowned and returned to Zhao Man Yan.

When he saw the expression on Mo Fan’s face, he already understood what his friend was worried about.

Are you sure it was just a dream? asked Mo Fan.

Yeah, Zhao Man Yan nodded.

In fact, some sea monster was seen from the towers last night, said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan opened his mouth in surprise. For a while he did not utter anything.

What, after all, happens? He asked.

Do you remember that non-existent island near the city of Xisyun? said Mo Fan.

The same one on which Gong Tian spent the first night, and the next day, when people went to look for it, was not there? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

The story of Gong Tian Zhao Man Yan knew from the stories of Jiang Yu and Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

That’s right, that is the island.

At the very beginning, Mo Fan absolutely did not want to understand anything. He saw a trickster in Gong Tien that she lied so ineptly.

However, at the moment when they left Xisyun, he seemed to see the same island, and then the girl’s words ceased to seem to him a lie.

Ai Jiang Tu, do you think Gong Tian lied? Mo Fan rose from his seat, asking a question to the team captain sitting behind.

Ai Jiang Tu was a little dumbfounded by the fact that Mo Fan asked about this so unexpectedly.

After thinking a little, he replied: I don’t think she needed to lie, so I don’t consider her a liar.

Are you talking about that non-existent island?- with interest in the conversation, Jiang Yu joined in.

How boring! This island does not exist! We ourselves went to look for it, but he could not evaporate! said Mu Tinyin.

Gong Tian didn’t lie, she really spent the night on that island, said Mo Fan.

Yeah, what are you holding us for three year olds? grinned Guan Yu.

Mo Fan strictly said: Zhao Man Yan, turn off the music.

Keep yourself in control.

I want to say that this fucking island exists! From the very beginning, I did not understand why Gong Tien needed such a ridiculous lie. Also, I did not understand why it was suddenly on the way from there, I suddenly saw the very island. In short, this is not even an island, said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan, you did not take medicine today. If not an island, what else could it be?

That night, Gong Tien was not on the island, but on the back of a huge creature! And the next day this island was not in place, not because it does not exist, but because this creature sailed away! Mo Fan said with confidence.

Mo Fan literally struck the guys.

There was silence throughout the bus, and a picture was drawn in the heads of the guys at that time, from whose hair stood on end.

Mo Mo Fan, don’t scare us! Where is it seen that in the world there is a creature the size of an island? Or was Gong Tien such a fool that she mixed up the island with a living creature?- said Jiang Shaoxuy.

Yes, what kind of animal is this? Asked Jiang Yu.

Do you remember the black silhouette that appeared under our yacht when we were in the ocean? Asked Mo Fan.

Of course, everyone remembered that. This made them even worse.

And only Mo Fan could think of it!

You want to say that that non-existent island is this creature? asked Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan, why did you suddenly remember this? asked Mu Ning Xue.

It was a long-standing affair and the fact that Mo Fan suddenly remembered it, said that something had happened.

After this question, Mo Fan’s face became evil.

Last night from the towers one could see the appearance of this huge creature in the sea. This can be explained in more detail by Wanyue Qianxun although I think this creature constantly follows us!

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