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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 812 Contracting for work in a quarter (part 1) Read Novel

Chapter 812 Contracting for work in a quarter (part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 812 Contracting for work in a quarter (part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

Tokai fortress is located on a hill. The column-shaped building rises above the district, attracting attention to itself. From the fact that the building is located some distance from the busy neighborhoods, it seems that it covers with a cap the district.

The national team, arriving at the place, immediately found a person waiting for them.

He was the administrator of the magical association. He delivered the guys to a room of 400 square meters, in the territory of which there were more than ten rooms. Each of the guys could choose their own room.

The wounded went to the rooms to rest, while the rest gathered in the lobby of the room.

In appearance, this administrator was no more than thirty, he had sharp cheekbones and sly eyes. His gaze continually ran through the outstanding parts of the body of the girls of the national team. It became clear that he has a particular weakness for the long-legged every time his gaze dropped below, he became like a rat.

In appearance he was very ugly, but the sign on his chest spoke of that he is far from the last place in the magical association.

This housing is paid. If you do not have enough money, you can also pay with the insides of sea monsters anyway, you are not one of those who arrived in the Tokai fortress empty-handed? Or you’re out of luck, and you will come across attacking monsters here no, no, you could not help but get lucky. It is said that in the 19th or 13th quarter two creatures of the level of commander-in-chief appeared. You can consider it good luck that you were not there. Yes, by the way, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Lai Henbao, I am responsible for receiving and checking Chinese hunters in the Tokai fortress, the man flashed his eyes towards Nan Jue.

Nan Jue had the longest legs, therefore, he couldn’t take his eyes off them.

Wait, but we are, Jiang Yu began to explain after he realized that this person was behaving somehow strange.

Your name is Jiang Yu? Asked Lai Henbao, holding the data in his hands.

Jiang Yu nodded his head.

And you are Nan Jue? sparkling eyes Lai Henbao impudently looked at the girl.

That’s right.

So it is. You should not tell me that you are the top hunters in your country, that you are very famous, you killed such and such animals. I am responsible for the reception of Chinese hunters in Tokai Fortress, which means that you must become the security team of one of the quarters of our fortress. You must do as I tell you, otherwise you will be checked by the Japanese magical association. You can be checked several times, and the weakest of you can be deported back, Lai Henbao impatiently said.

The quarterly team? the guys didn’t even know how to react to them.

What do their teachers-managers smoke in general? Didn’t they say that the team should arrive at Tokai fortress for an internship??? How did it happen that some person who absolutely does not know them meets them with a task?

F * ck! Are you really just tourists? No need to joke with me like that! I have very little time, and I’m not going to repeat everything a second time. Tokaj Fortress covers a total of 32 blocks, each of which has about thirty streets. A street with a width of six such streets is the main one. Each quarter has its own manager, who receives monthly security funds from the Japanese government and the world magical association. These funds are completely under the control of the owner of the quarter. The owner of the quarter receives his earnings from this money, spends this money on cultivating magicians, and can also hire other magicians at the expense of these funds the most important thing is that the quarter can survive during the tide of monsters, with the remaining money, it has the right to manage as it pleases. Lai Henbao said.

I’m responsible for providing each needy owner of the quarter with magicians. Really the intermediaries in your country didn’t tell you anything?

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The guys, having heard such speeches by Lai Henbao, decided that they were actually sold into slavery.

Can leaders be so unscrupulous? The first could not stand Jiang Shaoxuy.

Also, intermediaries we are like here at a side job!- Jiang Yu was also puzzled.

Yes, they specially planned everything so that we could have more practice here.

Mages were not fools, so they quickly realized that it happened.

They arrived here, and here a man was already waiting for them. However, all this was not arranged in such a way that they were immediately revealed here as members of the national magic team everything should have looked like they were here as a work force!

Jiang Yu, quickly calculating everything, Lai Henbao immediately asked: What about the salary?.

I mean? The money has already been paid to your supervisor. Of course, I understand that you, a third-rate team without any experience and awards, have taken a lot of effort to get to the fortress, but are you really still not having enough money? as soon as it came to money, Lai Henbao immediately switched from the girls to Jiang Yu.

He asks who will get the proceeds from the monsters killed during the mission? Nan Jue interrupted the conversation.

Return to the owners of the quarters, and they already pass the proceeds to the Japanese government. The owners of the quarters keep some of this money for themselves, the remaining money can be divided between the rest. Yes, by the way, I strongly recommend that you not hide anything all the corpses of monsters belong to the state, and any violation will be severely punished! Lai Henbao explained.

It seems to me, as if we were really sold here. How much money did our managers receive? Why didn’t we get a penny of this money? Zhao Man Yan began to be indignant.

Lai Henbao’s words put a heavy burden on the guy’s thoughts.

The internship at some point turned into slave labor.

Yes, your leadership asked you to tell you that for all the time in Tokaj fortress you should get four stars. If you can’t achieve this, then the items promised to you may be tried by participants from other countries. As soon as I heard this, for some reason I immediately thought that a team of old seasoned hunters would come here, who knew that you were so young. As for the four stars if you survive at least one tide, then it will be wonderful! Lai Henbao began to laugh, and in his eyes was a disregard for young people.

He himself did not understand the meaning of what was said, but the guys understood everything perfectly.

It should be understood that participants from other countries can seize resources, which means that they must definitely get these four stars in this mission.

How are these four stars awarded? asked Ai Jiang Tu.

Defense, killing monsters, rescue, attack, or in other specific activities can record your successes akin to a league rating of hunters. The number of monsters killed adds you experience points. After reaching a fixed number of monsters there is an increase. Since you need to reach four stars, it will take you about 4-5 years, said Lai Henbao.

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