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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 809 Tokai-Destroying Monsters Read Novel

Chapter 809 Tokai-Destroying Monsters VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 809 Tokai-Destroying Monsters VERSATILE MAGE

While Jiang Yu ran to a narrow lane, a huge leg suddenly appeared at the exit of it.

Jiang Yu simply got sober, he turned around specially and saw that the ferocious blue monster was still follows him relentlessly. The monster was only a few tens of meters from him, and if there weren’t all these high-rise buildings between them, he would simply have swallowed the magician.

At that moment, Jiang Yu understood why there was no need to run here!

Your mother! Two ferocious blue monsters were behind and in front of Jiang Yu, thereby blocking his path!

Jiang Yu wanted to curse as he should. The quarter was huge, there were a lot of people in it, but for some reason these blue monsters of the level of commander-in-chief chose it. Perfectly! Wherever you run, they could still get you!

When Jiang Yu saw another monster breaking through the walls, his face turned white with fear.

Jiang Yu, come here!

Someone suddenly heard a voice from above, Jiang Yu raised his head and saw Mu Ning Xue standing on the roof of the house, in her hands was an ice chain, which she threw down for Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu, without thinking twice, grabbed the ice chain and began to climb up.

This chain helped the magician climb the roof, which was flat and battle-friendly.

Those blue monsters were very cruel. They destroyed buildings one after another, in an attempt to catch the magicians.

We need to get out of here faster, said Mu Ning Xue.

The high-rise building was about to collapse, the magicians did not think to stay there, quickly jumping onto the roof of another building.

They are chasing after us! Jiang Yu turned and saw that these blue fierce monsters were relentlessly following them, smashing buildings in their path.

The multi-story buildings that were new in appearance fell one after another. The dust from the broken bricks flew from all sides, everything rumbled. And two monsters pounded on buildings without stopping, trying to keep up with Jiang Yu and Mu Ning Xue.

It’s also good that sea monsters cannot jump high and climb buildings. Jiang Yu saw that these creatures were left behind and only then exhaled.

Watch out! Mu Ning Xue always remained vigilant. Just hearing the sound of a flying object, which was rushing towards them at a tremendous speed, she immediately began to swing the ice chain, which quickly created a defense in front of Mu Ning Xue!

Jiang Yu had not yet managed to react, as he saw that azure-colored ice needles flew at them from the sky like rain. The sturdy house, which was a cover for them, shattered to smithereens from the blows of these needles.

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Mu Ning Xue began to retreat. The ice chains were strong, but the impact force of this rain, consisting of ice needles was terrifying, it erased the powder of Mu Ning Xue’s powder.

Get down! When Mu Ning Xue realized that her ice chains could not withstand the magic of the commander’s level creature, she immediately used the wind that drove her and Jiang Yu to the wide street of the block.

Run here! the voice of Nan Rongni came from somewhere from the street.

Grabbing Jiang Yu, Mu Ning Xue whirled towards Nan Rongni, Zhou Xuu and Nan Jue.

You hurt? Asked Nan Rongni.

I have some scratches, but Mu Ning Xue seems to be injured, answered Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looked at Mu Ning Xue saw that her hand was bright red. He felt respect for the girl. If she had not saved him, then he would have been captured by two critters of the level of ruler!

Nan Rongni used healing spirits in the form of butterflies, one of them flew to Jiang Yu, the second to Mu Ning Xue.

The healing butterfly itself could find wounds and heal them, basically, it restored the skin, muscles, blood vessels, arteries. But if damage was caused to internal organs, bones or spiritual energy, then the likelihood that the butterfly could restore it was all very small. It is necessary for the magician of the healing element to use an entry-level healing light that would find the wound and begin to heal it.

The wounds on Mu Ning Xue’s arm were quickly healed, the bleeding stopped.

It seems to me that among them was the commander of the element of the curse, said Zhou Xu.

Yeah, these creatures are much stronger than the red cracking monsters. Our offensive did not bring any results. We can only conduct a hidden struggle, divided, but this is also very dangerous. If several people fight alone, then the rest may not have time to help, so you can easily die, said Nan Jue.

It’s true that only Mo Fan and the squad leader can use high-level magic among us. And Mo Fan, the cattle, fled with that Japanese girl. If you don’t come up with a way to rip off the skin of these blue monsters, then we are done. Jiang Yu angrily said.

Undoubtedly, the destructive power of Mo Fan, possessing two elements, was very powerful. There was only one such magician in the team who could break through the dense defense of creatures at the level of ruler.

Nan Jue looked at Jiang Yu, who suddenly realized that he was standing next to Mu Ning Xue and felt awkward : You I didn’t say anything like that

Mu Ning Xue’s face took on an angry expression. This bastard escaped with a Japanese woman, well, don’t give a damn.

Mo Fan is still cattle, as soon as she sees a sexy girl, he is ready to kiss her heels right away. He shouldn’t appear in Mu Ning Xue’s eyes anymore!

* Roar

There was a roar emitted by the blue fierce monsters in pain, as if they were being torn apart by spiritual torture.

Another blue monster found Ai Jiang Tu, who was hiding on the roof of a high-rise building. He was constantly screaming in pain and suddenly appeared behind the building on which the magician was!

* Roar!

A huge paw covered with needles rose high up and hit the roof where Ai Jiang Tu was on!

Ai Jiang Tu interrupted spiritual torture and, using instant movement, disappeared from this place.

The instant movement was used successfully, but while the space opened for Ai Jiang Tu, the power of the hands of the blue ferocious monster managed to penetrate into this space and returned it back. Nan Rongni, Mu Ning Xue, Jiang Yu and the others saw Ai Jiang Tu flying by and stayed sealed somewhere far in space.

Was this the squad leader?. Jiang asked softly. Yu.

I didn’t see said Zhou Xu

Ai Jiang Tu again used instant movement and appeared sharply among the magicians. No one reacted to his appearance, only the good Nan Rongni again used the healing butterfly spirit to heal all the wounds of the commander.

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