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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 807 Ferocious Blue Beast Read Novel

Chapter 807 Ferocious Blue Beast VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 807 Ferocious Blue Beast VERSATILE MAGE

Sea monsters!

They appeared a hundred meters from the place where the column fell. Their skin was blue and gills were visible on their heads. The monsters looked as if they came here to decide the fate of people.

I went from here, such, yes in broad daylight

Security of the town flew off to tartarara! One, two there are two monsters! And each under ten meters!

What kind of broken fortress is this! Monsters just rush in here! Zhao Man Yan exclaimed.

As soon as the team looked in the direction of the monsters, they immediately heard an announcement in the air on the interlingua.

Attention! In the nineteenth quarter, sea monsters appeared! Unable to fight, please start an evacuation or take refuge!

Warning! In the nineteenth quarter, sea monsters appeared! According to preliminary estimates, this is a ferocious blue beast. The level of ruler. Capable of fighting, please destroy the monsters!

Radio broadcasting rang out again and again, warning all people about the danger.

As soon as people on the street heard about the danger, immediately but they started to hustle and hurry to evacuate.

These are monsters of the level of ruler, rather, let’s run!

Here, refuge in that direction!, the red-haired man here but he began to show people where to evacuate.

How did it happen? Now it’s not the tide, but two animals of the level of the ruler have already appeared! If the high-level magicians do not hurry, then it will be terrible!, the magician with the wind element stopped for a short while, wanted to look at the monsters better.

Why are you saying that! Run rather Hey, hey you young people, are you completely stunned by fear? Didn’t hear what they said? This is a monster of the commander-in-chief level, rather, run away! Shouted middle-aged man to Ai Jiang Tu and his team.

Before they had time to come to Tokai fortress, an attack of monsters immediately took place.

If the monsters were not a hundred meters from the group, then no one from the team would have believed that the animals had penetrated the walls!

Tokaj Fortress will become the battlefield, since these monsters managed to penetrate, said Nan Jue.

We will stop them. After all, these are monsters of the level of the ruler, if you leave everything as it is, they will take the lives of many people, said Ai Jiang Tu.

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I think it’s not worth going there. These are two beasts of the level of the ruler, said Jiang Yu.

Well then, let’s see, Ai Jiang Tu thought deeply. Indeed, they have a lot of mid-level magicians on their team. And for such monsters, such magicians are easy prey.

The body of the ferocious blue beast was strong, covered with scales and thorns.

There were especially many thorns on the limbs of animals. If a man falls into their paws, then his body will be pierced by spikes!

The body of the monsters was like the body of a shrimp. There were also spikes on the hind legs. Monsters looked like huge mantises.

Shrimps are usually not very dangerous creatures, but these shrimps could easily pierce any person with their spikes. And the fact that the spikes were all over the body, even on the hind limbs, made them even more dangerous!

It was obvious that this was a very strong animal, once in the fortress they said that it was necessary to evacuate. People felt that they could easily die and therefore fled.

It’s good that the fortress was already faced with such cases, in addition, the majority of the population were magicians, which significantly increased the chances of people to save.

Many houses in the fortress are non-residential, they were built specifically to distract monsters, said Nan Jue.

It’s good, but imagine how many people could die in the first seconds, said Li Kaifeng.

The two ferocious blue beasts split up and lifted the building next to it above the ground.

After that, they threw the building into a team. Ai Jiang Tu immediately reacted and with the help of magic tried to stop the flying threat.

This building is too big, I can’t completely stop it! Ai Jiang Tu told the people behind him.

Relax, we can do it ourselves!

What fierce monsters!

If the building lands on people, the consequences will be terrifying.

It’s good that the team was at the right time in the right place.

The holy shield and stone mountain a cliff immediately appeared in front of many people.

The building hit the holy shield and immediately broke it, but the strength of the second spell was just enough to save human lives. Chaos and destruction reigned on the street.

They noticed us, rather, we are leaving! Jiang Shaoxuy was a magician of the spirit element, so she immediately understood what was happening.

People began to run, who would have thought that one of the ferocious blue animals would chase after them.

The beast quickly stood on the wreckage of the building and stared at the team with all three eyes.

Run, run, run!


Why not left?

Shut up and run!

And without reaching an agreement, the team was divided into two parts. Li Kaifeng, Guang Yu, Zu Jimin, and Jiang Shaoxuj ran to the left. While Zhousyuy, Ai Jiang Tu, Zhao Man Yan and Nan Rongni ran to the right.

The speed of a monster would hit anyone. Since the fierce blue animals by the standards of the animals of the commander-in-chief were not very large, this meant that they were likely to move quickly and could use magic!

The monster stirred its terrible hind limbs with spikes and ran. The ferocious blue beast decided that Jiang Shaoxuy, Zu Jiming and the rest would be his first victims.

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